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Saturday, July 18, 2009


by Chay

It was the summer of 2008, and I found myself alone at home on the weekends. My husband was working overtime, son left home to join the U.S. Air Force, and daughter was taking college summer classes. Let’s face it, there are only so many chores to complete, very quickly Internet Explorer became my next best friend. I am not a writer, in fact I struggled with English when I was in school, but nonetheless I took on the courage to write and share feelings from my heart. I was hooked and blogging became my new hobby. Online I felt closer to a lot of people in a “cyber” kind of way. It was a magical distance that formed a closeness with a built in love we appreciated because it allowed us to meet and share and care through the electronic world of cyber. Feelings of trust and support transferred through the keyboards and optical eyes of electronic media finally connecting faces to words. We are close, I do feel, and I have met people and they have met me in a world unknown to my grandparents. My prayers were answered by allowing me to make friends without owning the luxury of time to network inside community functions.

My first connection was on Che’s blog where she wrote about her husband teaching her how to drive. I had a similar experience with my husband teaching me how to drive. I flashed back to the days I was sweating bullets driving behind the wheels. I remember leaving her a comment. Our exchange started and continues today.

Soon after Che’s friendship started I read Tesya’s blog where a caring teacher was writing about her students and classroom experiences. My mom was a teacher for more than 25 years and that was the turning point of our conversations. We ended up exchanging comments and later on we were praying for each other regarding mutual concerns.

Eng’s story is different. While she was “browsing” she saw me in Che’s list friends and added me. I was so excited to be her friend. I added her and started reading her poems. The first one I read was a poem she wrote for her daughter Ysabelle. It touched the core of my heart. She is a brilliant poet and I fell in love with her poems. We soon started exchanging messages and more.

We became “regulars” so to speak and started asking the question, “What should we call ourselves?” “The Salitype Society” group name was selected and a new life began.

The Salitype Society experienced some early bumps in the road as all relationships do, but recovered well and kept moving forward. This unique group has grown in numbers and intrinsic milestones continue to flourish.

The time spent blogging, connecting, leaving messages back and forth, sharing photos are all worth it. It is really amazing how many wonderful souls I met through this place.

… Happy 1st year Anniversary !

(Photo courtesy of Yahoo image)


  1. nakaka-iyak naman to Chay.

    surely, we did experience bumps on the road, but those only showed the maturity of each one for despite our differences, we are still here, united, strong, and growing each day.

    Happy Anniversary Salitype!! Hope we continue to grow in our friendship, and hope we get to realize all our dreams.

  2. yung anniversary post ko, yung background na lang, showing all my love for you, i made a collage of all our pictures :)

    pasensya na si alf, kasi ang li-it nung picture nya sa blogger, hindi kakasya sa box, kaya kinuha ko na lang yung favorite nya bago tinukso ni Chay :)

  3. oh! chay...this one surely brought me down the memory lane.those were the days eh! lovely, lovely days...

    happy anniversary, sunshine!

  4. kaka-touch ang kwento mo, Chay... let's stay united and strong! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    betchai, thanks for the very nice background you did. such a precious labour of love. :)

  5. uu nga pala congratz sa foremothers. kalachuchay kakaiyak naman nito huhuhu

  6. Chay, i love yah sis....thank you for teaching me to love life each day!

    Betchai, ganda ganda ng lay-out natin...mwah!

    love you foremothers!

    to everyone happy happy 1st year anniversary!

    hanggang sa magkarayuma na tayo lahat at malalabo na ang mga mata salitype buddies pa din tayo he he he...and dialogue na natin by that time e "apo, pagamit muna si lola ng computer ha!" he he he he he

  7. ha!ha!ha1...kulasa, i read chay's post again and i was on the verge of tears when i read your comment..."apo, pagamit muna si lola ng computer.." ha!ha1ha1...naudlot singhot ko, napahagalpak ako ng tawa...ha1ha1ha!....kase malamang totong mangyare...ha!ha!ha1..ano ba yan tumatawa pa ren akong mag-isa dito...ha!ha!ha!

  8. and betchai, my friend! this is one cool design girl! one cool design! see,i keep repeating myself..

    thank you, girl! thank you so much.

    wait i didn't hear from you today...bethchai, where are you?

  9. Hey Eng, thank you, andito ako :) just had breakfast :)

    nag-comment na ako dun kay tes about our grand EB agreeing with you sa 3rd or 4th anniv natin, malapit lang yan :)

  10. betchaiiii!....ha!ha!ha! parang di kumpleto anniversary pag wala ka dito..now, i can sleep well!

  11. hahaha, thanks Eng, hope you have a good night sleep.

  12. Thanks guys ... patawa talaga tong si lola Zen !

    Hay .. this is one of those days I miss our old place in FS - there is something in our old place that I can't seem to feel here. Weird thought heheheheh

    Hugs to everyone ! This day is truly special because of all of you !

  13. maybe Chay because that's where we all met and started...ako, despite there are some things we can do there that we can't here ( but there are a lot more things we can do here that we can't there), but honestly, i am happier here. here, i am happier to see the talents soaring high...i would have not discovered Choi's gift in poetry and journalism if not for here, dun, puro lang patawa si choi, dito, laking gulat ko, naku...ang daming tinatagong talento...akala ko dati, wala sa listahan nang natural poets si Choi, yun pala, nandun sya :) happy to see Cher soaring with her photos, and the rest moving fast forward in terms of learning the techie side. also, i may be selfish, there, i did not learn anything, it was fun bonding and that was one of the best gifts in friendship, but the fruits of friendship also is growth, and only when i ventured my world outside of FS i learned how to do some html, a little at a time, but something i can say i am learning and proud to learn something outside of math and chemistry. and it is because of all of you guys, friendship that inspires, friendship that nurtures, friendship that dreams, friendship that grows, friendship that cultivates the mind, friendship that cares, friendship that feels despite the absence, friendship that deserves to be celebrated, wherever it may be. Happy Anniversary again, Salitype!!

  14. Chay like you i first had a chance to know Che, i was just browsing around with blogs and then Che's blog got my attention, because as said before i really admire her style of writing, so i would like to take this part Chay to thank Che for inviting me to join TSS, thanks Che! ;)

    Chay thanks for sharing us your story, (sorry 1 day late ako ;)) happy anniversary Chay, love yah! mwah!


    nakakatuwa talaga si kulasa ha!ha1ha! sige hanggang sa pumuti na buhok naten at may mga tungkod na guys... let's keep Salityping! ;)

  15. I agree Betchai - I am so surprised when I saw the rest have their own webpages too ! Haven't had the chance to follow yet, but will as soon as school break kicks in.

    Yeah Car - I am so glad to see you are spending more time now than you used to in our old place ! We are on this for the years to come !




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