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Saturday, June 13, 2009

African Daisy

posted by: Betchai
African Daisy
African daisy is a spreading annual that has daisy like flowers. Blooms are in brilliant shades of white, yellow, blue, pink and orange. The native species have pearly white petals, while the other colors are the result of hybridization. Some kinds have a ring of contrasting color right around the center. The leaves are beautiful lush green that combines well with other colors in the garden.
African daisy is a native of South Africa, and grows best in bright sunny days and cool nights. The plant needs full sun and well drained soil to bloom. Though the plant prefers warm and sunny conditions, but when the temperature gets very hot, the plant will cease flowering. Blooms will resume when the weather gets cooler. The plant can tolerate dry conditions and needs very little watering. Because African daisy is low maintenance and drought tolerant, it has naturalized throughout the Southwestern US and is popularly used as a low maintenance ground cover. Though not popularly used in indoor flower arrangement, but just like any daisies, it actually looks good in indoor flower vases too.
Its scientific name is osteospermum, derived from the Greek word "osteon" or bone and the Latin word "spermum" or seed. Osteospermum is a genus belonging to Calenduleae, one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower family.
Variant Names:
African Daisy, South African Daisy, Cape Daisy and Blue Eyed Daisy


  1. Inspired by Cher's flower hunt, I am sharing a common flower in our home, African daisy. The flower arrangement is a result of the inspiration from all The Salitype members. In the Philippines I usually use backyard ferns for flower arrangement, but since we do not have ferns at home, so I used the leaves of pine trees, and combined it with a pink rose and African daisies.

  2. it always amaze me how you turn your photography into a breathtaking piece of art... the first photo left me in awe! you're a pro with burning passion in what you do... i'll give it 6 stars (with 5 star as the highest mark)!!! more, more, more!!! keep your flowers coming, supergirl!

  3. thanks a lot, Cher. I was actually inspired by you to do the flower hunt, but I just started with flower at home and also, was just excited to use my new lens that Khai gave :) Thanks Cher for thinking of putting up this Category, I hope others will contibute here too. Calling everyone :) . Hope to see also more from you.

  4. you are welcome, betchai! as i mentioned last night, i already included my source like you did. :)

  5. i defenitely love to join girls as we have lovely blooms in here this time of the year. i need a decent camera to justify the elegance and beauty of this exquisite subject.i'm afraid i won't be able to do just that....so i better leave it to the pro's..well done ladies!!!

    it such a lovely and bright flower. in any mantelpiece it liven the spirit and will make a gloomy day feel like happy day. it fills the room with sunshine..fantastic shot cher!!!reminds me of our subshine girl....CHAY, miss you girl!!

  6. Beautiful flower arrangement, and pretty blog, betchai!

  7. hi Eng, si betchai po ang author ng African Daisy. the credit goes to her. hehehe!

  8. ha!ha!ha!( laughter of embarassment!!!) sorry betchai and thanks cher for bringing that to my attention.

    bethchai, need i say more about your inborn talent in photography!!

    sorry again, girlash!

  9. Haha, Okay lang yun Eng, Cher inspired us to do flower hunt, so, I joined in :). Will edit the post and write my name below.

    Eng, you take very good pictures of foods, am sure you can bring the same magic with the flowers.

  10. Funny.. I left a message earlier too addressed to Cher. I didn't see the message that Bethchai made. Good thing I was able to delete it after I posted.

    Am here Eng !!! You make me smile from ear-to-ear every time you call me sunshine !

    Good idea.. I will start shooting flowers from my garden too. Mostly roses in different colors. I will do my best to take it from my camera and maybe if I stay to be a "good girl" Jeff might get me one too ! hahahahaha

    Awesome photos Betchai !

  11. thanks, Chay. By the way, Icy, sorry, did not see you left a comment here earlier, thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting.

  12. beautiful arrangement, I was fooled by the african daisy. Looking at the closeup make me think it's a bigger daisy but apparently just the same as others. =)

  13. awesome photography Beth, the African Daisy's essence was really captured, what with the petals looking like sun's rays making one think of where else but Africa....God made so many beautiful things around us and it is our responsibility to take good care of them...




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