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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GrOwInG Up

When I was a little girl I can't wait to grow up...I wanted to have bigger shoe size with high pointed heels...I wanted to wear large pearl earrings and eat ice cream to my heart's content...

When I was a little older I wanted to finish school the soonest possible time...I wanted to earn my own money...I wanted to end all assignments...I wanted to go home a little late...I wanted to simply enjoy the benefits of being a grown-up...No curfews...No long sermons...No childish simple acts...

When I was older than a little older...I wanted go back studying...I wanted to have longer assignments...I wanted to do more of those simple childish acts...I wanted everything that I never wanted when I was a little older...

Present time...now that I am a little older than older than a little older...I have this feeling that maybe I shouldn't have wished for what I wanted when I was a little girl so soon....

Growing up can be fun. But growing up is like a roller coaster ride...There are times that you can handle it but there are times too that you can barely go on...For now enjoy the ride...Sleep while you can still keep your eyes shut for more than 3 hours...Eat while you still can enjoy a full meal...Laugh hard enough while you can still enjoy every funny moments...Smile while you can still stretch those zygomaticus muscles....( and while you still have those pearly white complete set of teeth )...Enjoy long hours taking a hot bath while you can still endure the long few minutes of sitting on a bath tub....Go take a hike while you can still enjoy using those lovely two legs of yours...Dress up a little while you can still manage to do it yourself...Wear high stilletoes while your feet can still bear them...and THANK THE LORD for giving you the chance to enjoy the wonderful pages of a book called LIFE and GROWING UP....


  1. Oh Beth, I can relate so much, when i was little, i could not wait to grow up, but when i did, i realized i was so lucky to be carefree and be showered by all the love being little :) thank you so much little Beth for these words, which are very true reminder of life especially to those who complained about being young and would want to be SO FREE all grown up.

  2. the moment i started reading, i knew it was YOU who wrote it. i always love the way you put your thoughts into writing, lil' Beth. oh, did i just call you little? lol! everything you said is so true. i think we all should wish to remain as a child forever. :)

  3. Thank you ate Liz and my big sis Cherry....

  4. hi there little Beth!:) so happy to see you here! I hope we could one day meet again and share a cup of cocoa by the window...I used to think the same things too when I was a kid, I wanted to grow up real soon...now sigh,I just sometimes want to shrink and be small and carefree again hehehe, love yah! so love that first photo...

  5. Nice blog. I'm very interesting to stop here. But, dont forget to visit and give some your opinion into my blog ya. Thanks for share.

  6. I agree, Beth! Like most, when I was young, I wanted to grow up fast! Hehe. Am glad i didn't (figuratively) Am glad I was able to enjoy and savor my childhood :) Lovely post, girl! :)

  7. Thanks sis Beth for sharing another awesome blog ! This reminds me of all the joys and pains of growing up. Oh how I wish I am much younger, so many things I wanted to do and accomplish.

    Keep up the good work sis and enjoy life each day !!!




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