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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holidays to Egypt

Planning for holidays to egypt? Let us share with you pictures and experiences from Maricar's travel to Egypt, which hopefully will inspire you further to say, "OKAY! AM GOING NOW!" :)

Maricar with the Gigantic hypostyle halls and columns @ Luxor Temple

First stop, is at Luxor Temple.
Luxor Temple
Luxor is called the city of "Thebes of the hundred gate" by the Greeks. The city was almost completely destroyed by the Ptolomies in 84 B.C. By the Roman times, the city is only a sea of ruins, but when the Christian era came the city rose again into a formation of new villages, churches, and more. To read more about Maricar's exprience of the Luxor temple, please visit one of our previous posts here at Salitype Society about Luxor Temple. Let us highlight their experience of dining where they can see the illuminated majestic columns here at Luxor, truly a wonderful and one of a kind experience. 
Next stop, is at Abu Simbel.
Michael at Abu Simbel, photo taken by Maricar
Abu Simbel is the temple of HATHOR- a temple dedicated to Queen Nefertari, Ramses II's beloved wife. For more about this majestic place, please visit Maricar's previous post on Abu Simbel to learn more.
If you want a quiet Temple experience, check out Kom Obo Temple, our next stop here. 
Maricar @ Kom Obo Temple
@ Kom Obo Temple
The beauitful Kom Obo temple is not so famous like abu Simbel, but does not mean less beautiful. Maricar really enjoyed their experience here because of the peacefulness and they did not have to wait in line for pictures because the place is not overloaded with thousands of tourists unlike in the more famous temples. The carvings in the above picture are very well preserved, with some of the original colors. For Car, this is definitely one of the most beautiful temple in Egypt,so don't miss this one. 
Out next stop, is at The Red Sea.
@ The Red Sea ( can you see Car in this pic?)
Probably a visit to Egypt is not complete without stopping at The Red Sea? The two camels at the picture above were Car and her hubby's ride.
They even went snorkeling at The Red Sea.
If you are in Aswan Egypt, you are also getting close enough to Turkey. So many visitors usually would do both Egypt and turkey tour. What not to miss close to Aswan in Turkey? Pamukkale Travertines!
Pamukkale Travertines, Turkey
Car @ Pamukkale
Listed in yahoo travel as one of the coolest world's attraction, Pamukkale travertines is something out of this world, the big slope of mountain that is so sparkling white is not snow, but is a calcium rich limestone formed by the warm water coming from the mountains. And the water, is so milky blue, that tourists can take a dip, which is so WOW!
We hope you have given you some insights for what your holidays at Egypt would be like. Thanks for visiting.


  1. @Car, thanks a lot for the images again, and for sharing your travel experiences to us.

  2. These shots are all awesome, and definitely looks like an amazing spot to visit. I have to admit though that my favorite was of the camels waiting for their passengers. What an experience. And there is something very solid to hang on to also!

  3. very interesting. this is definitely a place to visit once in a lifetime.

  4. truly one of the world's coolest attraction which I would love to visit one sweet day! :-)

  5. thanks everyone! :) and thank you to my Salitype sisters for this post :) @ Betchai i am working on my post about our nature wandering last sunday for our anniversary, but i am having problems uploading photos :( hope you couldhelp me, thanks again for this post! :) Michael and me are planning to go to Tunesia or Africa bet. December and January ;) i want to spend my 40th birthday in either of this two countries, well, let's see :)

  6. Thanks KC, your travel photos are a great help to our site ! May you find time to travel again, hopefully when Mutti gets better.

    Thanks again for sharing !!!


  7. I'm loving all these posts from you lately, especially the pictures! Keep it coming :) I have always love traveling and a holidays to Egypt will be full of adventures and fun!




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