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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nostalgia @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter N. N is for Nostalgia.

Some of the Salitype gals have decided to share some of their oldies but goodies photos.

Hello everyone, my name is Chay,

I was nine months old in this picture. This was actually taken by a photographer "on-wheels". This was popular back in the 60's, they drove a truck with camera and all their props at the back of their truck. They would drive in a neighborhood and knock on doors and offer their services.

The picture below shows me when I was two years old. In the 60's we had to go to the photo studio to have our pictures taken.

What's up with the bonnet when it was 90 degrees outside? Well, actually that was a prop to cover my hair because my older sister cut my hair when we were role playing ... she was the hairstylist and I was the customer - your imagination can picture what a three-year old hairstylist could do! Needless to say she did not have my repeat business nor get a tip.

~ Chay ~

Four-year old me, taken during one of our weekend visits @ Rizal Park (better known as Luneta Park). I have a lot of fond memories of this park. My parents use to take us to the park on weekends. Parks are inexpensive venue for recreation, and a laboratory for wonderful and memorable discoveries.

Five-year old Tes trying to catch a grasshopper (Luneta Park)
My mom loves to take candid photos of us.

I remember way back in September, I did an entry for Blogging for Fun entitled "Back to the Future" The post also has some oldies but goodies photos.
~ Tes ~

Taken 9 years ago during oath taking of 2001 DMD board passers.

~ Cher ~

Here's a pix of 3-year-old MJ (left) and younger brother, Moe, frolicking through the tall grass in front of their childhood home in Naga City, Bicol, circa 1978. "Times were hard back then," MJ recalls. "There wasn't enough money for a lawnmower ... or even a goat or two (hence, the tall grass). Dad was a college teacher who worked himself to the bone but didn't make very much. Mom, also a college teacher, quit work for several years to raise my brother and I (I'm proud to say I am currently following in her footsteps, having recently quit my job at the paper to raise Teyla). We didn't own a lot of toys like many kids our age, but I have countless faint, yet fond, memories of sunny days spent running through the grass in the front yard ... or rainy days spent splashing through mud puddles, shrieking with delight. In those early years, mom and dad instilled in us a love of the Great Outdoors. That fascination lingers to this day."

~ MJ ~


  1. Oh! this surely takes me down the memory lane. No better time in life than when we were kids, eh!

    That is one thing i meant to be doing when i was home...find some old photos of younger years and i forgot, tsk!

    in this era of airbrushing and photoshop, pictures like these are priceless!

    love you lots. girls!

  2. What a beautiful bunch you all are.

  3. I love old photographs! You all looks so cute!

  4. haha, ladies, i see in your little one pics the beautiful you's :). sorry, i do not have any, like what i mentioned before, mine was flooded and no more old pics, but really enjoyed looking at your memories.

  5. Critical thinking ! you are so good at it Tesya !!! I didn't even thought about this picture saved in our blog and it came in handy for our Nostalgia Friday.

    I enjoy looking at old photos and I tend to do that when I feel homesick !

  6. love the photos! nothing beats the ones of ourselves as children! and you were a darling child!

  7. Those pictures are magical! It's so precious.

  8. I enjoy looking at old photos; thank you for sharing.

    Chay - This is the first time I have heard of photographers on wheels. Interesting tidbit :-)

  9. My most favorite childhood memories do not possess expensive toys, but very inexpensive or free entertainment such as running through summer rain, playing cards with my sister and Mom, nature hikes...Children need to get back to basics and away from computer games at least occasionally. I loved your "memory lane" trip. You were/are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What wonderful photos, you are beautiful in everyone. I got a giggle out of the bonnet covering the haircut. I did that to a younger sister when I was about that same age.

  11. he he he he, i would love to kiss and tickle those little girls...i wish i had a time machine...

  12. these preciuos photograph mga girlashes... like Eng i also forgot to bring mine :( so next time na lang guys ;)

    i love all the photos and the stories behind it, Salitype Gals are simply amazing :)




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