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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Macro Friends

When I am not doing some homework and not doing any household chores, it is hard for me to stay home. I feel restless, I feel the day is a wonderful gift and so beautiful to stay inside. I would usually leave the house early in the morning, go to where my mind would want me to wander, then go back home late in the afternoon. Last Thursday, I took a walk at Balboa Park, and when I passed the Rose Garden, I decided to take some pictures of the blooms. First, I saw yellow rose with a very focused busy bee, and I thought of Chay, busy and very focused with both work and studies.
Yellow For Chay
Then, I saw this red rose, which shines and glows beautifully against the sun, and I thought of Maricar, whose favorite rose is red, and of MJ, whose smile is as brilliant as this one.

Red for Maricar and MJ
And then, I saw these very delicate pink, and I thought of Ruthi, whose pretty smile in her pink Abercrombie shirt never left my memory.

Pink For Ruthi
And then I saw this beautiful pinkish rose swaying against the wind yet holding so strong, and this reminds me of Che's twists and turns in life and yet emerging very strong.
Holding It Strong for Che
I was lost in finding more colors for Zen, Tes, little Beth, and Eng, the rest of my Salitype sisters all dear to my heart. However, I could not find their colors that I told myself I will continue my walk to the desert garden, where for sure I will find their colors. While about to leave the Rose garden, I saw a pink rose where the folding of the petals are so delicate and beautiful. For those who have followed me could probably remember that pink is my favorite color, so I gave this pink rose my last attention before going to another garden. While I was focusing on the rose to take a shot, I saw a tiny ladybug looking so intently at me, in my mind telling me, "hey can you give me some attention to?"
Please Don't Snob Me, I am Here!
I Cropped the Ladybug Above to Show Her Face
I stopped right there, and tried to focus my lens on the ladybug, we looked eye to eye, but as soon as I focused my lens on her, she turned her back on me and walked away :( The moment she did that, for some reason, I felt pain for I am like the ladybug probably who is at the very edge of turning my back at someone I had treasured dearly as a friend. So, as the lady bug walked away from me, buried herself in between the petals, I know like her, I must move on too. And move on I did :) I went to the other garden to hunt for more subjects for Zen, Tes, Eng and little Beth, who all are contributors to this site.
First opportunity I saw to take a picture after the roses was this gorgeous butterfly, and I thought of our youngest sister here in the Salitype Society.
As Graceful as Beth
I had wonderful session with a lot of monarch in my walk, but I will save them for later. After this graceful monarch, my heart leaped for joy when I saw a small brown moth, finally, I have something for Eng.
Brown for Eng
 (sorry Eng, the moth was too quick I was not able to focus yet on this one I had to take a snap )
Then, I looked for blue for Zen and Tes. Glad to see these tiny blue flowers whose petals seem to sparkle which reminds me of Zen whose eyes always seem to dazzle and smile.
Blue for Zen
And then, lying on the ground was this other blue flower who seems to be so at peace, which reminds me of the calm and serene character of Tes, probably the peacemaker in our group.
Peaceful Blue for Tes
After I was done walking at the different gardens in Balboa Park, continued my walk inside the zoo, to visit my furry friends and also practice my patience taking picture of animals. Walking inside, a peacock was walking gracefully with me, and as I focused my lens on her, I noticed from head to toe she is like a wonderful craft, and again, my photo hunting for friends was not over, for the beauty of the peacock reminds me of Tes' wonderful creativity in arts and crafts.
Now, when I made this post, my thought was to have an entry for Ruthi's Macro Blooms, never in my thought it would end up with so many pictures to dedicate this post to my Salitype family.

For more of Macro Blooms or if you want to join this macro meme, visit Ruthi's site here.


  1. beth, i know this will probably sound ridiculous, but believe it or not, this post made me cry. don't get me wrong though. i didn't cry tears of sadness after viewing all those exquisite macro shots of yours, specially the red rose dedicated to me and KC. i cried tears of happiness because this post is proof that i really have found a true friend in you, and in all the other salitype sisters.

    despite my inability to contribute posts to the site as of now due to the busy-ness of my schedule with teyla, plus this recent stress from the illness of my dad, you still consider me a salitype sister. i am touched almost beyond words. thank you. you have no idea how happy the red rose picture made me tonight.

    may God continue to bless your photography skills, beth. i am sure the other salitype sisters will be thrilled as well when they see the pictures you dedicated to each one. you definitely have a gift. and God will bless you even more for sharing it with others and continually being an inspiration to us. keep it up!

  2. betchai,this is a very stirring post. thank you for the gift of friendship and for tirelessly working to make this page sing the joy of it....its ok that the moth is not in focused what matters is you put your precious time capturing it for me....there are things in life that looks fuzzy and still beautiful what more when its crystal clear.

    you are the glue that hold things together, make things work here and for that you have my admiration. you see the road ever so clearly even when a mist of doubt hangs around, my friend!

    btw, dave said he noticed something different with your photos lately. i told him you are using raw these days instead of jpeg. now, i do feel like blogging.let me just have bfast and lemme see what can i write later on...lol!


  3. Oh Beth.. this is so awesome and touching. I really don't know what to say. But I am really happy and proud to be part of the Family... we are a family now, aren't we?

  4. Your macro magnifies your friendship.

    And your friends are all beautiful flowers.

  5. Dearest Beth, such a soulful post. You always manage to pull us together when we are drifting apart, not from strife, but from busy-ness. You never fail to inspire us with your zeal and friendship. Like Eng, you have my respect and admiration. Thank you very much for being the bond that unites us at all times. Like Ruthi, am proud to be part of the TSS family!

    On the lighter side of things, this is a wonderful idea, Beth. I have yet to search for creative stuff to represent each one of us. You and the rest of the sisters have been creatively tagging each one of us, I hope I can return the favor someday.

    I will follow your lead, and watch out for that photo portfolio. Can't wait to start, girlfriend! Love you lots! Mwa!

  6. Gorgeous pictures of all the flowers, Betchai! Each is special in its own way..It's great to have friendship like this.

  7. Such a beautiful tribute, with warm words & stunning pictures. This is such a blessed & inspiring post.

  8. my dearest Betchai... thank you so much for this wonderful post, never in my life i knew somebody like you so beautiful and wonderful inside and out....

    i am so lucky to have as my friend, God gave you to us to be his instrument of opening our eyes to the wonders of nature...

    thank you so much for the beautiful red rose, i love you Betchai, we love you... let's keep this wonderful friendship until we all get old :)

    God Bless you always and Khai...

  9. thanks a lot everyone for your kind and inspiring words.

    @ MJ, thanks. I hope one day that some of what you post and write in Facebook will be shared here as well. You actually write a lot better and a lot more than us but only in Facebook. Sometimes, I am tempted to copy and paste what you write there because of their essence and meaning, that's how good you are in writing that even probably you just thought you comment here and there but in a sense they speak so much volume. I continue to pray for your dad that soon he will go back to his old strength and health or even way much better. I also continue to pray for you and your family to have the continued strength to care for him and make your love felt to him as love is a great healer. Teyla is growing so beautifully each day, just like you and Rog.

    @ Eng, yes, I am now shooting in RAW after our vacation in WA, thanks to you for the inspiration. how i wished I took RAW ever since. I am enjoying photography more now because of RAW Eng, again, thanks to you, Dave, Ebie and Tes who opened up to me what RAW is.

    @ Ruthi, yes, we are a family now :) wink :)

    @ Rainfield, thank you so much for being around and for helping keeping our site ( and my site too) more alive with your words and wisdom.

    @ Tes, I have not started the online portfolio yet :( haaay Tes, not that I am super busy since I am still on break, but my problem is, I can hardly stay at home. Like right now, I am thinking of going out again and be back later in the afternoon. Then, when I got home, I open my Facebook, and that's it! Forget about online portfolio already :( I should probably really say no to Facebook for a week and not wander for a day and give it to myself to start the online portfolio since it is something I really want to do, would be a great gift to myself. Thanks for reminding me again Tes, I will give it a try to start next week.

    @ Icy, thank you so much. I consider you one of my very special and dear friends too despite we too have not met yet, hopefully someday. I still do not forget how you helped me before add widgets to my site, use Network Blogs in Facebook, and how to monetize. You were so kind and generous of your time to help and I really appreciate it. Icy, you may not be part of this site, but your help has gone a long way. Please know, that through this site and through my site, you have helped so many others already. I really hope and pray for the success of your coming book.

    @ Judy, thanks so so much. Your kind words always inspire.

    @ Car, love you too dear, and YES! let us keep the friendship till we grow old!

  10. You had visitted my blog a few weeks ago. I've been away,but wanted to say thanks. Your photos are very nice. The macro shots of the bee and ohter insects are very sharp,and I really like the floraal shots.

  11. wow..beautiful photos .. so clear.. do keep in touch.. thanks!


  12. Hi Betchai,
    It is nice to follow you to see those pretty roses and I espically love the blue flowers. Thank you.

  13. thank you so much wonderwoman! you have touched my soul in a way that i can never put to words...

  14. gorgeous photos! They are so refreshing!




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