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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Take a Pleasure in Living

Isn't it funny? We always chase the thing we want, hunt it with all of our heart and soul that we arrive at a point where we no longer understand why we are running after it in the first place. We were so blinded of the fact that we fancy that thing the most. We believe so much that without it, life is futile. Yet in the end, when we already own it, we no longer feel the same way as how we really feel from the very first.

Well, life is like that, I bet. We feel jovial the most at the time that we are certain of what we desire but still don't have it. Maybe because it's exciting to catch for a fish that you are craving to eat, but at the time that you already ensnared it, your hunger already dwindled... but still you're going to cook it, and eat it, anyway. Not because you're hankering to eat it, but it's because that's the reason why you're catching a fish in the first place.

So what's the point? We live only once, time may be too long, and too plenty, but once we spent it, we can no longer bring it back. We may be able to achieve what we want in the end, but the time we splurge to have it comes only once.

Having what we think we want, or feel we want, isn't the real deal.REACHING DREAMS isn't really the thing that makes a person the happiest... that only comes second. What makes someone really happy is how they FULFILL their DREAMS.

Enjoy the journey, love the stay, because SUCCESS is only a price for HARD WORK. :)

This is a guest post by my niece, Darian Kaye. She is a graduating Legal Management student at University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. She shares my passion for writing and photography but I must admit she is doing a lot BETTER than me in both areas. Check out her inspiring blog titled Life's Lemon Square. 
~ Cher


  1. awesome. looks like the talent runs in the family. she is good as auntie. thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for sharing Kaye and Che this very insightful post that is very rich with food for thoughts and heart. I agree with you Kaye, chasing our dreams is exciting, but living it gives for a happier self. sadly though, there are some who lost the zeal and happiness after reaching the dreams they chased because to start with what they thought were their dreams were really not theirs but a product of external factor's push, which happens when one does not give time to himself/herself to sit down and enjoy alone-liness to think deeply about purpose and meaning. however, happy to see in a lot of people also who continue to chase their dreams and start anew despite the age. so yeah, let us all enjoy the journey as we chase our dreams and hopefully, when there, stay and continue loving the dream that we chased for it is really ours and what is in the deepest of our heart.

  3. Hello Kaye, thank you for taking time to share such a lovely post. You write beautifully. One of my favorite authors, Julia Cameron, wrote: “Writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living.” You are young and have so much to look forward to… write, write and just write. Whenever we write, we make sense out of our world. Continue on, dear Kaye! *hugs*

  4. She is a fantastic writer, and has such a deep thought on life already.

  5. yes, life is not merely making and catching dreams...its living it that makes it all worthwhile!!!

    here's a toast to a wonderful life ahead of you...to be filled with writings and photos that will make your life's journey meaningful and colorful.


  6. such a pleasure to read...would love to see more of her thoughts here...hi there Darian Kaye! i am a fan! :-)

  7. Hi Darian, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece.

    There is something about your message that spoke to me directly. I am a big time dreamer and achiever and you hit right on the spot when you said, " What makes someone really happy is how they FULFILL their DREAMS. Enjoy the journey, love the stay, because SUCCESS is only a price for HARD WORK "

    Thank you so much for sharing and I am looking forward to hearing more of your motivating thoughts.

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