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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Traveller's Treasure

NOTE: this entry is lifted in my old blog in friendster, flip-flops and backpack

Yesterday, i accidentally saw a documentation in TV about the " Bamboo Train Trip" in Battambang Cambodia. coincidence?! I don't know. While watching the Doku I suddenly thought of why not write about those people we met in travelling. So, to dig out all or at least some of the memories from these people, I found myself in front of our cabinets full of my treasures, my travel diaries.

To start with my list, let me put the Cambodian girl first:

1. I will name her the " KHMER GIRL " - " Gud mornin Lady!, how are you? I have something for you, it's for free you don't have to pay me." The Cambodian girl speak to me in her Khmer accent as she speak English. She's maybe around 7 to 10 years old ( forgot her name ) selling bracelets, rings and etc. that's made of rattan and bamboos. She said I can have the ring and i don't have to pay her, clever ;) she asked me so many questions and with patience I answered them in a broken English so she can understand me. For three days trip in Angkor Wat, she's always there waiting for us, hoping that we will buy some of her handicrafts. We bought from her some necklaces and etc. and gave me a ring that she said, her gift for me because I'm a good lady or madam ;) We are aware of and warned by other travellers never to give money to these children, but Michael knew my heart is soft when it comes to children. So, he let me give some RIAL to the girl, she asked me what is thank you in my language, I said Salamat, then she said " Salamat " to me with a smile, and I say " Your Welcome, and take care".

this is the ring from the Khmer girl

2.MR. JIMMY - When we went to Penang, George Town Malaysia, Mr. Jimmy is the owner of the guest house where we stayed for 3 days a man of more than 60 years of age arranged everything for us. Our trip to Malacca and Koh Lanta had been easier and smooth bacause of him. And he told us that he lived in Philippines for 7 years with a Filipina wife but then he came back to Malaysia after, and we didn't ask why. He said, he likes Philippines it's beautiful and the people are friendly.

3. A Kababayan in Florence, Italy - We bought two rosaries in San Gimignano, Toscana, and brought it until we reached Florence. We look for a church that has holy water so it can be baptized before bringing it home. We found this church in the middle of the city of Florence, " CHIESA di OGNISSANTI " ( All Saints church ). And there we met inside a fellow Filipino, he's from Las Pinas, Cavite (small world :). After a small talk and short tour inside the church, I lit a candle and pray and then we left the church.

4. FRENCH COUPLE - In the border between Laos and Cambodia, in Stung Streng to Kratie ( Cambodia ) we were waiting together with other backpackers, a French couple and one Israeli. It was so hot that day, and there's no stores, no shop as in nothing! to buy food and drinks and it was already 1 o' clock in the afternoon, i'm so hungry and thirsty. More than 1 hour ago, we heard a sound of a " POT! POT! " coming, it was a man in a bicycle selling siopao. He's a heaven sent! the French girl and i walk to where the siopao vendor is. When i was about to pay my siopao and drinks, to my surprised as i look in my money belt i don't have KIP ! ( money of Laos ). I was just about to go to where Michael is because they also accept dollars, but then the french girl said that it's ok she will pay for my siopao and drinks. I thank her, and she said it's ok they also wanted to get rid of their Kip.

( we bought this traditional note book in a shop where all products are made by the victims of mine field in Cambodia)

5. THE BOOK STORE OWNER - Another person from Cambodia in Phonm Penh i will never forget. After visiting the TUOL SLENG museum, we look for a book store to buy a book of history of THE KHMER ROUGE . We found in the city of Phonm Penh a small book store, as we are going to pay, the old man i think he's the owner, talk to me in Khmer. I said, i'm sorry i am not Cambodian, i'm from Philippines. And then he told us about his terrible story with the Khmer Rouge and that he's the only one who survived in their family during the khmer Rouge regime. I cannot believe what all he said, his stories are heart wrenching and i was even more terrified as i finished reading the book.

6. Australian Girl - We are in Bangkok, Thailand having lunch in a restaurant in Khao San Road. There sitting near us a man and a girl maybe 11 years old, then the man come to Michael and ask if Michael has a lighter. Michael gave his lighter and the man said thank you. Then they started talking and he said hello to me and introduce her daughter to us. The waiter came and we gave our orders, and then when it's the young girl's turn, she wants something with french fries and the father said it's not good for her, it's a junk food. Then his daughter replied... " oh! Dad! whether it's good food or junk food... in the end it will all become s##t! " ;) and the three of us laughed so hard!

( these are some of our photo albums from Bangkok Thailand, and Cambodia )

They showed me what is the real face of life. They helped me even more to know myself. They will always be in my mind and heart, their faces, their memories ...and their stories... i will cherished them as my treasures forever... as long as i live.

by: maricar


  1. Stunning story and gorgeous handmade note books! I like the environmental friendly feel of them!

  2. Beautiful and unique treasure! I love the earthy-feel of these..

  3. priceless treasures! it's artsy and eco-friendly. ;)

  4. i also prefer hand made stufffff.. its awesome man

  5. Beautiful keepsakes from your travels. I like the colors, designs and materials and also the interesting stories that go along with them.

  6. Travels as you have so eloquently expressed leave treasure in our hearts. What a beautiful story and I really love those handcrafted notebooks, they are amazing.

  7. wow really cool stuff:) wow! as in wow to you to have all these well kept:) If you happen to visit Sweden I will also give you something from here that you can treasure..aheheh!


  8. Oh wow.. the notebooks and the photo albums looks stunning! Now I wonder why I never am able to find such things when I go hunting for all this sort of stuffs haha. Lovely~

  9. Wow car, you have such fine things! You are lucky, not just with these things, but with the story and places that goes with each item! Lovely, girl!

  10. VanillaSeven > thanks, all of them are handmade but except for the one the red notebook with girl from Italy.

    it's very rare that we encounter "mean" people from our travels.

    Icy BC > thanks ICY! when travelling, we don't just see the place ICy, we "connect" to the people of the places we visit, (but still it depends on the place, you know what i mean) ;)

    Cher > my dear Cher, thanks girlash! ;) you are right Cher they are all naturally made, except the one from Italy.

  11. Naqvee > Nasamaste! ;) thanks for dropping by again, it's not just a normal stuffff.... Naqvee! some of these notebooks are from people who's in need like the victims of mines in Cambodia.

    we are backpackers Naqvee, and yes my husband is a smoker, but he's not what you think he is! i hope that's clear to you now MAN!

  12. Diane AZ > thank you Diane :) yes they are Diane, and i will keep them not just in my cabinets but in my heart and my mind...

    God Bless you friend.

    Poetic Shutterbug > hello Joanne! :) thanks again for dropping by.

    some years ago, when we heard about the Tsunami in Thailand and some of the countries affected, while we are watching the news... I saw tears falling in my husband's face... I asked him why? he said to me " i felt so sorry for these people... i've been there..." now Joanne... i know the feeling... i can understand him now...

  13. tejan > wow! good to meet another Filipina here ;) thanks for dropping by, wie geht's deine Swedischekurs? ;) hope ok! hehe

    ok, when we will have the chance to visit our friend there we'll see if we meet then give me what you said i can treasure too *winks*

    Ladyviral > thanks for dropping by again, you don't need to hunt them you can just by them ;)

  14. Tesya > thanks girlash! :) you are right, it's not just the notebooks, it's what written in there. Their memories are my treasures.

  15. I most enjoy reading your compendium of memories of your travel Maricar. I laughed at the end where that Aussie girl disputed with her father about the junk food.

    Travels are one of the best Eye Opener and do make you a well-round person. What you have seen outside that you never experienced at home will make you more appreciative of your own blessings that are oftentimes are being taken for granted.

    Great mementos to keep. What a treasure indeed!

  16. Accounts from travels are always quite fun to read and to remember. :)

  17. Some good stories on the people you have met at various corner of the world.

    You may have met me in Penang, only that we did not each other.

  18. I like your collections, they are so cute. They come with memories too and sweet stories - they are priceless !

  19. These are a lovely collection of things that you can put a story. I love hand crafted items. Memories always have a special place in our hearts and in our house. You are a well traveled couple.

    Your shots are just beautiful.

  20. Thank You everyone for all your wonderful comments :)

    thank you Bonnie Bonsai, Pacey, rainfield, SandyCarlson, Chay and Ebie.

    I really appreciate all your comments, God Bless you all.

  21. i just love those notebook and photo albums! very nice to collect!

  22. Ayie > thanks, they may look so simple but they are all valuable for me ;)

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