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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Day It Rained...

I used to say, "Rain...Rain...Go Away...

...Come again another Day...

...Little Beth Wants to Play..."

but then I must say I've always loved the rain...

The rain would always bring...cups of hot coco's...warm blankies...story telling special nights...ever ready batteries for flash lights...and of course warm huggies and kisses...

but now that I've grown a little older...

The rain would bring moments of blank stares...and annoying Kleenex at my bedside...

Now that I've grown a little older...

Flashes of light and the swift gushing winds would terrify me...

Somehow I lost my vivid memories about the wonderful rain...

Somehow I lost the magic of those evening specials...

Somehow along the way I lost something wonderful about the rain...

But maybe when I'll grow a little older...

Maybe I'll find a simple way to watch the rain again...with hot cups of coco's...warm blankies...and the magical story telling specials...

...Just now with the sun brightly shining outside my window I'm smiling at myself and I'm about to say to you that...SOMEHOW I MISS THE DAY IT RAINED...( I think I've just grown a little older...)



  1. aaaay! love to read this:) i really like and following every posts here! wow! really well done and deep:) hehe!

    have good day:) even if it rains:)

  2. Never lose the magic. Never, never, never. :)

    I also love the rain. And I also love the winds and the rain clouds that accompany the big, fat raindrops that come falling down, coupled with thunder and lightning. Although, I must say, thunder and lightning frightens me!!! :)But that is only because I have not lost the magic!!! For to me, thunder and lightning is frightening magic!!!! :)

  3. You know what Beth, we do the same thing when it rains. I love hot cocoa and curl up in my bed. I love to feel my soft pillows ...okay I'm going to bed now. Have a nice day Beth.

  4. a very touching story written poetically.

    hi beth! it's cher, one of your sis here at TSS. :)

  5. Sun, rain or snow it does not matter, we can't do anything about the weather so I have learned to be thankful.

  6. Hi Beth ! I am smiling as I am reading.. not only we have the same name, but we have the same memories of rain.

    High school was the time I didn't ever want it to rain, cause in my school when rain starts to pour - they would cancel the class and that would mean - a day without seeing my boyfriend (LOL).

    When I think about rain - a lot of memories run through my head. I am having coffee right now and enjoying the thoughts... ahhh those rainy days in the Philippines.

    Hey sister - share more of this cute stuff... love it !

  7. I love this post very much. And listen to the rhythm of the fallen rain is the most enjoyable moment, especially out in the forest, along my hiking trail.

  8. Very wise observation. Never lose the magic or the gift to see it.

    I love the rain. In fact, I almost love storms more than the sunshine. The sky is clouding as I write this. Perhaps I'll get my wish for today.

    Happy weekend!

  9. i love rain most esp when I was a kid coz that means no school when it gets too much or I'll get to play in the rain

    hated it when i was in higher school coz i had to go through the rain and no class suspensions

    now we appreciate rain more since it's quite rare here in our area but i can never be tired of a nice sunny day too =)

  10. I love this post...as i write, I am watching the videos of my kids playing outside the house ( in Bicol) while it was raining ( video taken during our holiday last July).

    Literally, I really miss the rain. If my memory serves me right, it was 2 months ago when it rained here in Al Ain.

    Have a nice weekend.

  11. I hope that day comes back for you. I love rainy days, too.

  12. i love rainy days when i'm indoor and not outdoor. It's simply quiet and peaceful by just listening to the rain drops fall.

  13. I've always been so inlove with the rainy days...but since "Pepeng and Ondoy" came unexpectedly in our country I've suddenly become fearful of the rainy days...Some of my relatives lost their homes but we are still so blessed because nobody got hurt...

    In time I know these wonderful vivid memories that I have about the day it rained (when I was a little younger) will come back to me with warmer and sweeter pictures...

    Thank you all so much for letting me cherish the wonderful memories of the rainy days with you...

    God bless you all...and please pray for our dear Filipino brothers and sisters who are going through a very hard time in their lives...

    thank you for my wonderful TSS big sis Cher and sis Chay...you're all so sweet...miss you all...

    Eventually the sun will shine again... :-D

  14. Love your post as much as i sometimes complain about the rain, I do think it has its own very special beauty, that I also love.

  15. Nicely written piece. I have always loved the sound of the rain when I'm indoors, but not the wind. :)

  16. amusingly warm mini-narration of a flashback

    just enjoy the rain for as long as it's harmless

  17. i love the rain Beth, as long as there's no flooding involved, in fact, I rejoice whenever it rains! Thanks for this beautiful thoughts Beth.

  18. i love rain and watching it falling and listening to it, sweet thoughts will come along... thanks for this Beth, i miss you too...

    Ate Car

  19. When it used to rain.. I would enjoy listening to the sound and feel the cool breeze.

    Now that I am older.. I just want the rain for its coolness in my room. I wonder what happened to the time when I enjoy the rain for the rain itself.

  20. oh im one of those who truly love rain! love the sound of rain drops faliing on the roof...malas lang pag may butas ang bubong..babaha sa loob ng bahay hehe :) nyways, sarap matulog and sarap din kumain pag umuulang..haaaayy remember those days in Pinas! :)

    thanks a lot for the visits and the nice nice comments :)take care friend! have a blessed day! :)

  21. hello Beth! miss yah sis....i would love to one day spend a rainy night with you, "with hot cups of coco's...warm blankies...and the magical story telling specials"....life is a series of rains and floods but hey, look at me, i'm back after another rainy season in my life, and i am yah, stronger...after the rain...




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