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Sunday, September 5, 2010


About 2 years ago, August 24, 2008, through the encouragement of one of my friendster friends, Jo, I went browsing at "The Salitype Society" group page in Friendster. I clicked the link of the group's moderator, who at that time was still a stranger to me. I was drawn to her profile picture then, carrying a trophy and a plaque, being the "District Teacher Award" winner.
I was so inspired to learn that someone from the Philippines was so successful in her teaching career here in US. With much interest, I clicked her teacher's website at Lakewood Elementary, and while reading her many achievements, I was filled with pride. Reading her teaching philosophy triggered further the interest in me to be a teacher to younger students.  At that time in my life, I was seriously contemplating to shift my career from being a college chemistry instructor to a high school math teacher. The rest is now history.....I thank the Lord for bringing me to The Salitype Society and allowing me to form a friendship with the rest of the group that is like no other. Like no other, since most of us have not met yet, but then, the friendship is genuinely real. Together, we work for the success of this site to realize our dream of making a difference in the life of a child.
Salitype's Scholar, Micah Ramirez
As The Salitype Society turns two, we also continue to empower Micah's life through education that is made possible by the income we earn through this blog. 
Two Dolphins Dancing for Salitype's Year 2
Who would think that through our group's collaboration and writings, we can make a positive difference in Micah's life for 2 school years now? It all started in a simple chat......
Before this site was born more than a year ago, The Salitype Society's mansion was at Friendster. There, we chatted to our heart's delight whenever we can. Joanie suggested to Tes why should we not monetize the group's interaction, instead of Friendster making money from our constant chats? Eng and Chay, who together with Tes formed this wonderful friendship at "The Salitype Society" showed excitement from the possibility.
Chay (elizabeth ), unanimously chosen as The Salitype Muse
Without any knowledge how to earn money from chatting, I thought of introducing blogging, since frankly speaking, we all are blogging anyway at Friendster. After months of brainstorming and exchanges, finally, Tes, with excitement, announced in our old mansion the creation of this blog. Let me take a short excerpt of what Tes shared with us, which echoed our unified humble dream.
" ~We all know that we have a special bond here at The Salitype Society (TSS). We find pleasure in coming together in our little corner called the Salitype group. Our forums /threads fill-up with posts -non-stop. But wouldn’t it be better if we EARN while doing what we love to do best –kwentuhan and sharing our anik aniks and other stuff. . . Well, now we can!~ ~ Our meager earnings partly will go to charity –we are looking into sending a child to school. Somebody with a name a face… somebody we can get to know.~  " - Tes' announcement after the creation of The Salitype Society website.
Now, this was as well part of our Salitype history. Working together, we showed the strength of our friendship. Strength that can probably be illustrated by this group of starfish. 

Group of Starfish Working together ( Representing the 10 contributors of this site who work together for the success of this site )
As the star fish hold on to each other, their strength multiplies, protecting them from the unforgiving pounding waves that crash on them. And this is how we work here as well in this site, each of us continue the group spirit, though we maintain our individuality through our own blog sites, but through this site, we come together to work as one, just like how it started before. Together with Tes, Chay, Eng and I, the following Salitype sisters dedicate themselves to the success of this site.
Ruthi of My Refuge
We do not forget to come here whenever we can to continue to live what we had started before, that is coming together to share our stories, coming together to chat, coming together to support each other, coming together to continue to make a difference in our adopted scholar and in other form of charities.
We may have been divided, but those who remained the strength of togetherness have multiplied. To my Salitype sisters, here are some photos I took the past weekend in remembrance of the anniversary of our friendship. 
Steadfast Lion, always makes use of sound judgment, a picture of strength and keeping a balance in life- my prayers for our group that we remain steadfast, stay strong, and always make a sound judgment  that is not only centered on us but on how our actions can affect others too.
Like hummingbirds, may our friendship symbolizes timeless joy and may we find the miracle of joyful living from our own life circumstances
And we may always seek solitude, inspiration and energy from the simple blessings in life such as the gift of the sun, air and water.
From my side of the world,
San Diego, CA
a happy, happy, extended anniversary to my sisters at The Salitype Society.


  1. your post just reminded me once again how blessed i am to be with the group...
    and as i always say, a simple thank you is never enough...

  2. Congratulations! Truly, you guys have made a difference... I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN! Wishing you all the best, and be rest assured that I will never get tired following your "obra- maestra" =)God bless!

  3. on this our group's 2nd anniversary, it is wonderful to sit back and recall how it all began ... how we became "sisters" ... how the dream to help brighten the life of one child came to be. thank you, beth, for sharing such a touching and organized post to mark another year for TSS. i needed this. we all need this. we all need to be reminded ever so often how and WHY The Salitype Society web site was formed so that we can continue to support it proudly and wholeheartedly.

    beth, i love the animal pictures you inserted in this post with a very nostalgic, historical feel. my favorite pix has to be that of the multiple starfish holding on to each other as they are pounded by the mighty waves. it is so interesting and impressive to note that these creatures gain strength from holding on to each other! imagine that ... even simple creatures with brains but a fraction of the size of ours know the significance of UNITY ... of carrying on the group spirit in the face of obstacles. beth, i will never look at a starfish again without remembering this unique survival trait they possess and the lesson we can glean from it, thanks to you (i did not know this about them before).

    yes, we all have different stories of how we first heard about TSS, who encouraged us to join, when we joined and why. and now, two years have passed:) two wonderful years of fun and friendship, of blogging and ble$$ings that continue to help our scholar. praise God indeed for this opportunity to enhance Micah's life through education!

    someone wise once said, "we have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us..." Thank you for reminding us, beth, how WE began:) may the Lord continue to bless The Salitype Society and the friendships we have. Happy 2nd, TSS!

  4. Betchai, this is a very touching post, thank you so much my dear friend...

    i am thankful and blessed to be in our group...

    May God continue his Blessings to our group...

    again, Happy 2nd Anniversary to us all! :)

  5. oh thanks a bunch Sistah. I am proud to be a part of the TSS family. Thank you very much for the friendship.

    Happy Anniversary to us.

  6. Beth, such a moving post. It feels so good to look back at our humble beginnings. I can't even remember typing those words, but I remember the FUN we had at the "mansion" in friendster. I also remember the love.. and most of all, the FRIENDSHIP!

    Beth, such a humble post. You left out the part were YOU introduced Salitype to Tapulanga Foundation and did all the arrangements so we can immediately use our meager earnings to send a child to school. Thanks to you, we now have Micah!

    It was also due to you that we learned about paid posts. Thank you for introducing us to the idea. Thank you for being the patient tech-tutor, and the one-man tech-support for such a busy site.

    Thank you also to you and Chay for taking care of the finances. I do not know much about those things, but Salitype has been sailing smoothly because of you guys!

    I am of course equally grateful to all of you sisters. Our friendship has taken root and is now bearing fruits! Thank you so much, guys!

    Happy Anniversary, dear sisters! More to come! Cheers!

    On the side, such wonderful photos, Beth, it's good to know you have enjoyed the week. *hugs to you and Khai*

  7. you all brought color to my life, your friendship has made me a better person, :) Betchai- to me you are wonderwoman, :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oh Beth, can't imagine TSS without you. Thanks so much for finding time to run our site despite your super busy schedule. Thank you for always reminding us the meaning of our friendship. Thank you for always supporting our site and our goal to blog for a cause. Thank you... for everything !

  10. thank you so much for everything...joining TSS made me feel so blessed to have found wonderful sisters in cyberspace...you are all such a blessing in my life...

    words are never enough for me to say thank you to my TSS family for accepting me for who I am...I did not only find wonderful cybersisters but a place that I too can call my special cyberspace home...

    Thank you all so much...

  11. Wonderful Bechai! You're all united to make such a big different in a child's life, and it's remarkable, inspiring, and so generous..

    Good luck to all for many more years to come..

  12. What a great post! Very well written. I am envious of your friendship, it is wonderful and rare and doesn't happen to everyone. I am happy for all of you, and great to see all the faces behind the scene.




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