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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finding My Way Back To Gardening

I must admit I kinda lost time for one of my hobbies when I got hooked to other stuff. Now, slowly I am finding my way back. Last week I got inspired enough to do some transplanting and garden make-over. Now our blooms and succulents area is ready for some addition to the collection. The hubby and I were discussing about gathering plants from our childhood which are rarely seen in gardens now like sweet smelling Sampaguita. Hmmm my green thumb has to be utilized more often!  The world needs more "green" things and the best time to start is now! With the temperature and weather around the world getting crazily unpredictable and even deadly we must ACT in haste! A new plant a week, a tree a bush a flower... that is our goal at home. We've started digging and caring for almost extinct fruit bearing trees on our side of the world the other week. I am thrilled at this project of ours. The kids are hyped too!

My workaholic hubby teaching our son Roel and nephew Jhunvy the art of caring for nature
It's a huge challenge to undertake - kicking my sometimes lazy butt to water the plants and get the shovel on my hands instead of just bumming and playing games on my gadgets yet I am willing to do my part to save this planet. Come join the fun!  :)
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