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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Medical Training

Dr. Sy, our primary health care physician, has been with our family for many years. She has always been right on with her medical diagnoses which helps reduce the amount of time and resources in finding the proper treatment for our health concerns. Dr. Sy was so excited when she shared with us her trip to London where she attended medical training course run by Oxford Medical in London. Oxford Medical is one of UK's best providers of medical interview skills training, medical teaching courses, medical management courses and other career development courses. They train doctors in medical teaching skills, from every medical and surgical specialty. Their training courses include interview skills, teach the teacher, management courses for SpR’s, communication and presentation skills courses.

Dr. Sy is known all over town drawing a lot of clients. One of the things she is really good at is effective time management which she had mentioned that a technique she learned from Oxford Medical. With effective management tools and prioritizing skills, she can meet up with her clients on time and still has life outside of work.

Consultant medical interview course teaches doctors on how to structure, prepare and deliver a medical presentation and respond to any consultant interview questions. It helps the doctors identify their strengths, how to answer difficult questions, learn non verbal communication skils. It is interactive and involves group discussions.

Dr. Sy has excellent communication skills, her patient teachings on health care management are clear and concise. The medical terminologies are comprehensible making instructions easy to follow. Oxford Medical has medical teaching courses. This career development course is aimed at giving medical education training to doctors to help improve their teaching skills and styles .

Oxford Medical offers a 3-day medical management course for doctors.  This course provides doctors with an overview of their current management skills. Whether they have a management role or not, it helps them learn the skills to lead and manage a team, how to communicate to different individuals in a team. This gives the doctors a chance to check the leadership style that would work for them. They will be asked to perform two questionnaires on people/task focus and leadership style. Please check this website for the detailed information on this 3-day management course for doctors.

One of the best and most popular course is the “Teach the teacher course” for doctors and clinicians. This course is taught by faculty with expertise on this field and they make sure that every attendee would get the most benefit from this course by limiting their participants to maximum of 18. this is held in Oxford and London on a regular basis. This course teaches the key theories within adult education and how to utilize them, individual learning styles and constructive use of learning style questionnaires, understanding trainee and promoting effective learning and how to deal with difficult students. These are just a few of the knowledge one will get out of this course.

Oxford Medical run their courses in Oxford and London with tutors who are experienced and trained. They have excellent feedback. Dr. Sy is a perfect example of the effectiveness of their courses.

Submitted by Chay for TSS


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