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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer In A Bowl

Summer is just around the corner on my side of the world and the kids are already looking forward to enjoying more of "halo-halo" (shaved ice with mixed sweetened fruits and ice cream)! The other weekend we each had a bowl of Summer in our new found resto. The hubby promised to create his own "halo-halo" at home next weekend! Come share Summer In A Bowl with us then!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Any piece of artwork is a mirror of recaptured experience. It is an encapsulated slice of a particular reality. A creative attempt to foreground an understanding of what is rather obscure.

Where can true love be found? Or are we even equipped, capable to give and receive it? Hasn't it been butchered yet by this practical materialistic world?

Murmuring these questions led to the writing of this poem (2007 Thailand).  Dear friends, share this reflective course as we traverse the lines of "Parallelism"...


In a parallel paradigm of selling and buying
Abounding like merchandise in a busy marketplace,
Love can be sold
Half the price, discounted, on sale
Or buying things at a certain cost
It may come like a bonus - free!
No charge at all

A hopeless romantic may well find herself
Roaming endlessly in an abandoned cemetery
Where people caught in a mundane swirl of living daily
No vision of glory, passion or pain
Bury love under fathomless depth of oblivion,
"don't dare dig it baby, you'll end up feeling sorry".

Time passes without meaning
Onward towards the great nowhere
Move on!
Let it all pass under the bridge,
Ride the wings of time
Until you reach the end
Far from the here and the now
Far from all the things that make u feel invisible.

Go away.
Regain visibility.
Be not daunted by fear.
Be free!

~ Kurdapya~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feeling Bad? Dress Up!

I have not been my usual self the past days. I am frustrated over something, a plan which did not work out as I would have wanted it to be. Yet I continue being optimistic, taking each day one at a time until I find my answer. So, how do I deal with these unavoidable negative vibes?

I dress up!

I visited a salon for the first time in many months, got me some new clothes and some bling-blings. These days I just LOVE wearing huge accessories. I wish I could have some of those fashionable wrist candies from http://www.katydid.com/  and even just one of their uniquely designed belts too! Workmates were curious about my new look the other day and I was quick to tell them "It's just that my mind is such a clutter these days so I find joy in dolling up".  

I do believe though that real beauty is found in one's heart- that is why I am spending these days contemplating on what I have to do to be of better service to my fellowmen. For now, I wait, wait and pray.

Have a great week!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rebonded or Curled?: Hair Matters

I have let my hair grow for the past months. I last had it rebonded for a straight no frizzle look more than a year ago and it has started to become unruly. 

I love how it naturally curls on some days though and that I could tie it and twirl it or just let it down freely when I feel like it.

I still would want it rebonded though because I won't need to spend more time figuring out how to fix it when hurrying for work. I must admit the way we look has a lot of impact on people we deal with everyday so we must always look our best.

I believe though that a beautiful caring heart shines forever and that whether we have curly or straight hair does not matter.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

From Manual Printing to Online Printing, On Change and The Choice To Make A Difference

The photo above is a smartphone shot of a page of our school paper around twenty years ago. So much has changed when it comes to printing! Back then our campus magazine was printed using black ink on very coarse brownish paper. These days there are easily accessible online print solutions to choose from! Change is indeed good when properly used. Below I am sharing with you what I wrote as the "cover story" of our June-August 1994 school paper issue on CHANGE....

Change is inevitable at the same time vital.The crooked must be made straight, the vile must be turned into good. The world badly needs change but the transformation can not transpire in a matter of seconds. It might take years or even centuries for the ultimate transition to occur because the obstacles are myriad. The first challenge is set on ourselves. Albeit the steps to take are arduous, we must move on! UP THE LADDERS OF CHANGE!...the clock is ticking... (Kulasa, from twenty years ago)

Looking back I think there is still so much that needs to be done to make this world a better place....and the fact that EVERYTHING STARTS WITHIN OURSELVES, remains...

Have a great weekend one and all! Thank you always for helping us keep kiddo's dreams alive...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Of Silence

If Silence has a face, 
It should bear tranquility 
If it has another name... 
It should be called 
P E A C E.

~ by kurdapya/ Carmen ~

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Ruthilicious Turns 29! Nine Things I Love About Her

1. Her gorgeous smile.

2. Her generous heart.

3. Her inspiring relationship with her siblings.

4. Her creativity.

5. Her contagious laughter!

6. Her voracious appetite that makes me so thankful to be alive.

7. Her love for her two homes. Her pride for her hometown Liliw and the "Maine" attractions she shares.

8. Her zest for life and positivity.

9. Her genuine FRIENDSHIP!

Happy Birthmonth Ruthisistah!!!
We all love you oh so much!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Holiday Stayed in Our Garden

The Christmas season may have been gone for quite sometime and Lent is drawing near. Yet around our yard, the Holiday cheer is still blooming! Why? because of our blooming Poinsettias!

We have two varieties!

One that has specks of white splashed over its petals giving it a printed lovely look...

and another one with the classic "ruby-red" gaiety!

I wonder how long they'll last and keep the Holiday Season fever in our garden. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I go to sleep and plan for more blooms to add to our home sweet home!

Have a lovely week one and all!

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