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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Proud to be a Salitype baby!

Hi! My name is Teyla Chanterelle:) You can also call me Tiny. I'm the very first Salitype baby ... something I'm real proud about! Mommy said many of you have been wondering how I got my unique name, so here goes:

Teyla is the name of the beautiful warrior princess on Stargate Atlantis, a scifi TV show Mommy and Daddy used to watch every weekend (they still play reruns nowadays). They told me one Friday night in 2007, when they were cuddling in front of the TV watching Teyla whoop one of the bad guys' a-s-s-e-s in one Stargate Atlantis episode, Daddy turned to Mommy and said, "Wouldn't it be cool if someday we had a baby girl and named her Teyla?" Daddy said Mommy asked, "Why Teyla?" and Daddy replied, "Why not? Look at her! She's beautiful, brave, a skilled fighter, kindhearted ... She's everything I hope our baby girl would be!" Mommy thought for a while as she watched Teyla on TV, fearlessly battling the evil wraith (scary-looking creatures!). Then a smile lit up her face. She turned and hugged Daddy, saying, "Teyla it will be then!" So, yeah, that's where I got my first name!

Not long after that (still in 2007), Mommy and Daddy where walking through the woods surrounding the house one muggy Saturday afternoon (Mommy and Daddy both love the outdoors, and Daddy is nuts about mushrooms!). It was summertime and the trees in Coal City were lush and green. In the shade of many of those trees sprung mushrooms of all kinds - Hen of the Woods, oyster mushrooms, gem-studded puffballs, crown-tipped corrals, chicken mushrooms and Chanterelles, to mention a few. Daddy said on that particular day, him and Mommy came to a clearing not far from a little bubbling brook. A batch of bright yellow chanterelles caught their eyes, and they happily gathered them up and started home (For those who don't know, chanterelles are choice edible mushrooms ... real yummy!). Daddy said just as they started back up the hill to the house, Mommy suddenly said, out of the blue, "If we did have a baby girl someday, Chanterelle would make a cool name, don't you think?" Daddy wondered out loud, "Chanterelle?" Mommy said, "Yeah! 'Coz it's such a pretty mushroom. It's a prized edible, meaning it's special. It's yellow, which symbolizes happiness. And, you know, Chanterelle could symbolize your interest in mushroom hunting and our love of nature and the great outdoors!" And how could Daddy not agree to that?

So there you go, Salitype peeps! That's where I got my name. I love it 'coz it symbolizes so many positive traits- beauty and bravery and kindness, plus happiness and the love of God's beautiful world of nature!

Anyway, here's a great, big smile from me to all of you ... my way of saying, "Happy weekend, dear Salitype friends!! Thank you for praying for me in the weeks and months before I was born, and for all the support (through texts, calls and prayers) you gave Mommy on my birthday! I love you all and I can't wait 'til we meet. You can all give me hugs and, hey, I'll even let you pinch my chubby cheeks a bit!:) Kisses to each one of you!!!"



  1. oh, how will i ever forget you Teyla Chanterelle after that interesting story about your name?! it is as beautiful as you are! you are one blessed Salitype baby to have a wonderful Dad and Mom! Ate Kyla and Tita Cher would love to meet you one day! :)

  2. oh! its such a sweet story of how you got your name...teyla chaterelle.you are growing to be all those your name stands for and more, lots lots more, our little princess!

    i hope that in 2 or 3 years time we will all have a chance to finally give you our hugs and kisses in person, my girl! we will work hard to make it a reality, teyla!

    so how about it salityper's, a great reunion in 3 years time and lets show our teyla, the beauty that is philippines and the warmth that is salitype...ha!ha!ha!

    we love you, our very first salitype baby!

  3. Ohhhhh Teyla Chanterelle...you are soooooo cuuuttteeee! i really would love to pinch your chubby cheeks just a bit he he he...and kiss you, and hug you and mmmmmm carry you in my arms...not so long ago you were just that Tiny, no, not Tiny but huge he he round ball that is your mommy's tummy...and we were all so gleeful each making a wild guess...a she or a he? i think no one ever thought of you as a "he" because your mom looked so pretty until the day you were born....now look at you, so so so adorable, great job power ranger pal! oh, half of the credit goes to Rog of course...congratulations again for such a beautiful baby...mmmmwwwahhhhhhh!

  4. what a cute baby and a cute name if I may add welcome first ever salitype baby shes our very own "Princess"


  5. wow, nice to know how you got your name Teyla Chanterelle, your name is indeed very special for you really are! you are such a beautiful gift for your mom and dad and am glad your mom and dad shared your gift to us. each time we look at your picture, you are growing to be such a beautiful and adorable baby. i would love to carry you in my arms Teyla, and kiss you and you are such so kind to let us. hope someday, like what tita eng said we will get a chance to give our hugs and kisses in person, we will all work hard for that day to come.

    oh teyla, thank you so much for gracing our site and sharing your story. i am sure you would love the great outdoors too as much as your mom and your dad love the inspiration it brings. see you around Teyla.

    Hi MJ, this is a very pleasant surprise. Thanks much! You and Rog are really blessed to have Teyla.

  6. Oh Teyla you just put a big smile on my face ! You are so cute and I want to hug you and kiss you right now. I love your name and love it even more after knowing where your mommy and daddy got it.

    I am so glad you came in our lives and really wishing to meet you and play with you someday.

  7. Teyla says: Awww, thanks, tita cher. I'm glad you like the story of how i got my name:) i would also love to meet you and ate kyla someday very soon!

    tita eng, your kind words make me giggle:) thank you! i'm excited about meeting you, too, in a few years' time. i can barely wait for all your hugs and kisses! love you, too, tita eng!

    tita zen, if you were here today, i would let you pinch my chubby cheeks one time:) ok, maybe 2 times, hehe! yes, mommy said when i was still in her tummy, you all were so excited about my birth! time flies, doesn't it? i'm here now and getting bigger by the day! mommy and daddy say THANKs for the warm congratulations, tita!

    kuya hermie, THANKs for the warm welcome! and, oh, i love being the "little princess" of salitype:)

    tita beth, THANKS also for your many kind words, and for the chance to let me share the story behind my name on this cool web site! mommy said to tell you sorry, it took her so long to help me share my story .. i've been keeping her busy kasi since i was born, changing my diapers, feeding me, etc. but now, she's getting used to caring for me, and i'm sleeping longer, so she has a bit more time to go online, hehe:) tita beth, i hope you can take me boogie boarding with you someday? mommy says you love boogie boarding and do that as often as you can! it sounds like fun:) and tita, mommy said she's happy you liked the surprise post:)

    tita chay, i'm so happy i helped put a smile on your face:) and i'm also happy you love my name!

    i love all of you, my dear titas and titos! i'll do my best to grow up well-behaved- a good girl- so i can bring honor and happiness to The Salitype Society.

    Teyla Chanterelle

  8. Hallochen Teyla Chanterelle! ;)

    that is one unique name, and so cute like you ;) thank you for telling us the story how you got your name, and you bring so much joy to us with your smile Teyla ;) you are a blessing from God to us.

    MJ, this is cute;) thanks for sharing us the history of Teyla's name ;) Teyla is so lucky to have you and Rog as parents i know she will grow up full of love and care... kiss and hug her for me.
    and i agree with Hermie she's Salitype's Princess :)

  9. You're right "Tiny", you are the most awaited baby in our society. I love your name, Teyla Chanterelle.

    You have salityper brothers and sisters too. Oh, we are awaiting a new baby too by Tita Che. I hope you babies will be able to continue the legacy of the moms and dad salitypers.

    Keep growing strong and healthy, gay and lovely as what everyone wishes you to be.

    Welcome to our world of make believe, Teyla Chanterelle a.k.a. "Tiny".

    I'm sure you will enjoy the merry-go-round ride! Be ready for the ups and downs; the bumps and humps of life-cycle. Wish you the best of everything.

    God Bless! Mwah! - Frm your Fairy Godmother :) *sissy*

  10. Whoa... it’s Teyla Chanterelle, our very first Salitype baby and our youngest blogger –teehee! You have a beautiful name, Teyla Chanterelle, carefully chosen by your Mommy and Daddy. I pray that you grow up to be God-fearing like mum and dad and that you continue to give joy to them. May you be as your name says and more!

    You are so cute! I would love to see you in person someday to hug you and kiss those plump cheeks! You are a wonderful gift to your mum and dad and to us –your Salitype aunts and uncle! Much love, Mwa!

  11. it's always nice to know how we get to have our names =) you are a pretty baby with pretty name

  12. hullo teyla! stay pretty like mom mj!
    hullo salitype family! sowee bz pa po. dito kami bundok. windang na windang to the highest level. todo na to! miz u all mga friendship!

  13. ahahay! choi, girl! narinig din kita. baba na sa bundok at nakakawindang talaga dyan. balik ka na sa kapatagan at makigulo dito...ha!ha!ha!

  14. ha!ha! hali halo Anonymous! hehe sino ka nga ba? atsus! hehe ;) baba na dyan sa bundok o labas ka na sa LUNGGA! ha!ha! para di ka na maging anonymous! hehehe ;) nakakawindang pag nagtatago ka lagi! hehe me lahi ka palang TNT Choi? ;) *winks* tagalog... *kindat* hehehe ;)




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