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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Music of Friendship

I miss the times I could just watch the sky changing colors. It makes me feel as if I could play a yamaha electric cello and listen to my friends sing. I had a highschool chum with whom I tried composing a song with! She took care of the melody while I filled in the lyrics. It was for my crush! Gee, the craziness of youth! Today as I type I think about so many friends who filled the pages of my life and silently call out their names wtitten in my heart. I miss you guys! Shoot me a comment please! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Lullabye

Yesterday I was smiling as I listened to a sister in law chanting to her baby. My nephew was not feeling well and was unusually cranky. So sis-in-law treated him to a lullabye concert sort of. I wanted to interrupt her singing to tell her she reminded me of her mom's voice. It's amazing how mothers could turn artists when it comes to their kids. Am sure as the boy grows he will be singing too and his mom would be frantically searching for musical instruments.

I think I will give the mother and son something from www.musician.com.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Almost Christmas!

You know what I love most when September comes? It means in just a few weeks people will be shouting for joy again- the magic of Christmas will soon fill the air!

Our Christmas Family Photo last year

As it is now the hubby who is more into decorating the house during the season has been searching for
radko christmas ornaments at christmas place and the kids are excited to watch me and their dad argue about the tree and the lighting around the house.Oh the happiness of having two kiddos- boys at that and a hubby who loves Christmas just as much as I do. Thinking twice, I think he is more into Christmas than I am LOL. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

'til Death Do Us Part....

Love is the most powerful emotion. It can bring out the best in you; make you smile the whole day through or sing to a happy tune. Simply cheap promise rings are enough to seal A LOVE MADE IN HEAVEN. With or with no ring to symbolize a relationship for as long as you both truly care for each other nothing can separate your bond. That much I know! Having been married for more than ten years and happy as happy can be I can say LOVE is worth giving a chance....until death do us part!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

January ... a Month filled with Surprise! A New Chapter ...A New Beginning!

It was one of the most celebrated month...
The air was filled with so much joy...
The cold winter breeze of January led us to this particular day...

His eyes grew wide...
His jaw dropped...
It was a feeling of disbelief...

I couldn't believe my eyes...
I asked, " Ny come quick!"
He said,  " Positive ny?"

"That was what I thought", I exclaimed!
We held our breaths...
He then quickly replied, " Let's do it one more time!"

...and we did!
With eyes glowing...we smiled...we looked  at each others eyes...
and in the next coming days...we smiled even more...knowing that a wonderful chapter of our lives is about to begin!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Didn't you ever feel alone while being actually in a room full of people?  Don't you ever get lonely even while surrounded by many spactacular big "happy" things? Like you are being completely involved, consumed but yet unmoved.... Hmmm... we all do feel that sometimes, i guess... the emptyness, desperation, feeling alone, and the longing for that one soul to affirm our faith  and keep us on solid grounds. We search for the links which will anchor us back to the peaceful world of our realities... and from there, we can soar in the big sky again, unafraid.. (shared from kurdapya's collection of poetic murmurings)

 Wanting to reach -
But meaning escapes
The cold utterances.
Wanting to hear –
But the drumbeating
Couldn’t out-sound
The screaming
And there,
in a never ending cycle
Of  wanting…
grasping for what cannot…
Linking imaginings
With a breath of life,
There we are…
Hoping against hope-
To belong.



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Three Thing's I'd Love To Do When I Retire

Work in the Garden from Sun up to Sun down

I've always wanted to grow my own ingredients for the kitchen. I'd love to have around the house all sorts of fruit-bearing trees and take care of those rare ornamental plants and sing to colorful petals kissed by butterflies!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finding My Way Back To Gardening

I must admit I kinda lost time for one of my hobbies when I got hooked to other stuff. Now, slowly I am finding my way back. Last week I got inspired enough to do some transplanting and garden make-over. Now our blooms and succulents area is ready for some addition to the collection. The hubby and I were discussing about gathering plants from our childhood which are rarely seen in gardens now like sweet smelling Sampaguita. Hmmm my green thumb has to be utilized more often!  The world needs more "green" things and the best time to start is now! With the temperature and weather around the world getting crazily unpredictable and even deadly we must ACT in haste! A new plant a week, a tree a bush a flower... that is our goal at home. We've started digging and caring for almost extinct fruit bearing trees on our side of the world the other week. I am thrilled at this project of ours. The kids are hyped too!

My workaholic hubby teaching our son Roel and nephew Jhunvy the art of caring for nature
It's a huge challenge to undertake - kicking my sometimes lazy butt to water the plants and get the shovel on my hands instead of just bumming and playing games on my gadgets yet I am willing to do my part to save this planet. Come join the fun!  :)
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