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Sunday, December 11, 2011

to Baguio Oncemore...

There is this one place in the Philippines that I never get tired of visiting. Well, it happens to be just an hour and a half drive from our home...the city of Baguio considered as the "summer capital" of the country because of its subtropical highland climate.
It is a city located at the Northern part of the country, some 1,500 meters above sea level and could be reached either by land or air. It is around six hours drive from Manila.
The last time I took a trip to the city of Pines was six months ago with my two kids and the hubby. I also happily shared our summer Baguio memories here.
One could get a bit dizzy with the winding road but the view of mountains, trees, sunflowers and clouds may easily wipe away one's wobbly sensations.
Pine trees with their evergreen characteristic, found almost everywhere in the city are such a soothing spectacle anytime of the day.

Join me as I walk and relish in the splendor of  some of the flowers found at the Botanical Garden.
I'm poor at naming flowers but I'm sure the first one is a Dahlia and the last one is an orchid...Would you be so kind as to name the other four? There is one more thing I am sure of..."that nothing in all the world could compare to the beauty of God's creation".
My one fervent wish is for all of these not to cease to flourish.

Now here is one pony that looked so pretty. I didn't ride one this time but simply admired its garb and colored mane.

The metropolis is replete with works of art to marvel at. It is a place where most artists would find inspiration. This one makes me think of liberty and peace...two things that make this life beautiful.
and then there's Burnham Park where boating is the main attraction...simply watching the decorated vessels floating and the flowers on the alley calms one's spirit..
People, from all walks of life love hanging out in this park. I see myself one day sitting on a bench there under the shade of a tree perusing one of your published books by then my dear blogging friends...I hope though it won't take that long a wait...

Now who wouldn't fall in love in such a romantic cold place? I myself once upon a time spent hours on practically the same bench talking to someone I now call the hubby. Funny how places could spell the future.
Meet my mom, my travel companion for the day standing on the patio of the biggest shopping mall in the city overlooking the rest of the place and the cathedral which I failed to explore then. Mom taught me humility and kindness, things that money can never buy.I personally think that moments spent with one's mom as an adult are so precious because not everyone gets that chance in this busy life. And I thank God everyday for keeping her healthy and as cheerful as she is and each night the kids and I pray for all the mothers in the world.
Now..souvenirs in all shapes and color abound such that if you are willing to spend just a little bit, you most certainly will go home not only with Baguio memories but SHARED HAPPINESS....when you give them away...


  1. I should really see you next year Zen, and you tour me at Baguio :)your joy speaks out loud through your beautiful pictures.

  2. Super pictures of you on the wooden bridge, love the picture with the bleu knots, flowers.


  3. A gorgeous walk, thanks for taking me along. The photos are all gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

  4. What a beautiful place to spend vacation! Your photos are fantastic, and your heart is big to pray for all moms in the world. I thank you, and to your children too!

    The flowers, I love, love them, even if I don't know their names.

  5. Great photos.

    I will take a shot at identidifing your flowers.

    After the Dahlia
    1. Blue Ginger
    2. Pink Chrysthanmum
    3. Some kind of bulb. Possibly Crocus or species Tulip ??
    4. Alstroemeria, Lily of the Incas

  6. hey the pics are very nice..i love these kind of trips where nature is the only thing that you can feel..i am also poor in the names of the flowers so sorry for that..thanks for this natural post..

  7. How I wish the road going to Baguio isn't all that scary, I would love to visit that place again someday.

  8. What is my horse doing in that photo? I love the pink hair. :-)

  9. Wonderful pictures. They remind me of the botanical gardens I visited as a child.

  10. I have heard so much about Baguio. I was given jars of homemade strawberry jam from Baguio. They are so yummy. I hope I have a chance to visit it.

  11. Hi
    I Think Philippines is a best place, but i like one could get a bit dizzy with the winding road but the view of mountains, trees, sunflowers and clouds may easily wipe away one's wobbly sensations.
    Thank you for sharing information !!




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