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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Have GPS Will Travel

As if my three-month vacation is not nearing its end, two weeks ago, my husband and I joined my sister and her family in driving to Arizona. We cannot resist the thrill of driving with my three nieces who just arrived here in America from the Philippines. A lot of things are new to the girls and we want to make the most out of what’s left of our and their summer break to show them around.

My sister and brother-in-law, Marlon, convoyed behind us while the girls, my nieces, joined us in our car. It was a long 18-hour drive from Houston to Arizona. Good thing there were places we can visit along the way. We did not have a lot of time to plan, so we just agreed to see sites as we drive. Instead of checking the paper map (or..er..asking for directions) which we sometimes do, all Doods, my husband, has to do is consult his GPS or Global Positioning System. This new device is really great for locating places and giving driving directions. If you are directionally challenged like me, then you really need to get one.
Our ever-dependable GPS

my sister and brother-in-law's car as seen from our side mirror
First stop, three hours away from Houston is San Antonio. We checked the historical Alamo and the entertainment district of San Antonio. We had fun at Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Tomb Rider and the Guinness Book of World Record. The next day, we checked out Sea World. The girls had a blast with Shamu, the sea lions, the walrus and the dolphins.

Alamo, San Antonio Texas

Ripley's Believe it or Not

Guinness Book of World Record

Sea World, San Antonio, Texas

Fascinating Shamu

Much as we would want to be on the go all the time, our stomachs protest. Every time we had to eat, since we’re not from San Antonio, and had no idea of the whereabouts of places, Doods has to rely on his GPS to check for restaurants. All he has to do is type the name of the restaurant and voila, the GPS will supply us the location and driving direction.
After two days in San Antonio, we hit the road for a longer drive -our destination: Arizona- straight, except for the occasional rest stops and a night at an inn. With three children all younger than twelve and had no previous experience of long driving, the experience would have been horrifying or worse, a trauma, so we decided to make the trip fun. Having witnessed three fidgety girls on our initial three-hour drive to San Antonio, Doods and I decided to gear up for provisions to keep the girls occupied and -best of all- entertained. We stopped by Best Buy to grab ourselves a DVD player for the car, one that we get to strap at the back of the front seat -very easy to remove, safe from being burglarized. Gadgets like these are good companions on a long drive. Another good thing that made the long drive pleasant is the fact that we can hook up the Ipod to the car stereo system. This is good particularly since the girls have their own brand of music.

Shadow of our car as it traverse the empty interstate hiway

The sun is not a constant companion. . . it bids goodbye and we are left alone on the road.

Say goodbye to the day

Alas, we have arrived in Arizona, the girls’ new home. My sister and her family migrated to Arizona from the Philippines. This is their first experience of interstate trip and we’re glad with the help of technology, the girls found the experience diverting!

Home at last!

Grand Canyon

My husband, Doods and I with my sister and her husband, Marlon and my nieces Therese, Cate and Yami


  1. You have gone to a lot of places in so little time - that was exciting and fun ! Those are really great photos Tes ! I enjoy looking at your family, most especially your three nieces - they are adorable ! I wish they can move closer to Texas someday, so you will enjoy them more !

    Speaking of GPS - to me that was one of the most amazing piece of equipment ever invented. I am very poor in direction and that bothered Jeff. He got me one when it just first came out - it was very heavy, huge and pricey. I will never drive without it - I love it !

  2. hey Tes, so nice to hear from you, yehey! back to blogging! Thanks a lot Tes for this very informative post. Great pictures, happy faces, it is so nice to be with family when exploring places like this. i like best the picture of Doods and you at the cliff of Grand Canyon, brave souls :)

    Your nieces are beautiful, glad they are all together with their mom now.

    GPS is something also I rely in going places when we travel as we do not need to look for map, well, I even have to rely on GPS when hiking as it defines me the trail to track back to if in case there are cross trails. Almost got lost in the wilderness when I turned off my gps thinking I was very good in direction, but thankfully, we found our way through GPS, though compass is there, but we use compass only when GPS runs out of battery, heheh, GPS is so easy to use. so yeah, we too are dependent on technology, as we use a road gps for driving, and a trail gps for hiking.

    And music! hah, that's what entertains us during our long drive!!!

  3. hello Tesya! hugs! i agree with Chay about you having gone to so many places in so little time...i actually just came from facebook to view your travel photos in Singapore and Malaysia then when i opened our page, you are already in Arizona! he he he...love the smiles of your nieces and oh i love the photo of the sun bidding goodbye and the shadow of your car! i remember something about asking for directions which is still a custom here, it is so hard to figure out whom to ask sometimes, knowing that looks can be deceiving, shy as i am (daw he he he) i have many memories of me and dad/hubby arguing as to who will ask for directions ha ha ha...and then that "gasgas" line na "pwede po bang magtanong?" na sasagutin ng pilosopo ng- "nagtatanong ka na po" he he he

  4. Nice blog Girl!!!

  5. Guys, it feels so good to be back in the blogosphere… and most of all, blogging! Thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah, this GPS gadget is fast becoming indispensable! Technology really is such a good companion when it comes to long driving. First, the GPS, then there’s also the wonder of amplifying the music from the IPOD – this one fascinates me. Instead of the bulky CDS that jam our glove compartments, now, we just plug the tiny IPOD in the car stereo system and voila, there’s music in the air!

    Doods and I are really glad my nieces are finally here to STAY -such blessings! Almost a year ago, in my blog “Together Again.. Almost,” I was pining to have them with us –and now, they are! As for being in a lot of places in such a short time, allow me to say (without sounding dramatic) it’s the least I can do after being given MY second life *winks* spend quality time with loved ones and go see places! “The glory of

    God is man fully alive!”

    Here's to more blogging days to come!

  6. tesyaaaaaaaaa! nice to have you back girl! good to know ima 's family is together again....

    ah! the gps..one of the wonders of modern world. have one and it really is handy....i used to be dave's navigator. and boy!do i navigate on my own terms...when we are in a round about i always guide him by the clock..out at 3 o clock which elicit an answer which exit was that?..now! with gps i enjoy the country side view ...ha!ha1ha!

  7. You sure had fun..Love the beautiful sunset pictures..

  8. Wow, nice places, lovely sunset and cool gps! my hubs is quite dependent on gps but not me. I just mind the road though it's pretty handy to carry it along just in case you can't find your way back =P

  9. the GPS is a lifesaver indeed, tes! we don't go anywhere out of state without our Garmin. i have to say, girlash, you are one tough cookie!:) you traveled to the philippines and then all over asia, then flew back here and traveled some more!! WOW!! you and doods are certified travel bugs:) thanks for sharing all the cool photos from your trip to arizona. i was delighted to see the one of you and doods with the grand canyon in the background. what a breathtaking shot! definitely frame that!

    oh, i'm happy your nieces are here to stay now. i'm sure they will never forget all the cool places you took them to, and all the amazing things they saw during the 18-hour trip. i would like to warmly welcome your sis and her family to america!! may they have a good life here!!

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