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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

maniwaya...a lost paradise!

if you are the kind of person who enjoys nightlife, shopping, nouvelle cuisine - the whole nine yards of urban existence - i'm afraid this place is not for you!

to begin with, this is a small island of maniwaya, an island off northeast coast of marinduque; some 18 kilometer from philippines capital city of manila.inhabited by only few families, it can be reached via an hour ferry trip from the mainland of sta. cruz. mind you, they only operate during the day, better bring medicines for any unforseeable crisis!


there's no electricity available on the island. there's a known couple of household who owns a generator. nights can be pitch black when there's no moon to shine your way.bring flashlights with you if you suddenly wish and crave to go for a walk by the seaside at night. the locals buys drinking water in the mainland on regular basis and for domestic use, they gather and store rain water and there are few wells on different parts of the island.

its a self sufficient island. the locals grows their own fruits and vegetables; rear their own cattles, herds of pigs and flocks of chickens for consumption and to earn on the side. you want fish, hey! go get your fishing net and fishing rods. nothing can beat such fresh catch, from nets direct to frying fan!

if you love peace and quiet, this is the place to be.there's no car on this island;the only means of commuting around is by foot or bicycle. you will be serenaded by chettering of crickets or croacking of frogs at night ( depending which season you happen to be there) and be woken up by the crowing of roosters in the morning.

cow/s freely roam around

cassava crops , coconut trees and there was a cornfield we passed by earlier


this is what you wake up to every morning


it cannot compete with world renowned beaches and resorts. sometimes, beauty lies in its simplicity.this is simple life in its finest. the sun, sand and bucket loads of buko/coconut juice. it renders one into a state of reflective and contemplative mood.


this is a piece of paradise, a strip of white sandy beach located about a mile from the island of maniwaya. it stretched at its peak above the tide around 200 meters, end to end. this lost paradise can only be set foot on during low tide which is around 10 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon. speak to local fishermen to lend you a boat and act as a tour guide. get there with your snorkling gear. i can't swim, all i need to do is duck under water to see fishes of different colors and shapes swam by my feet. since, this bit of sand are known only to locals, you are guaranteed a privacy to enjoy yourself!!

we were told by the locals that few ships got stranded on this tiny stretch of beach and needed to wait for a day for water level to rise.

the tide is catching with us, time to pack our things before the place totally submerge underwater.

maniwaya island image taken from public domain


  1. What a beautiful place, and sounds like an adventure too. Definitely better love nature, and peace, and quiet.

  2. thanks for sharing this fantastic place, Eng. it's a virgin island and i hope it continues to be. :)

  3. What a beautiful paradise it's! Love those amazing photos!

  4. it's like the islands i go to in negros and in guimaras, personally, i would choose this over boracay Eng. i love your photos, and like what Cher said, hope it stays that way, simple, untouched.

  5. Sounds like a beautiful place to relax and unwind, reminds me of a place in Mindoro Island (Bago city).

    You look young in the photo (would pass for a high school kid -hehe) Dare I say, Dave looks like he’s pounds heavier back then. You guys look cute!

    Thanks for sharing about this beautiful haven. Hopefully when Doods and I get a chance to go back to Pinas again, we can visit and explore our beautiful beaches –it was our initial plan but we ran out of time.

  6. So beautiful place and great photos!

  7. funny that I'm from the same country but first time hearing about this island. I'm only familiar with the main islands so this one is really unknown to me. i love that strip of sand...just like the snake island of palawan. bautiful place indeed. i miss fresh coconuts...so mean of you to mention that! =(

  8. hi Ayie, me too, I miss fresh coconuts terribly, and yesterday, I was my pictures of our coconut tree at home filled with young coconuts, that and other pics made ma homesick :(

  9. Eng, agree with Tes, para kang bata :)

  10. hi betchai! i don't want to think about home.....avoiding feeling homesick... there's someone i always miss though...my cutie elisse =)

  11. Your photos are stunning and I love the "this is what you wake up to every morning" I would give anything to wake up in those surroundings each morning. It seems like a glorious place to explore.

  12. oh someone take me there please!!! I can live there forever

  13. OMG!You've been here?It's marvelous!Now you got me thinking of visiting this place (instead of overseas).=)

  14. hi Joanie, so nice to hear from you again, we miss you here.

    Ayie, i missed my nieces too :(

    Rochelle, buti ka pa, malapit dyan, at makabisita. ika-in mo ako nang buko :)

  15. @ melissa, thanks its such a peaceful place to unwind. if only i had known then that i will be blogging today, i would have taken a better picture to capture the island's inner beauty!

    @cher,yes, it is unspoiled in the true sense of the word.

    @Icy BC,thank you. finding that little spot of sand makes it a speck of paradise to my eyes.

    @betchai, i have seen your album before of your negros adventures. philippines has a lot to offer.know what girl, if only it was me and dave on that island i would have fulfilled one of my fantasy...ha!ha!ha!

    @ tesya, TESYAAAAA! nice to have you back girl. good thing this place is sound proof otherwise everone could have heard my ear splitting shriek...ha!ha!ha!

    girlfriend oh you should share here your mindoro escapades.and of course you tour of the asian country, can't wait. have a much needed rest first. you must be knockered with all the travelling!

    really, really happy to hear from you!

    @ Ave, thank you for dropping by!

    @ ayie, believed me i have never eaten and drank that much buko in my life. really a s stress buster place.

    @ Poetic Shutterbug,it is indeed a very lovely view and place to wake up to every morning. the sound pf waves at your backyard is simply amazing.

    @joanie. joanie girlllll! miss you girl. you will love it there. reminds me of one of your photos, you wearing a hat and reading a book with buko on your side! you will love it there girl!

    @femmepower, been there 1999. i am really hoping that nothing much have changed since then. it is one of its charm, untouche, unspoiled!

  16. Eng this is indeed a lost paradise, i would love to sit there with you until the sun sets.. this is beautiful Eng... i love simple, quiet life... remind me of Camiguin... thank you Eng for sharing with us your paradise...

  17. oh car girl! this made me terribly homesick now...you must feel the same. about your lovely guimaras. never been there but one i will.

    share us some photos if you have of how lovely guimaras is....

  18. i drink and eat fresh buko when I have the opportunity. I remember the HUGE buko of cebu when i came there for a vacation=) yumyum

  19. hello sis! musta na? thanks a lot for droppin by and leavin a nice comment. appreciate it! :) honestly, i love the pics! ganda ganda! wish to visit that "paradise" someday...siguro pag malaki na mga kiddos ko :)

    take care sistah! hope u have a blessed day :)

  20. Hay thank goodness I finally saw the pictures. You know even if I love living in the city - there were days that I need to be in a place like this. Eng does this place still look like this now ? I would love to see this place someday and enjoy lots of buco and cook fresh fish over the fire. So relaxing.

    Hey you and Dave look so cute here !




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