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Sunday, May 8, 2011


when i'm in pain
i think of you
your gentle hands
that soothes my brow

when i achieved a thing or two
i know you're proud
as no one else
beams as bright as you

when i am hurt
i know you knew
i can feel you are hurting
more than i do

you lost two sons
and a husband, too
but not your enthusiasm and love
for us who's still with you

i run out of words
to vividly picture you
from a daughter to a mother
inay, no one compares with you


This may be personally written for my mother but motherhood is a universal dictum. to all mothers, the world will never be the same without you in it...happy mother's day!


  1. mother's day shouldn't be a one day celebrationit must be an everyday jubilee.

  2. eng, i remember, the first time i saw this picture, tears rush down my face, it has a very deep way of touching your heart, now, seeing this again, i am not at all immune, tears still do flow, i miss my nanay terribly, how i wish i can give her a hug and tell her stories which she always love to listen. but i know she is happier in her place of peace now, for she always told us, when she passes away, we should not be sad, but happy, for finally she would be able to realize her dream of seeing all of us though we are in different parts of the world, through God's grace, and there is she constantly and never failing for us. thinking about how blessed i am to have a very loving nanay, and how blessed we all are for having experienced a mom's priceless and unending love, gives joy to this heart. and i know, like you, and all the mothers, the love you have for your kids can never be measured and thus can never be equaled. hats off to you Eng, and to all the moms of TSS (Chay, MJ, Maricar, Zen, Carmen) and all the moms of this world. I salute you for your heart never fails to love.
    Happy Mother's Day to all.

  3. ps...eng, i got carried away with my words and thoughts and emotions, failed to tell you I love each words in this poem as well, what a great tribute to our nanays, and all the moms in this world.

    happy Mother's day to all again.

  4. I remember this photo so well, guess it was a black and white version. Mapa-b & W or sepia, parehas pa rin ang aking nakikita. I will never forget the way it touched my soul the same way it touches me again this time.

    Happy mother's day TSS mommies!

  5. i agree Eng. i always feel inadequate as a mother but i still know nothing will ever surpass my love for my children...

    such a beautiful touching poem with the most apt photograph to go with. THANK YOU.

    droppin' by here to greet all TSS moms! tulog pa ang estudyante ko. :)

  6. This is a beautiful poem, Eng!

    You've described the love, devotion, and caring of all moms.

    Happy Mother's Day to you..

  7. The gentle hand that molds...old and wrinkled yet strong and steady..."the potter"...our moms...

    eng your poem is a song of every child's heart who longs to once again feel her mother's love... thank you my friend for making us feel, that no matter how far we've gone from our childhood...and even when mom long left us living without her...you reminded us...we were never motherless...

    my tears dear friend do not flow from my eyes...and it's not out of heaviness...it springs from inner joy of being reminded...

    happy mother's day to us all...all throughout the year and years...

  8. Thank you Eng for sharing this poem with us. I fell in love with the picture the first time I saw it. It is so precious to see the hands of the mother who raised a wonderful daughter like you. She did an awesome job, she is very blessed and you are so lucky to have her.

    To you and your mom, Happy Mother's day !

  9. Eng, such a haunting picture. And it's evident in what our friends have to write. Every single one remembers it for the stirring it caused on almost anyone who has been fortunate to see it. Most of us here are so fortunate to have been raised.. and loved by a wonderful mom.

    I have so many students who have very neglectful parents. I mentioned this not to judge, but because it has been an eye-opener. Whenever I accomplish something, I always say to myself...am fortunate to have been raised the way my parents did. For all that I am..thank you, mom!

    Thank you for sharing this with us once again, Engtot. :)

  10. teary eyed here Eng...such beautiful words..

  11. It is a no-brainer to declare that mothers are important. But we live in a no-brainer age in which the very concept of motherhood is now under attack. Thus we must come to the defence of mothers and motherhood.Thanks for heart touching post.




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