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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Sea, Hurghada and Dahab

We arrived in Hurghada bus station and didn't really know where to stay. Of course there are a lot of touts for hotels, and we chose the one not too far away from the beach and the ferry. They took us there with their taxi and we got a nice room with balcony and breakfast included, for 140 EP/ night. It was a three Egyptian star hotel and our room was really nice and clean tv, aircon ref etc. with the beautiful view of the Red Sea. Still there was light and we decided to look around Hurghada.

In the hotel the people are very nice and helpful and efficient, got our boat tickets to Sharm el Sheik for the next morning without asking any bakshish. Michael's beer in the bar was normal price and we decided to have dinner in the hotel's restaurant. We had fresh sea food at last! because we are at the ocean ;)

Next morning after breakfast we took the taxi to the port.There are other ferries going to Saudi Arabia and our. After two and a half hours we are in Sharm el Sheik. We met a Korean girl travel by her own (quite brave in an Arabic country) and we shared the taxi to the bus station.Through the beautiful mountains of desert landscape of Sinai peninsular, we reached Dahab. There again so many touts for hotels, and we met this young Egyptian boy.

His resort was quite good and not so expensive, with his pick- up they bring us to the resort.The resort is really big, clean, with two courtyards, bungalows around and we got a nice bungalow, with private shower for only 90 EP/ night. It's not near the beach, only one minute away to the beach, actually through another expensive resort to the restaurants. And there are many restaurants and bars along this two kilometers long beach, but their FUNNY MUMMY restaurant was the best and the most popular in Dahab.

We booked in our resort a camel ride for next day. After breakfast we walked along the beach until to the end of the prominate to a restaurant own by an Austrian. There we met a Swiss woman and gave us some tips on where to snorkel. She is a professional diver for years, and she told us that her grandmother is mixed of Spanish and Swiss and during the civil war in Spain, her grandmother and her family escaped and went to Philippines, she (grandmother) grew up there and came back to Switzerland when the war was over. Small world we say ;) you meet people unexpectedly in travelling.

Our camel guides are two young Egyptian boys, they introduce themselves with their names so hard to pronounce ;). The older boy's name is Kahled and his camel's name is Ahlusch and his younger brother's name is Faisal and his camel's name is Saidee. Now it's time for me to ride the camel, my camel is Ahlusch he's making a huge noise and it seems like he don't like me too much ;). So i sat on the saddle of Ahlusch. As it the nature of the camel to stand up it's very aprubtly and i have to really hold on to the saddle. I almost flew down and i was shouting as Ahlusch went up ;). The people had been looking are laughing at me hehe ;) my first experience of camel riding!Add Image ;)

i was sitting resting, at the lagoon after that two hour camel ride

the boys know i am bit scared going down ;) i am so thankful they help me as i went down

We rested at the lagoon enjoying the view and the peacefulness of the place, there are some tourists swimming, and unfortunately we didn't bring our swim wear because we didn't know that they will take us in this lagoon, Kahled makes tea for us, a traditional tea of local people from Dahab, the tea is good. Then after an hour we ride again in our camels and went back to the city. We said thank you the boys and gave them some tip.

We are so tired, whole body is aching. It was already dark so we went to the restaurant and have dinner, the sun set that day was amazing! The next day although my body is still aching i went snorkelling.

" don't go over the edge!" is the only thing i remember from the English couple i met before i went snorkelling, i am not a good swimmer just learned a few weeks here in Germany before we fly to Egypt. It was amazing to be underwater! and see those beautiful creatures like fishes, corals, jelly fish and more. such an unforgetable experience!

We stayed one more day in Dahab and then went back to Cairo the next day. That was again a wonderful travel experience in Egypt, the camel ride, my first snorkelling experience, the nice people, fresh sea foods and more.... all in all our trip to Dahab and Hurghada was amazing! :)

NOTE: this is again another re- written post by me from my old blog in friendster titled also flip-flops and backpack from our trip to Egypt.


  1. Mukhang super nag enjoy ka talaga sa Egypt girlash. Ganda ng mga pics, as always. I like the way you played with the different settings of your camera, i particularly like your sepia shots.

    Bon voyage! Enjoy your trip.Gaya ng nasabi ko sa comment to sa blog mo, please take lots of photo and share it with us.

  2. http://gary-orona.blogspot.com/August 29, 2010 at 9:57 AM

    these photos make me want to go to egypt. great shots!

  3. beautiful images, Car, my favorite is you waiting for your camel ride at sunrise, it looks so peaceful. what an awesome experience you have in your travels.

  4. KC, wow, aside from the rich and very interesting pictures from your Egypt adventure, what i find really impressive is your ability to remember the names of people you met on your journey (and even their camels' names!), as well as the stories they shared with you. to me, this speaks volumes of the manner in which you value friendships and individuals, no matter who they are or what they do for a living. you are the type of person who LISTENS wholeheartedly when someone shares their life story with you. you do not simply nod and pretend to be interested ... you actually remember little details (even their family history!) and perhaps even write these all down in a journal at the end of each day so that, later, you can relive the fun conversation you shared with these new friends. i am proud to have a friend like you, KC!

    i was giggling while reading the part about your camel ride:) i once rode a camel in new mexico so, yeah, i do know how they get up abruptly! if you are not holding tightly or seated well, it would be easy to come tumbling to the ground:) i'm glad you survived the 2-hour camel ride! boy, i bet you were sore the next day:)

    i love your underwater snorkeling picture. that emerald green water sure looks beautiful! i bet it was so amazing to be swimming among the fish, corrals, jellyfish and other creatures of the sea.

    i don't know if i'll ever get the chance to travel to Egypt in my lifetime, KC, but thanks to you and your post, i feel like i just took a little trip over there:) i wish you and michael many more exciting trips around the world!




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