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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Sisterhood made in Heaven

I read somewhere that  your sister isn't always your blood relation. Sometimes it's that friend who undertands you and loves you and accepts you no matter how crazy you sometimes are.

 ...and that person who constantly brings color to your life..

 and keeps you company from sun up to sun down, listening to your inner thoughts and dreams.

Ours is a unique sisterhood that conquers time and distance...

Happy birthday to our dear "Cherrific" sister who inspires us with her Sweetmemoirs and simply shares
our dream to make a huge difference..

It is easy being angelic with you around and we believe our sisterhood was made in heaven ♡

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fri-date With A Teen

I had a Fri-date with my teen-age son. He had pizza, chicken and a huge choco cold drink while I had Mandarin salad, chicken and corn soup with a glass of water.

I had some pizza too while we talked about his activities in school and life in general.
As always I asked him to concentrate on his studies and he replied "yes of course mommy" ...

See that grin that's half a man, half a baby?...it makes my life meaningful!

Happy parenting and playing guardians everyone!
Let us always remember to eat well and 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Join Me For Lunch


For lunch today I feasted on grilled fish with vegetables. The healthy yummy goodness of fish was enough to energize me after twenty four hours of hard work. I have nature to thank for great food and the company of true friends. 

Come join us! The coconut juice is absolutely refreshing! 

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