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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kwentuhan sa Bahay Kubo

Humble our new "bahay kubo" maybe, but we continue to carry the tradition of sharing thoughts at different rooms. Communication, after all, is a key to any relationships and to a good living. This page is in response to Chay's wonderful idea of providing a place for us to just casually share our thoughts and to freely chat without necessarily responding to a particular post. Just like in our old home, where we share our daily "anik-aniks".
To go to our different rooms here at bahay kubo, please click on the room title below:
I. OUR HOME GUIDE - If you are lost on how to get involved with the discussions and how to leave comments and write posts here in our Bahay Kubo, please click here to go to this page. 
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III. PAGING AND ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM- here, we share all kinds of news, big or small, happy or sad, anything that we want to share.
IV. SCHEDULING OF POSTS - we publish posts on schedule except on weekends. MWF are for our different categories, and weekend is our Fun with Photos and Anything fun posts. Please check our scheduling of posts if which dates and categories you can contribute.  
V. MUSIC ROOM - yeah, we finally move our Music room to here. Here, we can sit back and relax, and sing-along with everyone.
VI. LAUGH ROOM - what's a house without laughter? Please share your laugh time, jokes, funny experiences here.


  1. Uy excited ako makita bagong love nest ng pamilya Cher ! Hirap ng maglipat bahay sa totoo lang. Ako inabot ng months bago masatisfy sa pag aayos ng bahay !

    Hey Engtot dyan lang ako sa tabi tabi next week - sasamahan kita sa BK !

    Kumusta mga sisters !

  2. hello Eng, andito ako, nakasilip, haha!

    oo nga, natatahimik dito pag wala si Car at Zen. tahimik din sa bahay nila (sa kanilang sites).

    Hi MJ, hope all is well in your job, and everything going smoothly at home. how's Teyla? hope she's doing great. have not been to FS, so did not see new pics of her.

    hi Che(r), oo nga, excited din kaming makisilip sa bagong love nest, anyway, i do understand the hard work Che(r) in moving. Hope all will go well.

  3. waahh! nawala ang comment ko ang haba pa naman! hay windang na naman ako sige mamaya ko try ulit guys... di ako makapag comment :(

  4. Ayan ok na, ;)

    moin moin guys!

    whew! ang haba ng ni type ko tapos di pumasok! ano ba yan! ok, try ko ulit hehe ;) Kangcarrot is back in the BK! hehe ;) kala mo sa holiday galing e, so Michael and Mutti's brithdays are over, kaya eto na naman ako nang aaning dito sa Salitype hehe ;) nothing so special about sa birthday nina hubby and mutti, we just had dinner in our favorite Italian restaurant, but in the afternoon some guests came for cake and coffee and of course i helped Mutti preparing for everything. Yesterday we went to Bremen in Otterstedt a small village there and we met Mutti's long time never seen friends they are nice big family, we enjoyed picking apples, pears, etc. and took pictures of flowers teehhee ;) ( post ko sa flower hunt later)

    we had a nice cake and coffee with the whole family they have three daughters and one son and each has children so you can imagine that guys ;) so chaotic but really nice family :)

    so, Mutti is happy and Michael is happy so happy na rin si Kangcarrot ;) only missing is my brother in law and his wife they are still in holiday. they will come back this week.

    Michael and Mutti got a beautiful painting cards from my family in Camiguin and from my daughter Roxanne in cavite and they really love it ;) mutti even called to thank them personaly, hayy haba na guys sige so that's it that's how we celebrated hubby and mutti's birthday.

    Sige iikot muna ko hehe ;) windang pa ko sa dami ng chika hehe ;)

  5. balik si Kangcarrot ;)

    ayan ngayon ko lang nabasa mga chika windang pa ko talaga hehe ;) thank you guys for the greetings! mwah! :) sorry guys ngayon lang talaga ko nakasilip sa ating BK
    :( thanks again i will tell Mutti and michael your greetings to them :)

    love yah all guys mwah! and belated Happy Birthday to Eng's mother and to all na may birthday this august

  6. Hay Windang ! este Kangcarrot pala hahahhaa glad to hear birthday celebrations are over. O malapit na September huh, next week na. Balitaan mo kami.

    Tapos na CPR training namin yesterday. I posted the pictures sa FB, I saved it and didn't post here cause I will make a blog entry dito sa TSS.

    Thanks for the tip MJ on CPR "staying alive" kinanta nga nung instructor while we are doing the counting and I thought about your tip ! I thought about you when we were doing the infant CPR, kakatakot siguro pag infant ang client - I can't imagine how scared I will be to hold an unconscious infant.

    Eng and Kulasa, I want to hear some true-to-life CPR stories. I am assuming Tesya, Bethchai and Cher na required din sa job nyo ang CPR training.

    Cher meron case dito sa US, a little girl na nasa dentist clinic ang nag choke sa tooth na nalaglag sa throat nya. The little girl died - have you heard stuff like that happened ?

    Ay teka napahaba na naman tsismis ko hahahahah be back later !

  7. sunshine, tragic ang first true to life CPR story ko. it happened 6 days after i took the board exam. si tatay ko ang kauna-unahang na-applyan ko ng CPR, he didn't make it.pagkalipat na pagkalipat nya sa trolley nag-chest compression na ako agad. tanong nga sa akin ng ER doctor" sandali, sino ka ba?" sagot ko naman.." anak ho ako, newly nursing graduate." the staff didn't stopped me doing the compression while one nurse does the ambu bagging and the doctor is preparing to do intra-cardiac injection of adrenaline....i can't remember how long it took us before we stopped.

    since then,i always bear in mind....the earlier the application of CPR, the higher the chances of survival.

  8. Thanks for sharing Eng ! I heard the same comment from the trainors, the sooner you give CPR the higher chances of survival.

    Someone asked the question if you should give privacy to the patient as far as opening their clothes and exposing the chest part - she said no one cares for that anymore in real life situation - you got to do what you got to do to help the patient.

    Another question was if we should worry and be careful not to break the ribs. The instructor said, don't worry about it - saving that person's life is the priority and the broken ribs will be taken cared of later.

    Ayyyyy Tuesday na - hello mga friends !

  9. Eng, sa-an ko ba nabasa about Zen's dad? anyway, will continue to pray for Zen's dad Eng and Zen's sister in law.

    thanks for sharing your CPR story Eng and Chay.

    yes, we're required to have CPR license, but truth be told, hanggang manequin lang na-CPR ko and am praying always i won't be caught giving one since I am afraid I may not be able to do it right.

  10. Thanks Betchai for helping us with our request !

    I feel so much better for some reason ! hhehehehe

  11. Naku Betchai same wishes here ! when you are dealing with a life and death situation - baka mauna pa kong magka heart attack sa takot ! hahahaha

  12. naku guys... kakatakot naman yang pinag uusapan nyo baka umurong na ko sa course ko hehe ;) naku ganun pala yun Chay?

    Chay medyo naurong ang start ng course ko, bale October pa sya mag i start, so may time pa kami ni hubby maglakwatsa hehe ;) i will try the course they call "pflegehelferin" parang assistant nurse sya Chay then after 4 months it's up to me kung itutuloy ko sa to nursing hay... honestly guys.. i don't know and i am not sure if i really want to do this... but hubby is right i have o learn something here to survive the life here kung gusto kong mag stay dito.. so hopefully this school will accept me... wish me luck guys.. if not then ibang course na lang siguro kukunin ko.. para lang may magawa ako during winter here at ng di ako ma bored... :(

    that's all for today, out muna si Kangcarrot at napagod ako sa pag ba bike at garden work, pero ok lang it's also good exercise for me hehe ;)

  13. Certified Nurse Assistant tawag dito sa amin yan Car - hmmm... not a bad idea actually, maraming mga nurses nag start as CNA. Hey you can do it Car !!!

    Can you check if they have Medical Assistant course dyan ? They work in doctor's clinics - paper works ang hawak nila, pag process ng insurance. You don't take care of patients as Medical Assistant and they actually make more here than CNA.

  14. kangcarrot, how about medical transcriptionist? if you're a fast typer and you would rather have a medical-related job that does not involve bedside nursing/patient care, maybe you could try to be a medical transcriptionist?

    how's everyone doing today? i'm here at home this week with teyla. thanks to all your prayers, rog is now back at work, since monday. and hopefully, his company will not have to send the workers home like it did two weeks ago. on the flip side, i cannot continue to work full-time anymore. have to stay home and take care of teyla. i'm waiting to hear from my boss if they will let me continue to work on sundays. i hope they do because at least that will give me a little break from baby care, even for just a couple hours a week:) will keep you all posted on this one.

    well, i'm just here doing the laundry. teyla is sound asleep right now, so i've got some time to do my own stuff here.

    chay, i'm happy to hear the CPR training went well! and yes, i hope you never have to use what you learned in a real life situation. i'm sure that would be nerve-wracking. eng, i'm sorry about your dad:( but at least you did your best and i'm sure he is proud of you.

    everyone, i gotta go get the clothes out of the dryer. you all sleep well tonight, and for those who are in a different time zone, i hope friday is turning out to be a delight!! love you all!

  15. hahha, car, i just realized i said "typer":) ooopsie. i mean "typist." look at me .. staying home all day with the baby is making the grammatical part of my brain shrink:)

  16. hhahaah MJ, pede na yun parang Salityper hahahahaha

    That is a good idea MJ medical transcriptionist !

    Glad to hear Rog is back to work - hope their company would continue their operation. good news !

    Hello to the rest - am out of here, had to check yung post ko at nagka problema ! As usual thanks to Betchai and Eng for rescuing. Sorry huh, mape perfect ko din un someday hahahahahha

  17. oh mj girlash! that is good news. i hope your boss will let you work on sunday.

    time flies so fast, teyle is growing evryday that by the time you notice it she is celebrating her first birthday! oh exciting days ahead, girl!

    its always nice to hear from you girl. hope one day we can see teyla in person....ipagluluto ko sya ng sinigang na baboy.

  18. kangkarrot! napag-isip mo ako doon sa flowers mo, kala ko isang klase lang ng bulaklak yon. at akala ko den shrub rose silang lahat...ahek, wala alam ko lang talaga gumamela at santan at syempre ang pambansang bulaklak naten, sampaguita!

    sige nga ta hanapen ko nga den yan kung anong klaseng bulaklak yung unang picture mo. na-intriga ako eh!..ha!ha!ha!

  19. thanks mga girlfriends! ;)

    Chay and MJ > thanks for your advices and suggestions siguro nga yan na lang ang kunin ko at dyosku! takot talaga ko na ma expose sa pasyente di ata kaya :( it's really a good idea MJ medical transcriptionist, ha!ha! natawa ko dun Mj sa "typer" ;) oo nga no MJ kung pwede nga lang maging "salityper" ako dito e di wala ng problema nyek! hehe ;) happy to hear Rog is back to work, and seems everything's going fine now, happy for you and your family MJ God loves you my dear friend... kisses and hugs to Teyla

    Engtot! ha!ha!ha! napatawa ako sa flowers ko, e kasi naman nakalimutan kong itanong ang name ayan di ko tuloy alam ;) hane nga Eng at tulungan mo kong hanapin ang ngalan nyan, Engtot wala kang advice saken? hehe ;)

    love yah all my Salitype buddies! ;) sige tapusin ko muna yung post ko at bitin hehe ;)

  20. car girlash! like chay and mj's suggestions, you can try the medical transcriptionist or medical secretary as we call it here. you dont have to be in close contact with patients, blood and the likes.

    and afterwards, if you wanted to pursue nursing, you easily can!...ha¬!ha!ha! love ko kase nursing eh kaya ginagayuma kita...ha!ha!ha!

  21. Happy Friday everyone ! Next week September na ! Do you guys remember as soon as September makaka dinig na ng Christmas songs sa Pinas - hayyyyy ang bilis ng araw !

    Hugs to everyone

  22. Quote about friendship I read on line:

    A friend gives hope when life is low
    A friend is a place when you have nowhere to go
    A friend is honest
    A friend is true
    A friend is precious and that my friend is you !

    I am very lucky cause I have ALL of you !

    (ay senti mood ako ngayong Friday) hahahahaha

  23. Huy Choi - ikaw ba yang pumasok sa BK na walang name tag ? nalimutan mo ba user name mo ? hahahahah daming tanong eh !

    Miss you girl - ingat ka sa bundok huh ! come home soon !

  24. ha!ha!ha!..oo sunshine si choi nga. sabi ko baba na sa kapatagan eh!...ha!ha!ha!

  25. chay, how sweet naman your poem!! thank you, and i'm so happy to have you as a friend, too!! hope to meet you in person one day - hope to meet ALL of you- so we can talk and laugh together, heheh:) and EAT together! oh, eng, so sweet of you to offer to cook sinigang na baboy for teyla:) i'm sure she will love it! how can she not, with you being such an awesome cook! hugs to your little girl ysa, eng!! tell her i'm a big fan of her lovely poems:)

    guys, thank you for being happy for rog .. salamat daw sa mga prayers nyo, he said. he was so thrilled this week when he finally got to go back to work. the word is - his company has enough jobs to last them until april next year, and before that time, hopefully they can get even more jobs so that tuloy-tuloy na yung work nila and wala ng unpaid leaves or layoffs. i really hope all goes well so he won't have to work in the mines right now. that's what a lot of men around here do- work in coal mines.. and the work is dangerous, specially for underground miners:(

    guys, nood muna kami ng TV dito, so this is it for now ... i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! enjoy this warm weather because in a few months, we will be shivering in the snow again:( i love you all ... take care now! hugs from me, rog and teyla!!

  26. What a good news MJ ! about Rog's work ! Wow glad that they have enough work until next year. Hopefully by then our economy is much better.

    Take care you all - enjoy the rest of the weekend !

    Miss you all !

  27. Grüß Gott! everyone!

    kangcarrot present! ;)

    Mj, so happy for you and Rog girlash, good to know he got his job again, our prayers really works MJ...

    Chay girlash! na touch ako sa friend quote mo... that's why i am so happy and thankful i have you guys as friends... there's no other group like Salitype! ;)

    Engtot dear thanks girlash, kaso di ata gayuma yun e, nitatakot mo ko e! hehe ;) grabe Eng di ko pa talaga na view yung video ng carpal tunnel at takot ako! :( thanks sa advice girlash love yah Engtot! :)

    Kulasa dear... we hope your Dad is ok now... i will visit your blog soon, i sent you a coment in your fs, we are here for you Zen...

    ok, got to go guys have a wonderful Sunday to all! mwah!

  28. just a quick stop to say hi to everyone! i may not be here everyday but you are all in my thoughts and prayers. 'love and miss you all! GODSPEED!

  29. Hi Salitypers ! Quick stop while I am on my gardening breaktime ! I will be working on my garden until noon today - mukha na syang kagubatan and needs serious attention. I haven't tend to it for months now. Can only finish half of the yard work and will hire a gardener to finish up the rest, sobrang kapal ng halaman, baka sumumpong na naman yung sakit ng braso ko !

    Yep Kangcarrot-I love everyone in this group - halika nga tulungan mo ko mag gardening !

    Miss you Cher ! kisses to Kyla and hello to Mond ! Take it easy girl !

    Zen know that we are all here praying and thinking about you and your dear dad ! I pray that he gets better everyday !

    Kisses to everyone !!!

  30. bulaga!

    sori po namumundok pa mga sis and bros.

    madugo na po. may kasama nang itim na sulat waaahh! huhuhu.

    mis u all mga kapamilya salitypers!

    katurai, pwede bang gawing party list ang salitype? para mangurakot din tayo?

    bernardo carpio, pano ang intsik sa pflegehelferin?

    kuracha, tnk u so much for all the praises. ngaun ko lang nabasa blog page. may tatanong po ako mamya sa frndstr na importante tulad ng anong salita sa england? english?

    kangkarot, sowee di ko nasagot comments kc windang pa. tnt nga tama ka. mana lang ako sayo. peace! smile sis! visharuxhiruvaklaningding
    o german un ha!

    ayie tnk u so much sa pagsilip kay anonymous. ganun din kay manoy doro salamat pong marami.

    kulasa, dont be blue. ur papa loves u.

    karinyosa, stay loving to baby teyla and supportive to rog. ang seksi namang bagong panganak yan!

    pwede kaya sabihin natin kay obama gumawa na lang ng maraming pera para di na tayo magtrabaho lahat?
    o gawa na lang tayo ng sariling bansa na salitype society republic? di ba proposal ni lolo ponsoy un? kaso ipapahunting muna natin ang nawawalang escort na si kurdapya.

    angel kalachuchay, tnk u po sa mga payo. bat ang galing mo sa timing ano? pati ang tula swak! pakopya exam. may ipaparehab ako kay dr phil bilis!

    madam tesya, take care of your health sis. god's healing is with you.

    kimchai, thanks for the encouragements and assistance. uu nga ano kahit walang adsense matutupad na ang scholarship program yehey! sori di pa ako nakacontribute ngaun. bisibisihan pa kunyari.

    kiray, blow out sa house warming! kukulamin ko na ung pix ni ano. joke!

    lolo ponsoy marunong ka ba ng exorcism? may ipapatawas ako sayo pls help! joke lang po. pero pwedeng maging seryoso hehehe.

    mader lilya, bat di po itinuro sa nursing na ang x ay pwedeng maging y to the highest power. ano daw? sabi na eh windang nga si ako eh.

    betchang sisa kanino ka nagmana sa kakrungkrungan little sis? sa akin ba? cheer up! ano kaba. ur so blessed.

    disney princess, naliligaw ka. bat andun ka tumatambay sa mansion? andito na kami lahat sa bahay kubo. ano kinakausap mo dun agiw?

    rosing, tara dito lipat na sa bahay kubo.

    juana, missing in action ka din. panay yoga na sa beach itong si geneva.

    niknok bunsoy aral ka mabuti tapos pakopya na lang sa test oki.

    kurdapya, asan kana? may ipapabugbog ako sayo isasabay ko sa tarzan mo. ihulog natin sa bangin. dali!

    o sya eskapo muna ako at ala na namang wenta sinasabi ko. ingatzzzzzz!

  31. Chay! ha!ha! sige ba basta sagot mo pamasahe ko back and fort! ha!ha! then ipagluluto mo ko! nyek! magastos na hardinera! ha!ha! i'm sure aayaw ka na ;)

    naku sa garden nga lang ni Mutti di na ko magkandaugaga tapos yung aming munting balkon pa hehe ;) sige Chay just imagine na andyan ko ako sa tabi mo working with you :) love yah Kalachuchay! mwah!

    Chooooii!!!! ha!ha! ha! ang haba a! busy ba sa career? ha!ha! sige pagbutihan mo a? *winks* sama ko ng lima dyan ha!ha! ;)

    sorry Choi di ko alam sa intsik ang Pflegehelferin ha!ha!

  32. ha!ha1ha1 choi girl! ibang klase talaga effect ng bundok ano, nakakawindang talaga yan!

    ay naku tulak mo na lang sa bangin yang ala tarzan dyan!...ha!ha!ha!

    katuwa ka choi! buti me internet connection ka dyan sa bundok. bagay sa taas nyan sus lakas ng connection dyan!

  33. Engtot! Bachoi! may bago kay "Ligo Girl"! ha!ha!ha! hindi ata makatulog! nag txt saken today ha!ha! sabi ko bisitahin nya ang site naten at maraming topic about Ligo Sardines! ha!ha!ha! ;)

    Choi! i e email ko sayo mga txts nya a? ha!ha!ha! o kaya dito ko na lang kaya i type ha!ha!ha! ;)

  34. Eng and Choi!

    ask ni "Ligo Girl" san daw kami magbabakasyon, sabi ko not sure yet san then sabay tanong ko bakit? sama ka? ha!ha!ha! ;) hay... ewan ko sa kanya... may bago na naman daw syang pinag aaralan at this time sa ibang school naman! ha!ha!ha! training na naman daw! naku ewan ko sa kanya!

    sabi ko nga sa kanya CHOI! lumabas na sya sa LUNGGA! ha!ha!ha! o kaya baba na sa bundok! parang ikaw! Bachoi!? ha!ha!ha! ;) alam mo pareho kayo ni Ligo Girl ng problema sa mga xxx ng hubby nya! ha!ha!ha! at pareho kayong kelan lang e nag out of town! ha!ha!ha! ;)

  35. Choooii!! ikaw di ka sasama saken sa holiday? ha!ha!ha! ;)ay! naku! busy ka ngapala! ha!ha!ha! baba na sa bundok at labas ka na sa LUNGGA! ha!ha!ha! ;)

  36. Ayy! teka! Engtot! ha!ha!ha! Grabe na to to the max!! ha!ha!ha! ;) she sms me again Eng, hindi talaga sya mapakali! ask nya ko kung luto na ang Ligo Sardines ko! ha!ha! sabi ko wait lang at pinapaikot ikot ko pa ang usapan este ang sardinas sa talyase at ng sumarap! ha!ha!ha! ;)

    i knew it! sumisilip sya sa site naten guys ha!ha! or worst she's one of our member! ha!ha!ha! ;)

  37. Good Morning !

    Aba ginanahan mag type ang Bachoi ! Natawa ko sa kwento mo - si Jonas ba dun nag tatambay sa mansion ? hahhahaha I miss the mansion too, minsan sumisilip ako just to read some of our anik anik - I hope they don't close that site for inactivity. Ni rere fresh ko lang ang mga memories ng mga naliligaw nating friendships tulad ni Katuray at Kurdapya at pati naman si Alfon wala na din message!

    Car hahhahaah si friendship mo pala sumisilip din dito - tell her to leave a mark every time she comes in - kamo welcome lahat dito kumakain at di kumakain ng sardinas hahahhaaha

    Sakit ng legs ko from gardening sa totoo lang, di kc ako nag stretching bago sumabak sa work - ayun nangangatog and buong leg part. I had to use the elevator up and down, di kaya ng legs ko maglakad - hahahaha

    Be back later guys !!!!

  38. halu po mga bros and sis!

    oki naman signal dito kuracha pero sumisingit lang makigamit computer kay hubby. bakasyon kami dito sa bundok tralala. sis punta kami dyan. paturo ako sayo visa ek ek. hanap apartment etc. may tatanong ako kung di ka bz? tnx!

    kalachuchay uu nga kakamis na sila kurdapya, lolo ponsoy at lahat ng kaberks salitypers. dito kc parang hirap sundan usapan kung matagal di nakatambay sa bahay kubo. di tulad sa mansyon madaling browse ang mga sinulid. ako nga di ko pa nabasa mga post kc sumisingit lang kay hubby makigamit computer.

    kangkarot, wala po akong prob sa xxx ni hubby. wala syang ganun. ako ang first serious girlfriend nya. yung mga nauna tig isang buwan na holding hands level lang. virgin napangasawa ko sis! yehey! santo si hubby walang bisyo. kaktakot mawala kaya itinali ko na hahaha! ang problema ko si fiance na seminarista dati, na chilhood sweetheart ko kc andun nag aalburuto. may kasama nang black mail ang mga message kaya di ako makapag isip nga maayos ngaun sarap batukan! hehehe

  39. ay! pano po idelete ang comment ko? bat ko ba namention ang seminarista fiance childhood sweetheart baka may maligaw dito na kakilala ko. at inulit ko pa! pwede pakibura po tnx!

  40. Bachoi! ha!ha! soweeepot! hehe dami kasi kayong similarities ni Ligo Girl kaya nagduda ako na ikaw sya, sya ikaw! hehehe ;) ok sige oo i think malayo nga na maging ikaw yun kasi ang ganda mo no! pag pinagtabi kayo mag mu mukha syang katulong! ha!ha!ha! ;) ay ang bad ko talaga! hehehe ;) sige tanong ko lang Choi ano ang slang Deutsch ng Pflegehelferin? ha!ha! atsaka ng Eule ohne Haare? ha!ha! ayan sige pag nasagot mo yan ewan ko lang hehe ;)

    play na lang tayo Choi ng game ;) kunwari ikaw sya so yung mga gusto kong aning aning sabihin sa kanya sayo ko kunwari sasabihin *winks* o di ba? kasi sumisilip yun dito e, hehhe galitin naten Choi! hehe ;) o agree? Choi naalala ko tuloy yung binigay mong alias saken na "floating Geisha archer" in one of my pics, i remember yung dvd tape na hiniram saken ni ligo girl nuon alam mo hanggang ngayon di nya pa binabalik! hay... kapal talaga ng PES! naku sa kanya na lang yun, kung may delikadesa sya ibabalik nya ng kusa di ba? mahal din ng bili ko dun a! 17 Euro din yun a!

    Chay girlash! i know the feeling pagtapos mag garden hayy.. sakit sa balakang at legs, naku buti ka pa may elevator kami hagdan lang ;) Chay! oo nga sana mag iwan sya ng mark pag sisilip sya ano? ha!ha!ha! natawa ako dun sabi mo welcome lahat kahit kumakain at di kumakain ng sardines! ;)

  41. i went shopping yesterday yes! malapit ng mapuno ang box namen then we'll send it maybe this second week of Sept. hayy.. pwede nga lang ako na lang ilagay sa loob ng package ;) nyek! hayyy.. lapit na naman ang christmas ano guys? grabe! bilis talaga ng panahon... medyo lumalamig na dito we got only 18°C now and bit cloudy but still not that cold, not yet...

    love you all guys! have a nice weekend to all! mwah! :)

  42. Bachoi ! you can delete your comment - look for the trash bin below your comment on the left side(below the date and time).

    Good Morning Friends ! I will be off tomorrow, Friday at anniv namin ni Jeff hehehehe (7th year anniv) ! Yahoooo ! I can't believe it mga sisters gaano kabilis ang araw - I remember posting our anniversary pictures last year and here we are again.

    Have a good day today and this weekend ! Holiday kami ng Monday, so this is a long weekend for us here ! Whooo hooo

  43. Ayyy announcement ! If you are in FB and doing Farmtown heheheheh kita kits tayo mga sisters sa ating sakahan. I just joined and still learning - sinundan ko dun si Tesya and CheR! Si MJ din ka aadd ko lang sa FB - so another place to hang out mga ladies. Eng, Choi, Car, Zen, Beth - kita kits tayo sa Farmtown ! grabe kaka addik ! pede tayong magtulungan dun in maintaining our farm - saya saya !

    The Salitype Farmtown - here we come !!!

  44. Heto pa - another cool thing ! We can take pictures of our farm and post it here - o di ba ? Pagandahan tayo ng farms huh ? kasisimula ko lang last night, so if you guys get on it, tama yun sabay sabay lang tayo mag sisimula, except Tes and Cher - di ko pa nasilip ang mga farms nyo ladies, but for sure ang ganda ganda na nun !

  45. omigosh! kangkarot may imaginary friend ka ba sis? call jeff! pano ako hihiram ng dvd sayo? nasa pinas po ako sis. at di ko alam fon # mo. u mean humiram si ligo girl ng dvd sayo sa germany? r u asking me to translate those words coz she speaks german? eto ung unang entry mo sa mansyon. hinanap ko pa yan at nicopy paste.

    ((( i agree with you girls, i also know somebody here, i think i mentioned already in one of our friend's blog, just to give an example guys kwento ko lang...

    imagine, wala pa syang i year dito sa germany e di na kilala ang ligo sardines! Mad because i told her one time na my lunch is ligo sardines from asian store, because i said miss ko na food saten, and she goes like...

    " What? What's that? I didn't know that"...

    hayyy... at marami pang kasunod yan na eksena di ko na lang ikukuwento! take note guys... di daw sya nakain ng sardines from Philippnes, ang binibili nya lang daw e EUROPEAN SARDINES! Evil or Very Mad

    Chay, ano say mo? di daw sya nabili ng mga products sa Asian store! Evil or Very Mad )))

    nakita mo ba ako sa germany sis? i dont agree making a spite on ligo girl but i will be frank if any of us is bothering u with dirty tricks specially if im the one accused of doing it. u mean she is one of us right? it sounded like u were buddies coz u mention her often to us all. i didnt know the remarks r intended for me. di ba madalas mo sya ikwento sa lahat? nagpaparinig ka pala sa akin noon pa sis?

    i dont borrow dvd's even from my own brood. pirated cds cost only 30 pesos. why will i oblige anyone to send me an old movie and pay more for parcel? and if im in germany possibly i could afford a dvd and buy my own. if i could afford the ticket fare why not a dvd right? i never borrowed toys since childhood. i was the only girl; pampered and spoiled. how come i will be borrowing stuffs now that i have the capability to buy on my own?

    binalikan ko mga post mo sis. ngaun ko lang naintindihan na ako si ligo girl? ur constantly communicating with her on a misrepresented persona and exchanging stuffs like dvd which may mean much to u to be worth mentioning? that is scary sis! do u know my voice? has she called u?

  46. hala ka kangkarot! may stalker kana meron ka pang ligo girl! how come alam mo ang itsura nya at ako ang inisip mong similar? magmumukha kamo syang katulong? at mas maganda ako kung ikumpara pero hawig kami? so ako ay mukhang magandang katulong? nyeh! hahaha! sa puntong yun tama ka sis tumpak! hehehe. sana pokpok na lang kamukha ni ligo girl para pwede akong pumasang japayuki. dream ko kayang pumuntang japan! o di kaya mukhang bading kc pag nasa mall kami ni hubby sabi nya sa akin alam mo mas maganda pa sayo at mas seksi ung bading! kakainis! hehehe!

    nabura ko na ung reply ko nung my rock the boat kami ni lolo ponsoy kay press da lurd alien! pero ito ung sinabi mo. hinanap ko pa ngaun to para sayo.

    (((" Mabuhay ang Sardinas!" Laughing naku napansin ko lang napunta na sa mga bulaklak at sardinas ang thread na to hihi Very Happy natawa ko kay Choi dun sa binatukan ng asawa haha! kakatuwa talaga c choi, naku nabanggit mo yang galunggong fave ko yan, masarap sya i adobo then i fried mmm sarap! syempre di mawawala ang kanin ayan nagutom ako Very Happy )))

    cguro nabanggit ko dun na paborito ko rin pati galunggong ano? kung ang galunggong na may tinik at walang sarsa gusto ko. eh sardinas pa kaya na nakalata? sosyal! so panong naging similar kami kung ayaw nya ng sardinas? i only commented floating geisha bcoz u like tea sets. that was just an observation.

    i use anonymous when i dont log in but it doesnt mean all anonymous here are one and the same. i hardly comment on a serious tone and if do speak english there is a way of detecting if it is me. the only thing i skillfully mastered without effort is something i gained from genes. that i imbibed from my mother. i say this not to brag but i always had been exemplary on that area. speak of math and god forbid im a loser! my siblings got it all scholarly from our father but truly math is not my cup of tea. but writing or speaking; that has been my only laurel since kindergarten and i have earned from it without a degree but with skill. which again, is not mine but inherited talent from my mother. and i must remind u i grew up selling newspapers and magazines so if i can write or speak that is but expected. i dont say im good. i just say i can.

    now for the question where i am and what im up to; i may not be on a foreign land like most of you. i but i am capable of going if i choose to. in fact have i not married early i should have been overseas since 98 when my first boss sponsored me. i had to decline to be subservient to the possessive spouse. but not as a tourist coz im impoverished, but as a laborer. that is the only way for me to go. in fact i am a nurse; the lowliest yet highly respected and paid dirty job. while many of us aspire here to be a nurse i took it for granted. and if that is the easiest way to seek greener pastures i have a degree on it which is an easy fallback.

    not like the one implied in the comment that i am again trying to train myself for something oblivious going back to school for nothing. it is my choice not to practice my profession as a nurse. i have a career as a wife. i consider it full time. i follow where the hubby is.

  47. i just make a peep on salitype now that's why i dont log in. not the way that sounded like im trying to look busy doing nothing coz i am truly not doing anything right now. im on vacation girl here at the mountains. and it would be my choice if i would want to stay here doing nothing and be contented with ligo sardines for the rest of my life coz the whole mountain is technically family owned. this is our place of solitude away from the city life. ligo sardines is affordable for someone doing nothing but commune with nature and the divine providence. and i would rather stay chatting with birds than pretend not to like ligo sardines when i actually like it. and well, that is all i can afford if that is another implication being tried to establish as being my only staple. kaya nga gusgusin kc pulubi po ako. prinsesang gusgusin kc yaan nyo na trip lang maging barbie for a day!

    whoever is ligo girl i hope she reveals herself coz it would be like talking in space or on one's reflection if ligo girl does not exist. kangkarot lagot ka! andyan si ligo girl sa tabi mo hehehe. o ayan gurl pinatulan ko ung larong gusto mo ha? lab kc kita. para di kan mawindang sa ligo girlfriend mo. ano pa itatanong mo kay ligo girl? at bakit naman ako ang pinapasagot mo? ako naman si timang walang magawa nagkomento hehehe. huy sis may regla ka rin ngaun? pareho ba tayong windang? kulang sex life mo anoh? tigang ka rin? joke! o sya maduling na ang papatol magbasa. luv yah all. babu!

    Good Day and God Bless !!

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  51. sis, ang punto ko lang iderekta mo kay ligo girl kung ano man ang gulo ninyo. meron ka palang # bat di mo tawagan? nakasama mo pala sa binyagan bat di mo puntahan? wag mo akong gamitin dahil ako ang nasisira. isang taon na yan. pati ba naman dvd ako ang aakusahan mo? kc klaro naman binanggit mo pa ung comment kong geisha. dahil ako ang parating pinapatamaan mo dito. kung ano ginagawa ko un din ang kwento mo tungkol kay ligo girl. tumahimik ako isang taon kc baka nga hawig lang kami ng ginagawa at lahat.

    mahabang oras kelangan para suyurin lahat ng post mo tungkol kay ligo girl at nabasa ko na ang mga luma. ung sardinas na lang kinopya ko at itong huling mga sinulat mo. kung mapapansin mo parati mong iniemphasize na membro sya o di kaya katulad ng ginagawa ko ang ginagawa nya.

    di ko alam kung alam mo ang problema ko ngaun kay fiance kc kay chai lang ako nagsabi at kay mj. pero klaro na sinabi mo ulit na pareho kami ng ginagawa, problema etc. buti na lang nagkataon na walang ex si hubby. kung hindi, pano ko ba ikaw makukumbinsi na di ako sya? kung ikaw nga na nakaharap mo na sya e hindi mo pa rin alam kung ako sya na hindi mo pa naman ako nakikita, ako pa kaya makilala ko sya o ikaw?

    kung hindi ako ang tinutumbok mo iisipin ko stalker ang kamembro nating pinapatamaan mo. di ko minamata ang estado at pinag aralan ng kahit na sino dahil nga mababang uri lang ako. pero kelangan kong ipakilala ang sarili ko. dahil ibang tao ang inaakusa mo sa akin. at ako naman ang parating natatanong kung anong lugar ba talaga ang pinupuntahan ko at kung bz nga ba sa career diba? ako ang iniinsulto sa lagay na yan. kaya kelangan ko sabihin na meron akong konting pinag aralan, delikadesa, moralidad at pinagkatandaan. kung ako pinalaking spoiled ang ibig ko lang sabihin ay ibinigay sa akin lahat noon ng mga magulang ko bakit naman ako matututong manghiram ngaun? kung ako ay desperado sa mga bagay, maaari kong gawin un. katulad na lang kung may threat sa buhay o stability ng marriage ko.

    subalit ang dvd ay hindi mahalagang bagay para sa akin at mura sya para di ko kusang bilhin. 30pesos lang un dito. mahirap lang din ako. pero may dignidad ang pagkatao ko para akusahan ng pagsamantala sa ibang tao. kaya sya big deal kangkarot. its not right. if ur not my friend i would allow u to continue ur pranks. but i care for u. and selfish as it may sound i care more for myself. yes im having problems now. but its not that big really. its an emotional strive. im just relaxing now preparing myself for the big leap.

    remember sis, i care for u. here's ur latest clue why we both need help from jeff:

    i knew it! sumisilip sya sa site naten guys ha!ha! or worst she's one of our member! ha!ha!ha! ;)

    Bachoi! ha!ha! soweeepot! hehe dami kasi kayong similarities ni Ligo Girl kaya nagduda ako na ikaw sya, sya ikaw! hehehe ;) ok sige oo i think malayo nga na maging ikaw yun kasi ang ganda mo no! pag pinagtabi kayo mag mu mukha syang katulong! ha!ha!ha! ;) ay ang bad ko talaga! hehehe ;) sige tanong ko lang Choi ano ang slang Deutsch ng Pflegehelferin? ha!ha! atsaka ng Eule ohne Haare? ha!ha! ayan sige pag nasagot mo yan ewan ko lang hehe ;)

    play na lang tayo Choi ng game ;) kunwari ikaw sya so yung mga gusto kong aning aning sabihin sa kanya sayo ko kunwari sasabihin *winks* o di ba? kasi sumisilip yun dito e, hehhe galitin naten Choi! hehe ;) o agree? Choi naalala ko tuloy yung binigay mong alias saken na "floating Geisha archer" in one of my pics, i remember yung dvd tape na hiniram saken ni ligo girl nuon alam mo hanggang ngayon di nya pa binabalik! hay... kapal talaga ng PES! naku sa kanya na lang yun, kung may delikadesa sya ibabalik nya ng kusa di ba? mahal din ng bili ko dun a! 17 Euro din yun a!

  52. and i love u sis kangkarot! mwah! i just dont like the sound of making me look like nuts. i am. but not that much. di pa naman ako ganun kaaning anoh! hehehe. o sya. akin na ang # ni ligo girl at aawayin ko sya para sayo. over na sya ha at pati bundok ginagaya nya ako. take care sis!

  53. it's ok Choi, like i said i love you and our friends here in this group, i just have to explain yung side ko like you, because i feel na kaylanagan kong ipaliwanag din ang pagkatao ko, because i didn't like the sound when you mentioned about japayuki and so and so...

    oh, about kay Ligo Girl thanks Choi! i can manage to handle her hehe ;) no need to help me girlash, we don't call to each other now but we sms sometimes, like yesterday, and like always asar talo sya! ha!ha! ;) thanks Choi but i can manage ;)

    sige e di kung ganun kaylangan na pala nateng magpakonsulta kay Jeff? kung lahat ng mga ka aningan naten i co copy paste ko dito Choi... malamang sasabihin mong lahat tayo e kaylanagang magpakonsulta kay Jeff! ha!ha! kasi sa dami ba naman ng kaaningan naten e, i like you Choi... you are so straight and real! parang ako hehe ;)

    so ok na tayo Choi? i hope it's all clear now, and i hope tapos na tong issue na to, i love you too Choi all of you...

    have a wonderful weekend!

    and again i am sorry Choi...

  54. huy kangkarot! inabangan ata kita sis hehehe. aniv nila jeff at chai today malamang dahil sa atin, magugulat lahat sila. nakagat na cguro at naputol na ang dila ni jeff dahil pinag uusapan natin sya?! at ganun din si ligo girl may she rest in peace este may she find her peace hehehe. ay naku oki na oki po tayo sis. at di kita tinawag na japayuki huh? ako ang gustong magjapayuki para magkalapad na din ako joke!
    o sya. ligo girl kung nakakabasa ka, tantanan mo si kangkarot at kung hindi i will tut tut u! or jeff will rehab u!

  55. mind u sis, copying and pasting ones writing is called presenting evidence and not a crazy thing. in legal battles manuscripts r taken as real accounts to pursue a case in proving the veracity of ones words.

    also i have been reminded by my siblings that because i always joke around, i may not be taken seriously or others may find it easy to bully and use sarcasm to put me down. coz they may think they are superior when i stoop down to my so called low level.

    im rising up to say yes anyone may do that but just not make it appear that im that desperate coz if i will do fight or stalk someone i will go find obama for any penny i might gain from it. a penny for my thoughts at least.

    at di ako pumapatol sa konting away na asaran. lalaban ako ng patayan waray eh! asus! juks lang po! nang aaning lang ako. kulisap ang mga kausap ko dito kaya nakatambay sa bahay kubo.

    anyway hubby is smiling like an innocent child. i am contemplating on telling any angst or fear i am now hiding so i wont be burdened. and ligo girl wherever u r, let's talk. ring me.

  56. kangkarot sis! nakita ko na si ligo girl. sana dahil pareho kayo malayo sa pinas dapat nagtutulungan kayo at hindi nag aasaran. mahirap ang malayo sa pamilya. bat tinotoxic ka nya? nadamay pa tuloy ako sa kakastress nya sayo at tinoxic din kita. kc naman nawindang na ako at parating parang ako sya.
    ligo girl be gentle with kangkarot. dahil kung hindi ako kakalabanin mo hehehe. uy kabayan lab namin yan si kangkarot ha! ingatan mo yan! at in fairness maganda ka.
    sis kangkarot, ur blessed with a good hubby. if it is hard to find good friendship overseas, we are all here for you. and yes girl buti naman at di kana nag iisip na ako si ligo girl.

  57. Choi thanks girlash! ;) nagtimpla ako ng cacao eto nainom ako gusto mo? wait ko lang si hubby monthsary namen today ;) hehe kakain daw kami sa Turkisch restaurant,

    atsus! maganda ba yun? ala ngang korte e! walang tut tut! hehe ay bad ko talaga ;) ok thanks girlash at least ok na tayong dalawa hane? ;)

    thanks Choi, ay sinabi mo pa di talaga kami magkakasundo at naku! po! opposite ang ugali namen, basahin mo na lang yung about me nya and tell me na di sya mayabang!

    ok Choi, iiskapo muna ko at darating na si hubby di pa ko nakkabihis, hay kain na naman patay ang diet! hehe ;)

    ok, nyte nyte Choi and all! have a wonderful weekend!

    Happy Anniversary Chay and Jeff!

    Choi! ikaw talaga ha!ha! anong may she find her peace? ha!ha! galit ako dun pero di naman ganun gusto kong mangyari :)

  58. Tok-tok- me nag tsismisan sa BK ? hahhaha I love the flow of conversation - natural na natural !

    And it ends well... that is the most important thing ! Ganyan nga mga sisters, pag me problema pag uusapan at di basta mag about face and leave.

    This is why Bahay kubo is created for, a place where we can be ourselves.

    Got to go - be back later mga sisters ! Have a wonderful day everyone !

    Sundan nyo kami sa farm town at dun tayo magkita kita pag off sa BK. Love you all too ! Mwahhhh

  59. hapi aniv kalachuchai and jeff and hapi monthseri kangkarot and michael!

    kangkarot sis, why dont u want to make amends with ligo girl? is she hurting u that much? i observed that most of the slight remarks r mostly centered on going on trips. is the bickering all about ur travels? is she envious of ur tours? let me guess.

    1) michael is rich that you can afford to travel to many places and ligo girl's husband cant afford it.
    2) michael's line of work is connected with traveling and so u benefit from the trip and ligo girl has to force her husband to travel as much just to keep up with ur adventures.

    let me put my two cents from a tour guide's perspective on tours. any place is just like tasting food for the first time. it is exciting and exhilarating at first. but u only come back for second helping if u develop a certain liking on it. its like having the rush when u see ur crush. but once u get accustomed to that area like how we get accustomed to faces of our spouses thru the years, the spark goes out. what remains is the necessity to thrive like hunger or appetite.

    why will u be fighting for such small stuffs? dont u know that any place on earth is all but the same? the wonders of god's creation is there to be explored with awe. people start fighting when they start to claim a part of it. like the stories u recount on every travel. u will not be fighting if u only take a part of it in ur heart thru the experience. once u take something from an area it becomes a haven of pride. tour guides earn from commissions let me remind u that. so if ur concerned on getting something as a souvenir u materially gain something for remembrance and the tour guide earns from u. if u believe the tour guides stories about the places u go to, let me remind u that some stories r meant to advertise and capture ur interest. it is a business meant for gain. so no wonder if people fight when commercialism is the focus of the travel. because there will be a tendency to brag about it.

    next time u travel explore the world by first looking at the skies and the trees. those are free items. and then capture in ur heart the existence of the wonderful creations by god and men. and think! can u do that? can u build them? can u create them? or will u just take photos and buy souvenir items and recount the adventures of ur trips? start thanking the opportunity that once in ur life u traveled; may it be near or far. if u do that, u wont get affected by any other person's tale of their splendid trips. and u wont have to make sarcastic remarks on any others who cant be as fortunate as u are. we tour guides make a living not just to gain but to teach. and if u dont learn from my tour today then i will not be able to gain my tip.

    since childhood, and this remains in my heart, i have discovered that in every travel wherever my feet leads me, what is more important is the journey than the destination. how u get along during the trip with whoever is with u would be a reflection of how u will be with whoever u will find when u arrive. and any labels of every person is reflected by what comes out from the heart thru words and actions. then we can judge who ranks high or low depending on the scale we use. and its not all about money.

  60. ang haba na, hindi ko na alam sasabihin ko, hello na lang sa lahat, hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    any plans for the long weekend?

    ako, eto, assignments, tinambakan ba naman kami nang assignments :( tsaka preparation for 1st day of school na. i am excited to see who my students will be, high school math teacher na ako :) wala na ako sa college, wala na yung professor image ko, teacher na teacher na talaga ako :) and am so GLAD!!!!

    anyway, yan ang news ko! MJ, how is Teyla?

    Zen, hope your dad is getting better, we continue to pray for him.

    Choi, tagal mong nawala huh, tapos, binigyan mo kami nang mahabang reading assignment, kayo ni Car :) hindi na ako sasali sa inyo kasi lalo lang hahaba, change topic na tayo!!!!

    Oy, hello everyone again! Cher, Eng, Tes, Chai, Zen, Car, Choi, Els (asan ka na ba Els), Alf, Beth, Hermie, Joanie, MJ, at sa lahat na, miss you all!!!!!

  61. bethchai girlfriend! congrats! finally, highschool teacher ka na, yipee!

    super-duper naman pala assignments mo. sige girl! take care ka na lang at goodluck sa mga assignments!

    miss you!

  62. So happy to hear about your HS teaching job Beth ! If I am a teacher, I will prefer HS kids than college!

    Yeah same here Beth, when we come back to school next week, on top of the reading assignments, meron pang workbook to work on and testing agad the first day !

    I was hoping to enjoy this long weekend, but apparently I will be buried from my reading stuff !

    Hugs to all - Eng I missed your call. I had to turn off my celphone yesterday per request of the big guy hahahahah!

    Enjoy your weekend guys !

  63. sunshine...ha!ha!ha! batiin lang kita ng happy anniversary!

    hugs and kisses girl!

    di ba mas madaling turuan and college kesa HS?
    anyways, i am happy that our bethchai finally able to teach HS!

  64. hahaha, Eng, super dali magturo sa college if we are talking about motivation and discipline, however, the happiness one gets from raising the achievement level and being a part of early critical and analytical skill development process in high school is far greater than in college.

    plus, you get more bonding and familialism in HS than in college. plus I am shifting from Chemistry to Math, in college, I was teaching Chemistry, in HS, I will be teaching Math, which I believe is the greatest key to succeed in college Chemistry, Physics etc etc

  65. Chay, hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebration

  66. just droppin by to say i mis u all mga sis and bros! hapi sunday! fiesta namin sa tuesday pero andito ako nagmumukmok sa bundok parang puganteng nagtatago sa ewan joke!

    hullo sis kangkarot! take care sis! o ayan nagparinig na ako kay sardinas gurl ha. kc malapit ko na kayo pag umpugin konti na lang hehehe. wink! wink!

    ay! tnk u tesya! di ko alam pano farmtown na yan babasahin ko bukas pag nakasingit computer. si hubby adik sa farmville. di daw gumagalaw ang mga hayop hahaha! di ko mahanap cla kalachuchay dun andami nyong fwends sa fb. bukas na ako maghahanap.


  67. Hahaha, take your time Choi! Farm Town is technically like Farm Ville minus the withering of the crops (ano ba yan...up to here farming pa rin tayo!) Kitakits in the farm, guys!

    Beth, congratulations, girl... you are now about to embark in the crazy world of high-school-teaching! We are all excited to hear about this new chapter in your life! Wow!

    Post some pix of your anni gig, PeChay, more happy annies to come, girl!

    Hello everyone! Hugs! Mwa!

  68. oki po sis. aaralin ko magtanim hehehe. take care tesya! kimchai allergic ako dyan sa tinuturo mo aym so iskerd!

  69. Am back - didn't bring my camera to that place Jeff and I went! It's a casino hahahahaha and we are not allowed to take pictures, so I didn't even bother to bring my camera. I played Bingo with the seniors while Jeff played blackjack. I had a relaxing afternoon actually. We had their famous buffet and yes I ate lots of crab legs and shrimps and found some oysters. My feet were killing me by the end of the day.

    Thanks for the anniv greetings !

  70. happy weekend, everyone!! been a while since i dropped by here .. teyla's been keeping me busy:) i've shared this with some of you, but for those who don't know yet, i resigned from my job as copy editor at Beckley Newspaper last week. after working there for the past 8 and a half years, it's truly a big change to be a full-time stay-at-home mom, but rog and i decided this is the best thing to do for teyla, for now .. and the paper wouldn't let me work part-time anyway. so last week was a bit rough for me, in terms of saying goodbye to a job i've loved and enjoyed for so long, and slowly embracing my new "job." i stopped by the paper friday to pick up my personal effects - my chicken figurines, a framed photo of rog and me in new york, etc. All that went into a paper bag, and i cried later while going through it, thinking, wow, 8 and a half years at the paper and this is all i have left now - a bag full of memories... It was tough to say bye to my coworkers. they were all sad to see me go, but they say they understand and hope i will return in a few years. i might. i might not. we shall see. friday was also a big day for teyla- she got her first 3 shots (vaccinations). i promised myself i would be brave and not cry when she got her shots, but when i heard her piercing scream, i couldn't help it, tears rolled down my face. i had never heard her scream in pain like that before; it just broke my heart. rog picked her up and cuddled her close soon as the nurse was done. i looked at him and his chin was quivering, tears were in his eyes. it was so hard on us to see our baby in pain. somehow we made it through friday, and teyla was fine after a nice, long nap. we are getting ready to go to sam's in a few minutes. i'm sorry i've fallen behind in commenting on all the interesting posts and warm messages here at our BK. i will do my best to catch up this week!! thank you all for checking on me and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers (just as you all are in mine).

    beth, so glad to hear you now teach high school!! i know that's been your dream for a long time and i'm very happy you are were you want to be right now! i'll pray you get a bunch of good students. i'm sure you will do great as a HS teacher!

    chay, belated happy anniversary to you and jeff! you guys are so lucky and blessed to have each other. may you two get to celebrate many, many anniversaries together!!

    tes, chay, beth, cher (did i forget anyone?)- thanks for welcoming me to facebook and for leaving those warm comments! you guys were so right .. facebook rocks! to those who don't have an FB account yet, hurry up and get one. i cannot believe i waited this long to sign up there.

    zen, i've been praying for your dad. God knows what is best and i'm sure He is watching over your dad. stay strong, zen.

    car, regards to your bestfriend, the Ligo Girl, hahahaha:) thank you for sharing those fabulous flower pics with us all!! hugs to you!

    choi, so great to see you back here!! i've been praying for you and for your situation. i hope things have calmed down .. hope the ex-fiance is much better now. hang in there. there's a solution to every problem, and all things that cause headaches will eventually come to an end. it's the way of life. keep us posted.

    everyone, this is it for now. sorry, sorry, sorry that this got way too long. just making up for being silent all week, hehe:) love you all! happy labor day weekend!

  71. Hey MJ ! sorry that you had to resign from your newspaper job. I know how sad it can be to pick up all your stuff from your office, pack up and leave. We just didn't realize that we spend more hours at work than at home. It becomes our home away from home. But, you made the right choice - taking care of Teyla is the most important job right now - one that would pay the greatest price later in life. I wished I didn't have to work when my kids where growing up, I missed a lot of things when they were little and even until now. You and Rog are so blessed - he got his job back and you have your little bundle of joy - God bless you guys !

    Alright - nice to see you guys ! I will hop on now to F/B hehehehehe

    Engggg thanks so much for filling up our blogs - meron pa akong mga incomplete entries hahahahha ang daming lakad ng aking unica hija
    at palagi akong nakabuntot ! hay

    Glad to see you Tesya, bumalik na yung blogging mood mo !

    Hello to the rest - Betchai, Car, Cher, Choi and missing you Zen ! You are always in my thoughts and prayers - hope your dad's condition is getting better.

  72. Ay teka, pano ba tong comment box natin ? pag nasa first page ka, hindi ako makapunta sa next page, if I click newer, kung saan sya napupunta. I actually had to click this comment box to read the last comments - hmmmm maybe it is just me and my techno ignorance no ?

    Oh well - farming time ! see you at the farm !

  73. Hi MJ, so nice to hear from you! I sure do feel your sadness from missing your job, but I know you know it is in exchange of a much higher and permanent joy, of taking care of Teyla, raising her the way you and Rog want her to be. If we have our kids in the childcare, we have no control sometimes with the value exposure they are getting, so, you did the right choice MJ.

    Chay, I had to delete the old comments just so I can read the new comments here. pano, more than 200 na yung comments :)

    MJ, am glad you enjoy Facebook, I am very seldom there, but I like it more than FS :) I am seldom there since my very little time, I rather spend it here in blogger :) that way, I not only communicate my thoughts, I also learn from other's experiences, and most of all, I earn on the side :) so sorry guys, if I am not often to visit your FB site :) but I still follow what is going on there since everytime someone leaves a comment in a post or photo I joined in conversation, I get follow up email, something that we did not have in FS :)

  74. ang haba na! ha!ha!

    moin moin guys! ;)

    Choi!i agree with Kimchai change topic na tayo ;) basta a, peace na tayo kindat!kindat! hehehe

    Eng girlash! thanks sa e mail, don't worry girl yakang yaka to! hehe ;) *winks* love yah Engtot!

    Bethchai! i miss you.. congrats sa new job girlash! take it easy girl, mwah!

    Tesya > ako teach me how to play sa farmville hehe kasi hilig ko magtanim, i don't care kahit masira ang kamay ko! hehe *winks*

    MJ > my sweet friend.. happy to hear from you again girlash, Mj about ligo girl sige hehe i'll give her your regards hehehe ;) *winks* kisses to Teyla

    Zen dear... still praying for your Dad and your family....

    have a nice day guys! mwah! :)

  75. Chay dear, naku pareho na kayo ng anak ko Chay! nawiwiwli sa farmville in FB :) sabi nga ng anak ko play daw kami, e wala akong hilig sa mga games na yan e! sige pag aaralan ko din,

    Love yah Kalachuchay! mwah! ayan a, naku sana wala akong nakalimutan ay si kuya Alfs we miss you na..... ok bye na guys aalis na kami ni hubby titingin pa ng birthday gift for my brother inlaw's wife, we'll have dinner in their place tomorrow, hayy.. kain na naman!

    Love yah all! have a nice Monday everyone! mwah! :)

  76. tnk u karinyosa. salamat sa prayers sis. im in the verge of letting go and holding on and panicking hehehe! alam ko nagising na ako eh di ko alam naidlip ulit ako. basilyo krispin mga anak asan na kayo hoohoo. kurdapyayaya ibuhos mo dito iyak mo halika sabay tayo dali!

  77. Helppppp - can someone please take the 9/16 posting "Chic a la mode". hehehehe hindi chic ang dating ng posting ko - nahiya ako bigla !

  78. Tapos na ang long weekend - bitin pa din ! Thanks for checking on me MJ - di na sore yung legs ko and arms from gardening last week.

    One big accomplishment ko this weekend is cleaning up my closet. Because I hate throwing away stuff, nag accumulate ako ng closet full of old clothes and stuff (???) hhehehe name it - I have it there. I filled up 7 huge trash bags of old clothes, shoes, bags - mostly very very old stuff - worn out and ugly. Jeff asked me if I wanted to do a garage sale - I said "no way" mahiyain ako when it comes to that. I called this company to pick them all up tomorrow and donated them all ! Hayyy what a relief.

    My next stunt is our garage - hayy I need to do a lot of cleaning !

    Back to work tomorrow !

    Wishing everyone a good night ! I love you all and I mean it !

  79. Good Morning ! back to work - signing in at our BK ! horuummmmm antok pa me !

    Hugs and kisses to each one of you !

    Me balita na ke Zen, anyone ?

  80. chay and beth, thanks for sympathizing with me (over my resignation from my job, and feeling sad about it). means a lot to me to know that i have friends who understand how i feel. thank you also for your words of encouragement. yeah, we feel it will be good for teyla to have me here at home full-time while she is still very young. at least we can raise her the way we want and not have to wonder what she learns at some other person's house or at an expensive daycare center. now if only we can stop ourselves from spoiling her, hehe:) she's such a cute, lovable baby and we can't help but pamper her as much as we can:)

    chay, good call on having a company come and pick up your old stuff rather than organize everything for a yard sale:) yeah, you don't need all that work, specially now that you're juggling work and school and wifely duties:) at least now the stuff you don't need is gone. hey, more room in your closet for more stuff!! hahaha:) i heard a valuable tip somewhere regarding junk: if we have stuff in our house that we don't use within one year, it's time to get rid of it. if we can make it through a year without using that item, we definitely don't need it anymore and we will be better off letting it go.

    oh, chay, good to hear you have recovered from the workout you got from all that gardening the other weekend:)

    choi, what's the update on your situation? are you still hanging in there? please know that we are all praying for you and hoping your problem gets resolved soon enough.

    ok, this is it for now, guys!! beth, chay, tes, car, choi, eng, zen, cher- anyone else i may have failed to mention - you all have a good wednesday! stay safe. stay happy. i love you all. God bless Salitype!

  81. Hi MJ! I love hearing from you and yeah your little one is growing so fast "nakadapa" na sya on one of her pictures. I read around six months mag start ng lumabas ang lower teeth hahahaha I think about Teyla when I read growth and development - I wished I knew all those stuff when my kids were growing so I know exactly what to expect.

    Have a wonderful day everyone ! Sa Chinese beliefs I think today is one of their lucky days 09-09-09 (I think heheheehe)

  82. I have a friend, if she buys one shirt, she would get rid of one of her shirts hahhaha

    I don't go shopping anymore, unless I really really need something. I just noticed that as soon as you start walking in the mall - there is always something that you will see that you feel you need, but actually you don't. The state of our economy has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. At least there is one good thing that came out of the situation for me.

    Try this.. go grocery shopping when you are hungry and you will notice that you shop a lot of foods. It feels like everything you see looks delicious.

    Go grocery shopping just right after you eat or in a full stomach and you will end up buying just whatever you need.

    Have done this a couple of times and it works for me. So now I eat first before I go shopping - those hotdogs in Sam's Club or Costco for $1.50 (including soda) tastes soooo good hahahaha try it !

  83. Daldal ko no ? hahahahha wala pa kong kausap nyan huh

  84. Good Morning again ! Thursday na agad, one more working day ! yipeee

    Huh.. walang katao tao ? nag fa farming ba ?

    Believe me, when I got to my classroom last night before we took our test - I had to run by my farm as I know my crops were all due for harvesting. My classmates were probably thinking I was nuts for not reviewing (as most of them were) and just playing on line. Hahahah I got to the farm just in time before all my wheat died - I made so many points hehehhe - my Farmville is doing much better than Farmtown - hay di maka advance ang aking farmtown.

    Opppsss hehhehehe I got carried away !

    Kumusta kayong lahat - wishing you all a wonderful day ! Mwahhh

  85. kalachuchay asan ka sa fb di kita makita? ay mga sis! dont mention fiance sa fb alam po ni hubby password. nataranta ako kay kangkarot hehehe. sis, binura ko msg mo ha? buti ako nakabasa hehehe

  86. Ay Choi ! thanks, nag wowork yung privacy settings ko sa F/B huh ! I set it up so no one can find me hehehehe. Add mo sila Tesya and ang ibang salitypers, dun kita hahanapin and I will add you. Baka naman walang picture yung sayo at di kita makita !

    Tapos mag farming ka na din huh ! hahahaah nag promote pa eh

  87. Good Morning !

    Share ko lang, grabe napanaginipan ko si Kangcarrot and Michael, nag surprise visit daw sa office ko, me mga dala pang pasalubong for me (pair of jeans pero masikip sa akin, t-shirt, hair brush ). Tapos I invited them for dinner sa bahay namin, steak and salad ang hinanda ni Jeff hahahahaha ! Ang linaw ng dream, pero in my dream iba ang itsura ni Michael dun - I called him Michael kc kasama ni Car eh, pero ibang tao ang itsura. I don't always dream, but weird cause this time, pati details recall na recall ko. Yung steak ni Car well done request nya and ke Michael is medium - pati salad dressing and kung saan saan sila mamamasyal andun din !

    Oh wala lang - napadaan lang sa BK. We will head tonight to STaples Center to watch basketball. There is this player that Christine loves to death and this female basketball player is retiring from her basketball career - Lisa something ang name and she wanted to take a last look at her !

    Have a good weekend guys ! Be safe and have fun this weekend !!!

  88. hi Chay, strange yung panaginip natin minsan ano? Pag bisitahin ka ni Car at ni Michael dyan, dalhin mo rin sila dito at pasyal tayo :)

    Hope you enjoyed the game last night Car, did not know that Lisa Leslie is retiring. She is good.

    Hello everyone, just stopping by here.

  89. moin moin guys! ;)

    Kangcarrot present po! ;)

    hello Chay and Bethchai! really Chay napanaginipan mo kami ni Michael? whoa! strange! hehe ;) ano ba yan hanggang sa panaginip pagkain pa rin teehee ;) thanks for sharing your dreams Chay... yaan mo pag napanagnipan ko kayo ni Jeff i se share ko rin dito hehe ;)

    who's Lisa Leslie guys? so sorry Chay and Beth, i don't know her, basketball is not so popular here, we always watch Fußball (football) here, and i find it amazing! ;) maybe because i am also a player before back in HS, goal keeper ako teehee ;) i know Michael Ballack (ayyy! crush ko sya! ;) Lucas Podolski, Mirovslav Klose, Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney, Mario Gomez, Luca Toni ( the Italian, he's kyüt ;) David Beckham, and naku haba ng list, so guys they are my favorite football player ;)

  90. Mj > thanks for your message girlash mwah! i will reply soon sa fs, di pa ko nasilip dun, hey i agree with you girlash, she's a BIG LIAR! anyway, dun ko na itutuloy MJ *winks*

    guys share ko lang a.. "Ligo Girl" sms me again few days ago, and last na naalala ko she said she's studying Spanish now, and i told she should learn LATIN dahil sobrang relihiyosa sya KUNO! hahaha! ;) then sabi nya bat daw di ako mag study ng course about travelling kasi hilig ko daw yun, sabi ko hindi ko na kaylanhgang mag aral sa kung sang university to study travelling, because i have the best teacher and tour guide when it comes to travelling, my husband Michael ;) and i told her mas marami akong natutunan in "real travelling"! ;) and then she said ah, ok hehe ;)

    guys! nag aahit si hubby today ng balabas at bigote sabi ko bawasan ko yung long hair nya konti, kasi ido donate ko sa hubby ni "Ligo Girl" para tubuan ng hair yung kalbo nyang ulo! hahha! ;) ay bad ko talaga! ;) e kasi daming pera ayaw bumili ng wig para bumata ng konti hahaha! ;) ayan wait guys nahulog ang buhok ni hubby wait pupulutin ko sayang! haha! ;)

    Kimchai wag you magagalit a? share ko lang para masaya dito sa BK naten di ba? *winks* ;)

  91. teka guys.. naalala ko tuloy yung blog nya about her father.. may pics sya dun katabi ng hubby nya yung tatay nya.. then there's texts like, ang mag ama, gusto ko sanang mag comment na... ay mag ama ba? ( mag byenan) kala ko... "MAGKAPATID"!!! HA!ha!ha! ;)

    ay ang bad ko talaga! hehehe ;)

  92. aha! kangkarot! amoy sardinas na naman yang chika nyo ni karinyosa.
    karinyosa, paturo tayo kay kimchai magpalaki alkansya para di ka masyado mahomsik sa publishing house ay! tama ba sinabi ko? nahohomsik ka nga ba sa tarbaho o naoopis sik?

  93. Good Monday Morning !

    Yeah Beth Lisa Leslie retired from basketball - it was fun seeing her play for the last time. It was Christine who is an avid fan of basketball and football and tennis and kung ano anong games hahhaha There was a player as short as Christine 5'2" ang height and she kind of tell me that she also has her chance of playing basketball professionally someday - where did that come from ??? hahahhaah told her anak focus lang sa schooling and sports will just come next - ayaw ko lang masyadong mag focus sa sports at baka ma interrupt ang kanyang college course.

    Just sharing .... hehehehe

  94. Uy Car patingen naman si Michael with his new look - kakatuwa naman, bakit daw sya nag papagupet at nag shave ?

    OO nga baka yung panaginip ko magkatotoo - for sure lulusubin natin si Betchai ! at dun maraming mapapasyalan !

  95. Nakita ko na si Zen dun sa isang room - Zennnnnnnn soooooooo good to see you kahit sumilip ka lang.

    I miss you - WE all miss you !

  96. In response dun sa tanong mo Car - siguro kung ako ang nasa 49 age na baka di na ako mag try mag ka baby. I will just enjoy my old age and enjoy my life and not run around chasing a little child.

    Imagine mo when that child graduates college - nasa 70+ years old na sya and old enough to be called a grandma hahahhaah

    I learned that from Jeff when I told him couple of years ago that I might want to have another child and I was only in my late 30's then. He told me, that he wouldn't want to attend a high school graduation and looking like he was the grandfather of that child hahahahahaha

    I am sooooo glad that I did not push that idea - I am enjoying my life now and enjoying my kids !

  97. hello everyone! pa-check lang ako ng attendance:) how's everyone doing today?

    car, wow, ligo girl is almost 50 and still planning to make a baby?? i agree with chay. that's a little bit too old na. i mean, yes, once in a while, some women that age are able to have babies, but car, sobrang high risk na yun. the chances for her baby to be born with down's syndrome or other abnormalities are so high na. not to mention the risk to her own life/health. maybe she is not aware of all these risks? wow, michael got a haircut? i'm like chay- i'm excited to see his new look:) patingin naman, car, if you have pictures.

    chay- that was good of you to understand jeff's reasoning (for not having kids anymore). you are blessed with two beautiful children, and i think jeff has his own, too, right? God made your paths cross, and now you are so blessed to be with a husband who treats your kids just like his own. at the same time, you're able to pursue your lifelong dream of becoming a nurse (and still working at the same time!), something that would be hard to do if, like you said, you were chasing after a growing child. so i applaud your decision, chay!

    choi, sige, i'll e-mail you sa friendster. just wait for my e-mail; hopefully bukas. napagod kasi ako kakalinis dito sa bahay today, so bukas nalang ako mag-email sa yo ok? but i'm always praying for you sis. hang in there.

    well, teyla is doing great, guys. 3 months old na sya (12 weeks) and getting bigger by the day.. also smiling and laughing more and more, and trying to stand (she has strong legs!). when we talk to her, she replies in her own baby talk, hehe. so cute!:) you're right about the teeth, chay.. you know the song, "all i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth"? that might be teyla's song in december kasi she might be getting her first tooth (or teeth?). on the other hand, there's this 9 month old baby at our church who has ZERO teeth! her mom told me they keep waiting for her teeth to come out, pero wala pa rin. and she's so big na! poor baby. i hope teyla gets her teeth before 9 months.

    well, guys, this is it for now. hope everyone has a wonderful tuesday! i love you all. be careful always!!

  98. ako din po chek atendans gaya ni karinyosa.

    darating mga oldies para sa berdey ko kc tanda na daw si ako. sumbong ba naman si hubby sa kadramahan ko huh!? nanonood daw kami cartoons tumutulo luha ko. bat nga naman kc obvious my tears! gosh!

    bago magbakasyon grande, intriga muna etech.

    hay sayang di nagbaby sila kalachuchay. nabawasan ang mga panglitl mis pilipayns natin.

    huy kangkarot! magkaribal ba kayo ni ligo girl kay mikelangelo mo? nilalandi ba nya waswit mo sis? kc kung ako nasa hitler kawntry at walang pinoy prens pagtyagaan ko na ang kahit na sinong kabayan bah! cguro crush nya si michael o crush mo asawa nya? hahaha! joke joke joke! pinapatawa lang kita!

    vakit naman pati kajuntisan finakikialaman mo fa? yaan mo sya to go to the world and multiply. pareho naman kayo porengger mga jowa so go lang ng go! pagandahan kayo ng mga beybi. sabay kana rin magpadami ng junanaks. uy! wag ka, raket un ah! laki bigla alkansya mo day! pag maganda beybi pwedeng artista. kami na ang tagahakot ng pans.

    di naman ata yang si ligo gurl imakulada kunsomisyon na birheng biglang may kaboteng lalaki sa tiyan na parang kabag ano?

    eto ang magulat ka, kung juding sya at biglang nanganak! kc ibig sabihin di na kelangan ang lahi nating mga eba divah mga gurlash? un na nga lang pamikot natin sa mga boylet este pang-akit ahay! pang alindog pala hahaha! aminin! mas magaganda pa sa atin ang ibang mga juding. uhurmmm ginigising ko lang ang doktor na mahilig sa muher na dugang bughaw hehehe. hullo kulasa! nang aaning lang po.

  99. Hallochen everyone! ;)

    Kangcarrot present!

    Kulasaaaaa!! we miss you girlash! happy to hear from you, and that your Father is ok now. Take your time girlash, love yah! mwah!

    Chay! HA!ha!ha! natawa ko dun girlash! hehe, same what Michael said girlash some years ago, ayaw nya daw mag mukhang lolo ng "anak" namen if ever may mga event na gaya ng graduations! haha! mapagkakamalan nga naman syang lolo! ;) kaya agree ako sa decision mo girlash and i also thought before of having a child pero ngayon.. naisip ko mas nag e enjoy ako sa life ko ;) teehee and Michael said, my kids are enough and he love them like his own... :)

    MJ my dear sweet friend, yes "Ligo Girl" is planning to have a new baby! hahaha! ;) i don't know if she's aware sa mga risks, ay! girlash... ewan ko sa kanya! basta ako happy sa life ko ngayon! di ba MJ? *winks* ;) thanks again girlash sa e mail :) kisses and hugs to Teyla.. our Salitype Princess.

    Choi! wait ikaw ba yan? hehe baka mamaya ibang Anonymous e! magkamali na naman ako hehe ;) joke lang Choi! sige teka ha Choi? sasagutin ko yang mga questions mo mamaya ha? kasi mag me mail lang ako ng buhok! at me nangangailangan! hahah! ;) basta i shall return... ;)

  100. Di sana ako magpapa check ng attendance today at super busy ang lola Chay nyo kaka study about cells, membranes at kung ano anong muscles hahahah nakaka baluktot ng dila ang mga terms !! kaya lang di ko matiis na di sumilip sa ating BK at maki tsismis !

    Lalong gumaganda ang ating baby Teyla, have you seen her picture na naka labas ang tongue nya and smiling - kaka gigil !

    Huy Choi advance happy birthday at baka malimutan ko ! Sinabi mo pa, kung magka baby sana ako ng malahian ng matangkad ang generation ko hahahahha at maituloy ang frustration kong maging beauty queen ! hihihihi

    Huy Car - san mo ido donate ang hair ? sobrang iksi na ba ang hair ni Michael ? nasa FS na ba ang picture heheheh daming tanong !

    GTG tinatawag na ako ng homework ko !

    Hospital duty na kami this weekend ! Saturday & Sunday - ay takot yata ako hahahahah

  101. Hay daming bagong visitors ! kakatuwa !

    Ang labo lang walang dumadating na writing projects lately, but staying positive we will have something new coming up.

    Maybe they know we are all busy huh hehehehe

  102. moin moin guys! ;)

    while sipping coffee eto nagtitipa sa keyboard hehee ;)

    Chay > i will post a comment sa entry mo later, Chay girlash ha!ha! oo na donate ko na *winks* sorry bigla akong nag dis appear nag online kasi ang dalaga ko then dumating si hubby at umalis kami to buy some things for the parcel ;) Chay nag ahit lang ng konti yun then yung hair nya binawasan ko ng konti to take out some slpit ends..

    Chay di baleng wala tayong anak na may lahi, dahil kahit walang lahi mga anak naten e pang beauty queen! *winks* wala pang lahi yan, e pano na pag nalahian di ba? say mo? hay naku Chay, like you said ayokong magmukhang LOLA ng "anak" ko sakali kung mag aanak pa ko! at talagang may K na maging beauty queen hehe nanay e! ;) hindi gaya ng iba dyan... ang kapal tawaging "Mabyütiful" sarili nya e dyosku! tingnan nya muna sarili nya sa salamin no! ay! di pwedeng tingnan at naku siguradong BASAG! ang salamin! HA!HA! Chay take it easy sa homeworks chika ka dito pagtapos mo a? *winks* ;)

  103. and Choi, excuse me di ko type hubby ni "Ligo Girl" at naku saksakan ng yabang! kaya nga nahawa na sya dun e! at excuse me! di ako mahilig sa "KALBO"! hahaha! ;)

    ewan ko sa kanya.. magparami sya ng lahi,naitanong ko lang naman kasi nga e malapit na syang magka meno pause hehehe ;) Choi san ang bakasyon grande? sa Spain? hehehe ;)

  104. Hahhaah Car !

    San ang destination mo Choi ?

    Dumaan lang at nag pa check ng homework - este attendance pala ! hahahaha di ko natapos homework ko last night, nauntog na ulo ko sa lamesa sa sobrang antok, bahala na, kokopya na lang ako sa katabi ko mamaya.

    Pa kiss nga !! Yung mga farmer friends ko, pa deliver nga ako ng fruit trees hahahhaha

  105. moin moin guys! ;)

    Chay girlash! pa kiss din mwah! thank you so much for your e mail and messages girlash, your words are so inspiring Chay thank you... siguro nga ganun na lang gagawin ko Chay and not rushing myself to everything, sige girlash re reply na ko sa email mo, i am just breakfasting right now.

    thanks again Chay, love yah girlash!

  106. karinyosa, thanks for the prayers. ur one true friend i will definitely pray to keep til our old age. tnx 4 sharing a piece of u. it means so much.

    fiance and i started over again sis. happy days are here to stay. the friendship will last a lifetime. the storm was just a product of too much love at the wrong time. it was too early and too late and too complicated. i had it coming because i left him without a word. for a man's ego that is devastating but for a man who truly loves it is a sacrifice.

    i opted to use the little spare time i have to explain here for reasons that obviously others may not be getting the message right. this would be the last public shout out for me. i will just discuss this with u in private hereafter. tnk u so much for being supportive and understanding karinyosa. i promise to reply u later sis coz my parents came to visit, fiance and i are celebrating our aniv, i will be having my birthday tomorrow and i will be celebrating aniv with hubby too.

    fiance was supposed to be ordained for priesthood and left the seminary for me. i owe so much from him. he is just worn out where he stands now. for how could i not make things work with an untainted soul that is almost a saint for a husband? how could i not fight for the men who love me the most and yet i hurt the deepest? for someone torn in between the only answer is god's divine intervention. for these three people were destined to meet in a lifetime of painful smiles and joyful tears. a happy ending is always a promise and friendship is one solid base. tnk u for d sharing karinyosa. i learned so much from u sis.

    hi kalachuchay and kangkarot! im not going anywhere po mga sis. grand vacation for me means spending ample time with the people important to me. it doesnt have to be luxurious in terms of monetary value. when im on vacation i dont crave to see different places nor other people. i only want to be with those i care for. in fact when im with them i dont even notice others passing by. its just me and the beloved in our own world. i have very simple taste and my low level dictates for me to be contented with what i have. that is the grand vacation my style.

    the good thing about animosity is the ability to express something with liberty without revealing the person but just the personality.

  107. i don't mean to be rude. this sort of topic is becoming nuisance. this is not the proper forum to voice such sentiments. you both has e-mail address, please use it to air both your sides in private.

    i hope this is the last time we will be hearing this " ligo " as she is not worth the space....

    thank you!


  108. Eng and everyone,

    i am so sorry guys for everything, please accept my apology... i promise this is the last thing you will hear about that girl... so sorry.... :(

    i agree Eng, she's not worth the space... sorry Eng...

  109. ica girl!

    nice fun with photos theme this week. its so cool.

    did you managed to buy one of those pumpkin for michael's pumpkin soup( sorry can't remember what its called in german)...ha1ha1ha!

  110. Eng girlash! ;)

    di ka na galit a? love yah Engtot mwah! ;) promise talaga Eng, last na yun...

    ay buti nagustuhan mo girlash, yeah we bought some for Michael's soup or cake teehee ;) really Eng, it's my first time to see such huge pumpkins :)

  111. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  112. ica girl! it will take a lot to make me angry, di ako galit...ha!ha!ha!

    i just hope that anything that has a tinge of personal issue has to be dealt with privately.please don't make this a forum for personal grievances. send an e-mail to each instead of answering back and forth.

    i beg the two of you to do your thing privately as comments pertaining to personal issues
    will be deleted.

  113. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  114. moin moin guys! ;)

    Thank you Eng... promise good girl na si Kangcarrot :) Love yah Eng and all! mwah! :)

    Salitype simply ROCKS!! :)

  115. Good Monday Morning Guys !

    Just checking how everybody is doing - musta weekend nyo ?

    I had some relatives over the weekend, they are from Australia. They came in at almost midnight and stayed for breakfast. There were ten of them, so I bought pandesal from Red Ribbon, cooked eggs, bacon, sausage ! ayos we had a great time talking and I think I made over 15 cups of coffee at nag enjoy sa kwentuhan.

    There goes my weekend and of course my Anatomy and Physiology class on Musculoskeletal System ~

    Have a good week everyone ! Please stop by and tell us how your weekend goes.

    Great post Car ! I love those pictures of pumpkins - kakatuwa yung isang comment, you might really need a chain saw to cut those huge pumpkins !

  116. Grüß Gott! Guys!

    Chay girlash, naku dami mong guests Chay pero i'm sure enjoy ang weekend nyo :) thanks girlash, eto nagsimula na si Michael magluto ng pumpkin soup yesterday evening, andito yung mga in laws kasi aalis na naman yung bayaw ko at wife to Switzerland, together with other friends, buti pa sila natuloy na :(

    anyway magpapansit ako mamaya kasi birthday ng dalaga ko :)

    ha!ha! oo nga Chay kakatuwa mga comments ;) meron pa nga kung di ba raw nakaktakot? sabi ko ok lang yan pagtapos ng halloween they are good for soup or cake ha!ha! ;)

  117. It's me again ! hahahaha Good Tuesday morning. Won't stay long today, have a lot of reading to do. I am so concern on my A&P class, heck my test results are barely making it - I need to get a really high test score to pull up my average to a passing grade.

    Hay ang hirap para sa akin ng A&P. Asan ba tong si Eng, MJ and Zen - sabi mag eenjoy daw ako hahahahaha bakit ang hirap pala ??? yaiks !

    Got to go... invisible mode muna ang sister Chay nyo huh at baka ma kick out ako sa program. Three of my classmates were kicked out yesterday for not passing the Nursing Fundamentals.

    Pa kiss sa lahat !

  118. oh! chay. sorry to hear about your 3 classmates being kicked out.

    ana and physio can be very complex. depende sa nagtuturo. in college i remembered, i cannot simply grasp the physiology of liver and pancreas and when i took a reviewer course before the board exam, the instructor explained it in a manner na you can easily get it.

    goodluck, girlash! if others can do it, you can do it! go, go, go for it!


  119. chay, i'll be praying for you (regarding your A & P classes) .. you can do it, gurl!! just spend more time reading those thick books .. use acronyms to memorize certain body parts/functions. i'm sure the books you have give you some tips on that. i believe in you. we all believe you can do this. so hang in there!!

    car, i owe you a comment on those very interesting pumpkin pictures! they made me smile:) how're you doing today, sis? and how's the weather over there in germany? can you feel the change in the temperature? kasi dito, little by little, it's getting cooler na .. fall is in the air! and some trees are already changing colors gradually. don't you just love fall and all the gorgeous colors?

    choi, musta na, my dear? sorry i haven't e-mailed you back a long one yet. but please know i continue to pray for you and your situation. everything will be OK soon, sis. i can feel it. stay strong!

    eng, how's your duty this week? hope you don't get bogged down with difficult patients/cases. and if you do, i pray God continues to give you the strength and the wisdom to deal with them. how's your little princess this week? hope she's doing well, along with dave.

    tes, i was just thinking about that wreck you were in the other week. yikes, that was scary. hope it doesn't happen to you guys again. i've been praying for traveling mercies for you and your co-teachers, as you maneuver those busy highways each day. stay safe. and continue to wear those seatbelts.

    cher, how's your dear kyla, and how's mond, this week? hope your lovely family is doing great!! have you spotted any more squirrels lately?:)

    beth, i know you're busy with work and school .. i'm also praying for you. hope you are able to get enough rest (and have some time for hiking, too!) amid the hectic schedule you got there. how's khai? is he free from the gout problems now? hope so. oh, i saw this thing on the travel channel the other day, beth, about river boarding. you ever tried it? it's like boogie boarding, except these brave, brave people ride these boards down river rapids, bouncing to and fro, smashing against rocks, being churned by the wild waters. i thought about you while watching that and wondered if you've tried that? it was so wild!

    everyone else, i hope you all are enjoying this week!! teyla and i are! she's 3 and a half months old today and it's getting easier to take care of her. she doesn't fuss as much as when she was like a month or 2 old. she's growing too fast! most of her new pictures are on facebook. i rarely update my friendster profile anymore. those of you who don't have a facebook account yet, hurry up and get one!! see you there!!

    ok, gotta end this for now, the dirty dishes are grumbling in the sink, hehe:) you all have a great wednesday!! (or thursday). i love you all. God bless Salitype. take care.

    - karinyosa

  120. Hey MJ - thanks for the update ! yeah, I have tried acronyms, too many that sometimes I get confused which acronym is for which group LOL

    Thanks Eng - will just keep going, bahala na - true, if others can do it, I can do it too !

    Musta sa lahat ! Salamat sa bagong posting Cher !

    I am gone --- Poof ! mwahhh

  121. Eng dearest paki bawasan nga ulet ang contents ng comment box, ang hirap hanapin ng dulo hahahahaha

  122. hello, everyone!! i left a long message here earlier today, but for some reason, it's not here anymore:( i hope you all are having a good wednesday/thursday.

    chay, that's scary (about your 3 classmates being kicked out)... hang in there, gurl!! i believe in you. we all believe in you. just devote more time to reading your anaphy books .. like eng said, anaphy can be really complex, complicated, too detailed, overwhelming ... i'll keep praying for you.

    teyla is taking a nap right now so i have some time to surf the net:) she is 3 and a half months old today!! time flies, wow.

    i hope this message does not disappear this time. i don't know what happened to the other one:( love you all. enjoy the rest of today.

    - karinyosa

  123. oopsie. i finally saw the long message i was talking about. all i had to do was refresh my web page and it appeared:) sorry. my mistake. catch you all later, gurl friends!

  124. Yeyyy Thursday na ! Ang bilis nga ng time MJ, as they said di ba pag September na parang lalong mabilis ang time. I haven't seen the latest pictures of Teyla - tonight I have more time to go on line and will check out our 3-month old baby girl !

    I feel so much better this morning, the other night I only had 3 hours sleep and I got home at 11 at night.

  125. Guys mention ko lang that Salitype will join the bloggers group "Fun with Friday".

    Tayong mga walang sariling website, we can do it here sa Salitype. Tomorrow will be old photos when we were younger.

    I have a couple of old photos and will start one tonight. Kung gusto nyong sumali, you can add it on my post or create another post. Kung sana lang marami tayong sasali, we can even play like a "guessing game".

    We played that game here at work last year with price attached to the game. We posted our baby pictures on the wall and we had to identify each one of them. It was crazy, merong nag post ng ultra sound photo hahahaha that was very clever !

    Who wants to join ?

  126. Mag post na din ako dito so you can see it - meron din sa announcement.

    Ready na ang entry for Fun Friday - Tes di ako familiar sa mechanics ng game, paki correct na lang ang title.

    Tes, Eng, Beth, Car, MJ, Zen, Cher, Choi - if you want to add your old pictures there, dagdag nyo na lang sa entry. Go to our blog Fun Friday entry, edit and add your pictures, para sama sama tayong lahat !

    Tama ba ginagawa ko Tes ?

  127. moin moin! guys! ;)

    bakit tahimik sa BK? guys na late na ko gabi na kami nakauwi from wandering yesterday in Harz National Park, i se share ko sana sa fun with photo but we are so tired from walking and i fall asleep like a baby ;) teehee ;) sa pagod!

    last Saturday naman nag bbq kami with my in laws my brother in law and his wife are back from Switzerland and we watched their trip there in Michael's projector, it was a good evening :)

    guys how's your weekend?

    have a nice week to all! love yah all! mwah!

  128. dropping by to say...miss you all...God bless po...

  129. hello everyone!! pa-check lang po ng attendance:) i guess we all know what the talk of the town is: the terrible floods in the philippines. let's continue to pray for the victims of that disaster .. those who lost their homes, property and worst of all, their lives:(

    i won't write long. just wanted to stop by here to greet you all a happy wednesday morning! take care and may this be a wonderful day for all of us ..

  130. oooppppss!!! guys is somebody following me here hehehe ;) *winks* winks*

  131. Happy 1st of October !!!

    Hi MJ, thanks for stopping by, I miss your long comments though. I love reading what you, Rog and Teyla are up to. I haven't checked your new pics in FB - I will check it tonight !

    Hello Car - hahahah me ghost sa likod mo? hahahaha

    I have two more exams with Ana & Physio and then we are done - moving forward to Pharmacology. This month was so tough - I lost so much sleep. I have clinicals this weekend, which I am looking forward to. I am having so much fun with my classmates - feeling ko high school ulet ako hahahaha and I was assigned to work with a Filipino hombre hahaha makes it more interesting and fun *wink* read-between-the-lines !

  132. chay, i know .. i feel bad too that i haven't left my usual long comments under all the interesting articles recently posted here on our site:( i need to do that very soon. and i will. i just wrote it down on my to-do list:) the culprit of course is facebook:) i guess this is why i stayed with friendster so long. i knew that if i moved to FB - if it was as good as everyone said it was- i would end up spending all my time there. and that's basically what is happening right now. i've turned into an FB addict:( help!!:)

    i smile everytime i read your updates on your LVN program, chay:) you remind me of a giddy, bright-eyed school girl .. so excited, so eager to learn! if only all nursing students had the same attitude as you, what excellent care all patients would receive! good luck with pharmacology. i cringe when i say that word:( pharma was one of my least-favorite nursing subjects. i got headaches trying to memorize all those brand names vs. generic names, drug interactions, adverse reactions, side effects, etc. hopefully, you will find it more interesting than i did- this is my prayer for you.

    gosh, can you all believe it's already october?!! christmas is literally just around the corner:) are any of you shopping around for christmas trees yet? or planning what costume to wear for halloween? so many holidays toward the end of the year ... i wish we all lived closer to each other so we could have a christmas party:)

    but enough of my rambling .. you all have a spectacular friday! i love you all! take care now..


  133. Hallöchen guys! ayan may umlaud na haha! ;) mali kasi dapat ö not o hehe sorry guys mali mali si kangcarrot ;)

    MJ i also enjoy looking at your pics with rog and Teyla ;) i will post a comment there later, yes Mj it's October now whew! bilis ng weather ano este panahon! hehe ;) malamig na nagyon dito MJ we have only about 10 to 17 °C but still sometimes the sun shines ;)

    Chayyyy!!! miss you girlash! oo Chay me sumusunod saken ha!ha! hanggang dito sa Salitype e may stalker ako! ha!ha! kala ko sa FS lang e! ewan ko ba girlash! ;) *winks* Chay may bago ako about "Ligo Girl" pero wag dito hehe ;) e mail ko na lang sayo sa FS ;)

  134. Hi guys ! I miss dropping by here in our little chat corner. Been a tough month for me, but it is now over. Our Anatomy and Physiology ended last night. I passed it - wag nyo na lang itanong anong grade LOL. The last exam came out so well that it pulled all my low scores.

    This is the funny thing though, I made three mistakes on the test - it was about Reproductive System - Female reproductive system pa kamo lahat errors ko. I did not study that hard enough thinking I know my body parts and their functions. Sure enough mali mali na yung mga sagot ko, there was a question about opening or passage something un question and sinagot ko v***na and sagot pala is cervix ! hahahha the other one was the folded membrane something and I answered labia minora and sagot pala is hymen hahhahaha

    I thought that was funny when I was reviewing my exam. Oh well glad it is over.

    Moving forward to Pharmacology..

    Thanks for bearing with me - just venting here and there.

  135. I will work on my introduction tonigh for TSS members intro. How about the rest, kumusta ang part nyo ? ako na lang ba iniintay ?

  136. Hi guys, just finished my intro. I also saved a photo on another entry just in case you decide to put our pictures - then it is ready.

    MJ, Car, Cher, Zen - at your earliest convenience, please take a look at that entry saved as draft.

    Nite nite everyone !

  137. Tesya, i've emailed you in FB pero just in case di ka maligaw dun post ko na rin dito yung self-intro ko kasi di talaga ako makapasok dun sa draft. paki copy and paste na lang po. big thanks!

    Cherry hails from a far flung province of Isabela, Philippines and now dwells in the Little Red Dot (Singapore). She is known as Cher in the blogosphere and Che to her family and friends. She is a non-practicing dentist, an amateur photographer and a part-time blogger. Being the youngest in the big family of seven, she remained childish and young at heart but valiantly conquered life’s twist and turns. She is now happily married with a big-hearted man and blessed with one precious child.

  138. i'm back! here's my self-intro edited version: (ako lang kasi naiiba ang format at saka dami ko palang errors, yikes!)

    Hi everyone! This is Cherry greeting you from the Little Red Dot - Singapore! I am known as Cher in the blogosphere and Che to my family and friends. I am a non-practising dentist, an amateur photographer, a part-time blogger, a sanctioned nature lover, and a wanderlust dreamer.

    I came from the far flung province of Isabela, Philippines. Being the youngest in a big family of seven, I remained childish and young at heart through the years but I valiantly conquered life’s twist and turns. I am now happily married to a big-hearted man and blessed with one precious child.

    so sorry to trouble you guys! baka may errors pa, you may want to edit kasi hanggang diyan na lang kaya ng powers ko. hehe! goodnite! mwah!

  139. Tesya i tried to post a photo in our draft but it didn't work girlash :( hindi ko sya ma edit, maybe through e mail na lang?

    thanks again Tesya for your e mail... i really appreciate it girlash, Love yah! mwah! :)

  140. promise huling hirit na 'to:

    Hi everyone! This is Cherry greeting you from The Garden City, Singapore! I am known as Cher in the blogosphere and Che to my family and friends. I am a non-practising dentist, an amateur photographer, a part-time blogger, a sanctioned nature lover, and a wanderlust by heart (I don't have the time and means to scratch my itchy feet just yet).

    I came from the far flung province of Isabela, Philippines. Being the youngest in a big family of seven, I remained childish and young at heart through the years but I valiantly conquered life’s twist and turns. I am now happily married to a big-hearted man and blessed with one precious child.

    hope this will do. maybe it's a good idea to put the links to our personnal blogs, too? and do i need to send photo also? pls let me know. thanks a lot!

  141. Hahahha Cher napa lakas tawa ko sayo. I might need to go back and check my entry at baka mali mali din ang sa akin kaka madali ko.

    I agree on linking your personal blogs sa intro natin so followers would know where else to find you guys !

    Ay excited na ako dyan sa intro na yan ! Then next would be the "now and then photos of the Salityper's"

    We can also compile one - Introducing Salityper's hubby and kids.

    O di ba para tayong one big happy family !

  142. moin moin guys!

    Tesya i posted an entry sa draft with my 2 pics for our intro, i created it kasi di ko talaga ma edit yung post na "if we need a photo" bahala ka na Tesya ;) thanks again for your e mail girlash, really appreciate it, love yah! mwah!

  143. moin moin guys! ;)

    sorry about the mess guys :( today ko lang nakita na doble doble pala yung pics ko in this entry, pero na edit ko na ;)

    okidoks guys, disappear na ko at me darating na mga people to pick up our ols sofa, whew! sana buhatin na lang nila :( mabigat kaya!

  144. nagpaparamdam po sa lahat ng naggagandahan kong mga ate...at syempre sa gwapo po naming kuya...God bless po...

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. Hello Beth - sis thanks for stopping by !

    I also read sa chat box Hermie dropped by and missing us.

    Glad to see you guys and we miss you as well. Take care.. dito lang me pasyal pasyal lang whenever you get a chance.

  147. Just visited ate Zen's facebook page...let's pray for her and her family...

    We love you ate Zen...Condolence sister...Be strong...We are all here for you...

  148. Thanks Beth ! did she post new pictures in F/B ?

    I will check it when I get home.

  149. beth girl! wala ka bang picture of cup of coffee na ilalagay sa post mo" over hot cups of coffee...ipa-publish ko na this week.meron ako kaya lang di starbucks eh...homemade..lol!


  150. Ladies, please check the announcement room !

    Thanks guys ! I miss all of you !

  151. xensya na po ngayon lang po ako napadalaw ulit sa bahay kubo...just saw additional pix of ate zen po ate chay...ate eng...naghahanap pa po ako ng picture para sa kape...pwede po bang kunin sa enet o dapat po original?

  152. beth, girlash! mas maganda kung original....inom ulit kayo ni hubby sa starbucks at kunan mo ng picture....ha!ha!ha!

    sige antayin ko yung picture mo bago ko i post, para sana wednesday o thursday posting yon,,maganda yung story eh!

    kung wala i post ko na lang next week! keep on blogging, girl! keep the posts rolling!!


  153. hahaha...next saturday pa po kami ulit makakapagliwaliw...heheheh...pwede na po ba yung pix na inilagay ko?hahanap pa po ako ng ibang alternative...thank you sis...

  154. hello everyone! waaaaa ang dami ko ng reading assignment dito....miss you all po....i am still alive he he he...pa orient naman po....mwah! pa hug everyone...mmmmwwaaahhhh!!!!!!

  155. kulasaaaa! pa hug din and kiss ;) mwah! we miss you too Zen, good to know you're back now.. life must go on di ba girlash? ;)

    guys tagal din akong di nag iingay dito sa BK hehe ;) i just want to share my happiness and being sooo proud as a mother ;) my daughter Roxanne just finished her final exam for this sem and she showed me her grades and my eyes was like.. WOW! ;) puro UNO guys palantsadong plantsado! ;) weee! so proud of my daughter!

    yun lang muna guys for now.... ;)

  156. Group hug again ! Kulasa, sooooo glad to see you up and running again. Just like Car said, life has to go on. Pa kisssssssss

    Hey Car ! so proud of your daughter, she is very smart and she looks smart ! You are so blessed to have good kids Car ! Congratulations Roxanne !

  157. Very impressive!

    Hope you don't mind me leaving comment to this thread.




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