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Friday, May 20, 2011

Filling the kids' box of memories at the Summer Capital of the Philippines

The kids have been yearning to visit Baguio City again, a place barely two hour drive from our home. It is a city located at the Northern part of the country, some 1,500 meters above sea level. My two boys tremendously enjoyed the zigzag roads while viewing endless foggy mountain views. The kids, the hubby and I had a blast eating and enjoying the sight of flowers, the blue skies and conversing with the friendly native folks. It was so much fun riding the ponies, playing with dogs and riding the  boats even at night. ...Travel with us!

The kids though tired were smiling in their sleep as we drove home and i knew it in my heart that we have filled their box of memories to the brim...and i know you will agree with me when i say that nothing could ever beat that wondrous feeling because any place is a wonderful place when we travel with the ones closest to our hearts...


  1. oh Zen, love all the fun pictures here, so happy for you and the boys that you were able to give them this priceless gift to fill their memories of inspiration. but i must say my favorite picture is that of you riding the pony, you have that beautiful smile, and it is really so hearwarming to see you and the bony having flower in your ears :) awesome!! thanks for sharing your joy, Zen.

  2. PS....Roel is so cute in the last pic sleeping, so huggable. And Francis, what a smile while sleeping :)

  3. Doki, these are just lovely ! I am with you with your ending message, " any place is a wonderful place when we travel with the ones closest to our hearts.."

    This is exactly how we feel every year we do our annual family trip and every Friday which is our family day. Those are priceless moments in our lives.

    You reminded me of my trip to Baguio City some 20+ years ago. I was with girlfriends at work and it was one of the best times in my life. I will look for my pictures and share it here too.

    Would be cool if the rest who have been to Baguio can share their photos too. hahahahah

    Thanks doki, it is always fun to see you and the boys. Did I miss Kulas ? or he was the designated photographer hahahaha

  4. Sorry tagalugin ko to huh, kasi lam nyo naawa ako dun sa kabayo na ginagamit nila sa picture taking, parang naka drugs sila. Tandang tanda ko nung sumakay din kami, parang mga kabayo wala sa sarili. hahahaha

  5. thanks for taking me to a fantastic place i've never been to. wish to visit it someday with you. :)

    your boys are very lucky to have Kulas and Kulas as parents. love, love, love all the photos here too!

  6. Looks like everyone had fun! This is the stuffs that memory will hold forever.

  7. I miss this sis!!! I do hold a lot of childhood memories in this place...you made me sigh!?! Hope sometime soon I too could revisit this wonderful place...

  8. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful the world is through your pictures!!

  9. I have fond memories of Baguio. Without a doubt the kids had an awesome time! The picture says it all. I so agree with you, Kulasa. We do not need to go far to have fun! It isn't always the destination that counts, the journey is where some of the cool moments take place. Of the photos, I so love the bench and Roel grinning broadly -but all the photos spell: F-U-N! Thank you for sharing this, Kulasa! :)

  10. I forgot to mention, you look so pretty with the cute pink head gear! And the horses with pink mane -so unique albeit, so gay- hahaha! Cute! :D

  11. PRP, after viewing your family's awesome Baguio trip photos, i have come to a conclusion (drum roll here, please) .... i have decided that sometime in my life, i most definitely want to ride a beautiful white pony with a flowing pink mane, just like the one you and one of your boys were riding!:) that is way too cool, PRP!! i know the pink is probably just dye, or is it a horse wig? (is there such a thing as a horse wig?) and yet, it is such a delight to see a horse that lovely, and on top of that, the happiness in your eyes as you sat atop it:) oh, i love all the other pictures, PRP! baguio city is on my list of favorite vacation places; i have been there twice. because of you and your awesome vacation pictures though, i now feel like i have been there 3 times:) thanks for sharing, PRP. and i am so glad that you and the fam had a wonderful trip up there!

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