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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blogosphere and Beyond!

by Tes

With aching limbs (from exhaustion), I sit here in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, eagerly typing! I am distracted by the beckoning shops outside, and can almost smell the food from the restos around the area. It’s 8:30 PM and I have not had dinner yet. We just got here from Vietnam. But exhaustion, hunger and even the call of the shops outside won’t stop me from typing. Today is a significant day. Today, our group “The Salitype Society” (TSS) is turning one! I am excited to share this short entry to mark this important day.

The Salitype Society came about because several people gave “virtual friendship” a chance. It started with a bunch of people coming together through an internet global community (friendster) and has transcended beyond. We come together to share thoughts, experiences, information, sentiments… our life. The relationship evolved from being virtual. This has been evident by the exchanges of tokens, cards, gifts, text messages, phone calls, and recently some of us had a chance to meet each other in person.

Two Saturdays ago (July 4), I met and had a wonderful time with Elsie, who brought a surprise friend –Bernard! They showed me Mall of Asia (or just a small portion of it). We had a blast fooling around at Razon’s. The Sisig was sumptuous and the Halo-halo was one of the best I’ve tasted so far. A week ago, I met Cher in Singapore. I am grateful that with such short notice, she was able to meet me for breakfast. It was the first time I tasted “Kaya toast,” toasted bread with butter and slathered with sweet (and creamy) coco jam. Yummy! (Thank you so much for the breakfast treat, girl. I really had fun!). We had ample time to get to know each other better (and boy did we talk! Teehee) It was really bonding to the max!

I believe this is just the beginning of many more equally wonderful meetings to come. I eagerly look forward to meeting every single one of you guys.

The Salitype Society has enriched my life in many ways. I’ll take this chance to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR FREINDS!”

Babes, Beth, Betchai, Car, Chay, Che, Cher, Choi, Fonz, Els, Eng, Hermz, Joanie, Jon, Manoy Doro, MJ, Rose, Zen –Love you lots, guys!

May the friendship grow, bloom and flourish!

Let’s gear up for a grand get-together …. Say, on our second (or third) anniversary?

Happy Anniversary Everyone!

Mabuhay ang Salitype Society!

Special mention: Babes, we miss you much, girlash!


  1. hi Tes! here's a toast to our first year anniversary in the blogosphere and beyond. cheers! i hope next time i get to bring you to a decent place. Mond scolded me for bringing you in a neighborhood coffee shop. nakakahiya daw ako. (blushing)

    enjoy the rest of your trip, girlash! take care and regards to Doods. :)

  2. tesya! girlash!...ha!ha!ha! happy anniversary, dear friend.

    yes.we gave virtual friendship a chance and boy look at us now...it is a privilege to walk along this path with you by my side..miss you,girl!!

    again...happy anniversary to us all!!

  3. oh! and that's a grand idea...it will be the grandest eyeball of all...yeah! we can all plan to make it happen in our maybe 3rd year anniversary...

  4. Hi Tes, miss you! thanks for stopping by despite your busy travel schedule.

    Yes, agree with Eng, in our maybe 3rd anniversary? We have more time to plan then, 3rd or 4th, by that Time, Tiny has grown and MJ can travel. I guess Philippines, since that is our common ground.

  5. that's what i had in mind. too, betchai...philippines, home sweet home!

    i can imagine us now...oh it's going to be fun, fun, fun...

  6. i love yah Tesya!

    wow, grand eyeball here in the Philippines on our 3rd year anniversary that would be FUN FUN FUN! kakanta ako ha ha ha....may 730 days pa ako para mag practice ha ha ha....

    happy anniversary again everyone! got to go at kanina pa ako iniirapan ni hubby ha ha ha sabi ko anniversary natin ha ha ha binatukan ako ng may lambing ha ha ha at nagkamot ng ulo parang sinasabing ay naku kuning kuning talaga ang napangasawa ko ha ha ha....ang hindi nya alam, marami akong katulad all over the world na adik sa salitype ha ha ha...love yah all po!

  7. Oh I love that idea Tes - as they say "if there's a will, there's a way" !!!

    Glad you are having a blast on your tour !!! I can't wait to see your pictures ! Mwahhh


    click here

  9. the picture that went with the preceding comment here came from Tes. it was sent to me on the 28th day of Dec,'08

  10. tes, i'm so jealous! you got to meet sissy, bernard and cher in person!! .. got to eat all kinds of yummy food, see MOA, and now you're touring kuala lumpur (or are you somewhere else in asia now?):) i'm happy that you got your visa just in time! i remember talking to you few days before you left and at that time, you had just about given up on getting your visa in time for your philippine trip! miracles do happen, don't they? how awesome that your visa arrived just as doods was about to make the trip alone. i bet you were too thrilled!:) yes, it would be awesome if The Salitype Society could have some kind of grand reunion in the near future. it would be so cool to see you face to face, along with everyone else whom i consider my online brothers and sisters:) let's definitely plan this get-together! in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your asia tour! eat lots of food (i'll join you in dieting when you return here, hehe)! and you and doods take care always!! love and hugs to you, girlash ..

  11. How wonderful that you've a chance to meet some of your friends. Thanks also so stopping by my blogs too. Have a wonderful week!

  12. Tesya dear i miss you! PROST! for our 1st Year Anniversary! ;) Tes girlash thank you also for coming into my life.. so much things i have learned from you Tes, and yes we will meet someday girlash, i promise you that :) enjoy your grand vacation with Doods, how does it feel being "on the road again"? hehe *winks* travel bugs ;)love yah Tesya mwah!




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