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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Milk- A San Francisco Story

Guest post written by Andrew Rowland

Last night I watched the movie "Milk" starring academy award winner, Sean Penn on satellite tv that I got from tvbydirect.com. It is a moving true story of the life and legacy of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to hold public office in the U.S. I have been a San Francisco native for more years than I care to count, and this movie truly was a walk down memory lane. It is so true to life, it almost seemed like a documentary rather than a dramatization.

The movie is peppered with real footage of Harvey Milk and the gay rights movement. There were several clips of Anita Bryant and her crusade to eliminate gay teachers from public schools via Proposition 6, which failed due to the efforts of Harvey Milk and then San Francisco Mayor Moscone.
Real clips of San Francisco supervisor David White were also featured at the end of the movie. David White, played by actor Josh Brolin, assassinated mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk by shooting each of them in their offices in retaliation for a political loss. The movie hinted at David White being a closet homosexual, but it was unsubstantiated.
White's attorneys claimed these shootings were the result of a chemical imbalance brought on by too much junk food in his diet. This failed strategy for justifying a double murder became known as the "twinkie defense." After a few years of incarceration, David White was released from prison. He took his own life soon after.
Sean Penn's portrayal of the legendary Harvey Milk was dead on. This movie is an inspiring tribute to the values that San Francisco is famous for.


  1. sounds like a must watch movie ;)

  2. ...will definitely view the movie!

  3. on david white taking his own life soon after he was released from prison- i say, GOOD! i'm sorry, but i have no sympathy for gay haters and specially slayers. it's sad that in this day and age, many gay people continue to be ostracized simply because they are "different." i have many gay friends and, as a matter of fact, the friend who introduced my hubby, rog, and i 6 years ago is openly gay. if not for him introducing us, we would most like not be happily married today, and we would not have our beautiful daughter teyla. that same friend was assaulted at a bar a few years ago by a bunch of gay haters, and my blood boiled when i heard about it. why can't everyone just practice tolerance and accept each others' differences? but back to the movie (i am getting too emotional, hahaha! this topic does that to me)... i commend the producers of the movie for taking the time to portray the life of Harvey Milk when they could have spent their funds and efforts on featuring some other straight celebrity/politician. i never heard of harvey milk til today, but it sounds like he was a real good person, even defending the rights of gay teachers to continue working in public schools. alas, his torch was snuffed out too soon:( such a shame, for i'm sure he would have continued to be an outstanding public servant for many years if he had not been murdered. but at least the tale of his noble deeds has now been told through this movie.

    andrew, thank you for sharing your review with us. i found it very informative and interesting. it is almost 4 in the morning, but after reading it, i have the urge to drive all the way to Blockbuster in town and rent it so i can watch it immediately. unfortunately, they are not open 24 hours:( i will definitely look this movie up and rent it at the soonest time possible. two thumbs up for an outstanding review!

  4. I have wonder about this movie, so this will definitely go on my list..

  5. I have not seen this movie too, and after reading the review, makes me want to watch it too, thanks Andrew for sharing. I share your feelings MJ, I have some gay friend and regardless what their preferences are, I continue to love and respect them. I am sorry to hear about your friend being assaulted by gay haters, sadly, that still happens, and wish and pray others will soon be open that we all have our preferences, and if we do not share the same preferences, we still should live in our hearts love and not hate.

  6. Oh I will definitely see this movie. Can't wait !

  7. I've read so many beautiful poems, but don't find it easy to put so much depth and emotion into my own.
    Where do you go to find such inspiration?




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