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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Walking The Dream

Was it only three years ago? When The Salitype Society group of blogging friends at Friendster came together to put up a blog where they will call "bahay kubo"- which means nipa hut.

picture of bahay kubo by Zen
The move was not so much because they foresaw Friendster being dissolved at that time and disappear into thin air. The move was because they dreamed of building a home outside of Friendster with hopes that their time together celebrating friendship online will generate income which they will use to help give a child a fair chance in life.

Though we downsized from a mansion to a bahay kubo, but we had many rooms. Our rooms include: cooking made easytravelouguechic a la modePoetic MurmuringsInspirational StoriesCraft BugFun with PhotosFlower Hunt, and Varied themes. The creation of this multiple themes was based from what our topics were always were at Friendster, with hopes of "walking the dream" together. Our dream: transform some of our leisure time online to bring a positive difference to a child's life.

Congratulations To Our First Scholar who Recently Graduated from Elementary, thank you Micah for being a gift to The Salitype Society

A little bit of our history: 
The Salitype Society was founded July 2008 at Friendster. But it was in April 2009 that they dreamed together of moving their mansion to blogger, a place they can call home of their own. They dreamed that their new home would be able to generate enough income to send a child to school, somebody with a name, a face.  May 2009, The Salitype Society was born in blogger. 
Yes, it was three years ago, not so long ago, that this site was born. December of 2009, this site was able to generate enough income to support its first scholar, Micah Ramirez, who was Grade 4 then. Time flies, now Micah graduated in elementary and is going to high school. We are now entering the 4th school year of supporting Micah. From elementary....to high school....maybe to college, God willing and with God's blessings, we hope to walk the dream with Micah, and now, with Noynoy, The Salitype Society second scholar.
The Salitype Society Scholars, Noynoy and Micah

We also found Noynoy from Tapulanga Foundation. We are grateful to Tapulanga Foundation for allowing The Salitype Society's celebration of friendship in this site extend to Micah and Nonoy. If you are thinking of also sponsoring a child, and want to learn more about Tapulanga Foundation, you can click the link here in this post.

Three years ago, we move from Friendster to here. Now, Friendster is gone, but this site continues to live on. Each time one of us remembers to share her thoughts here (contributing posts, commenting, etc), the "bahay kubo" becomes transformed to a "Mansion" of happiness. We pray that the celebration of friendship continues and live in our hearts, and in the process of celebrating the joys of friendship, we will be walking the dream we have founded three years ago. 


  1. shedding tears of happiness here while reading this post sis, this is the very reason I keep coming here because I know that the friendship supports the future of a child and we are helping change the world...a purpose driven friendship, that's what we have and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful dream that we are walking now...thank you so much dear Salitype friends for making me a better person...

  2. Until this time I still miss the good old "friendster" days, the afternoon chats, the weekend world wide conference, the birthday celebrations, the discussions about dinner meals, etc...

    Moving forward, I am very thankful that our place that used to be a chat room became an opportunity of growth in terms of extending opportunities to a child to go to school. With more blessings come the opportunity to help another child.

    In silent prayers I still wish that one day our dear friends would find their way back to our home. I wish that they also experience the same strong force that pulls me up in times I feel discouraged.

    May God continue to bless this place and all the people who are part of this great undertaking.

  3. "Until this time I still miss the good old "friendster" days, the afternoon chats, the weekend world wide conference, the birthday celebrations, the discussions about dinner meals, etc... "--- I echo Chay, it is for this reason that I keep on coming back here, reliving those days.

    I really consider the friendship that we had found very special though it may have come later in our lives. Though I have gained you as friends way later than most of my other friends (childhood, etc), but somehow, it is the bonding we had before, the chikahan, the support system that made it unique and very special. I often review old posts here as well just to reminisce how alive we were once. Sharing Chay's prayers as well, that one day, our dear friends would find their way back here, even not as often as we used to, but often enough to transform the "bahay kubo" to a "mansion" of happiness. The Salitype Society sisters would always be special in my heart, and always a part of my prayers.

    I also thank all the others who have been part of this site visiting and commenting, who have kept on inspiring us.

  4. speechless... Godbless TSS and more power. will always be here in full support of the TSS' noble mission.

    1. super like and super love :)

      haha, sorry Che, there is no like button kasi here :)

  5. that is so wonderful that Micah graduated from Elementary:) CONGRATULATIONS, Micah! i am glad to have been a part (even just a little part) of her reaching this milestone, along with you all, by the few posts i shared in the past, on this purpose-driven web site.

    it truly has been an honor to meet each of you. even if i rarely grace this site nowadays, the truth is, TSS is (and will forever be) on my prayer list - i pray for all of you. i pray for our scholar. i thank God for allowing me the chance to meet each of you, to learn different things from each one. i pray for the day i will feel inspired to write a lot again like i once did, and be active once more in raising funds for the TSS scholar.

    may God bless TSS forever.

    1. thanks MJ, your words inspire me so much. Glad to know you will always be forever here. :) Hugs. yes, i will pray with you that once day you will feel inspired to write a lot again like you once did, please know, I really look up to you as a writer.

  6. correction: i should have said "TSS scholars":) wow! that's great we have 2 scholars now!!

    and zen - i love the bahay kubo photo!! is this yours? your neighbor's? makes me miss our "bahay kubo" at friendster:)




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