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Thursday, April 24, 2014

4 Great Exercise Courses for the Future Instructor

If you're considering a career as an exercise instructor, you probably already know that courses in fitness, kinesthetics and choreography are paramount to your future success. But which classes are really worth the money? Which will build you up from a nervous student to an experienced, confident leader? Here are four excellent training programs that will get you fit, motivated and ready to teach in no time.

1: Core Bootcamp

Get started with the basics by educating yourself in the "dos" and "don'ts" of bootcamps. Cardiovascular exercise is more complicated than it looks, so if you want to lead your students from flab to fab, you'll need extensive training in endurance, flexibility, strength building, core workouts, et cetera.

2: Yoga Inc.

Most gyms and fitness centers offer at least one yoga class, so it's a good idea to know the Downward Dog if you plan on looking to these places for employment. Learn about posing, breathing and how to avoid common injuries experienced by gung-ho beginners.

3: The Cycle Coach

There's more to cycling than just sitting on a bike and pumping your legs. In this course, you'll learn about the physicality and psychology of the exercise, gaining the tools to lead your own class with equal amounts of passion and knowledge.

4: HIIT the Road

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines cutting-edge fitness knowledge with good old-fashioned strength exercises. Use this course to find out more about intensity, force application and heart rate monitoring. As a soon-to-be instructor, you need to stay ahead of the curve!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Comfort Food: Jolly Spaghetti

I am not really a fan of Fast-food chains but there is one Jollibee meal I love!

Their spaghetti loaded with cheese and sausage is flavorfully hard to resist!

In moderation it is good enough for me to be energized for a gruelling day at work or a stressful situation.

I love devouring peach mango pie with it. No picture of the pie because it was consumed before the camera could zoom hehehe.

How about you? What is your all time pick me up food? Want some of the pasta? I'm always willing to share!

Have a great time eating with family and friends!  :)

5 Fashion Trends That Look Great Anytime

Tired of rotating your wardrobe every spring, summer and fall? There are a number of ways you can upgrade your closet to be cute and seasonably appropriate no matter what the meteorologists say. If you'd like to enjoy round-the-clock style, here are five fashion trends that you can wear any day of the year.

1: Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are the kind that cling to your curves and create a dramatic silhouette. Buy them in bright, flirty colors for summer; pair them with thick overcoats and stockings when the weather cools.

2: Cashmere Sweaters

You may think that long sleeves are only appropriate for wintertime, but light cashmere sweaters for women can be worn any time. In fact, their coverage offers excellent protection from mosquitoes during summer baseball games!

3: Kitten Heels

Tall enough for sex appeal but small enough not to cause disaster during a rainy or snowy day, kitten heels are a workable compromise between pumps and flats. They look great in all colors, too!

4: Wraps

Unlike scarves, which are designed for bulk and warmth, wraps are often made of lighter, breezier materials. Their primary function is fashion, not protection from the elements, so you can wear them any time your outfit needs a "pop."

5: Leggings

In warm temperatures, leggings can be paired with summer dresses and skirts; in colder weather, they'll trap body heat and fit comfortably into furry boots. Go ahead and buy leggings in every color: You can wear them 365 days a year.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer In A Bowl

Summer is just around the corner on my side of the world and the kids are already looking forward to enjoying more of "halo-halo" (shaved ice with mixed sweetened fruits and ice cream)! The other weekend we each had a bowl of Summer in our new found resto. The hubby promised to create his own "halo-halo" at home next weekend! Come share Summer In A Bowl with us then!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Any piece of artwork is a mirror of recaptured experience. It is an encapsulated slice of a particular reality. A creative attempt to foreground an understanding of what is rather obscure.

Where can true love be found? Or are we even equipped, capable to give and receive it? Hasn't it been butchered yet by this practical materialistic world?

Murmuring these questions led to the writing of this poem (2007 Thailand).  Dear friends, share this reflective course as we traverse the lines of "Parallelism"...


In a parallel paradigm of selling and buying
Abounding like merchandise in a busy marketplace,
Love can be sold
Half the price, discounted, on sale
Or buying things at a certain cost
It may come like a bonus - free!
No charge at all

A hopeless romantic may well find herself
Roaming endlessly in an abandoned cemetery
Where people caught in a mundane swirl of living daily
No vision of glory, passion or pain
Bury love under fathomless depth of oblivion,
"don't dare dig it baby, you'll end up feeling sorry".

Time passes without meaning
Onward towards the great nowhere
Move on!
Let it all pass under the bridge,
Ride the wings of time
Until you reach the end
Far from the here and the now
Far from all the things that make u feel invisible.

Go away.
Regain visibility.
Be not daunted by fear.
Be free!

~ Kurdapya~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feeling Bad? Dress Up!

I have not been my usual self the past days. I am frustrated over something, a plan which did not work out as I would have wanted it to be. Yet I continue being optimistic, taking each day one at a time until I find my answer. So, how do I deal with these unavoidable negative vibes?

I dress up!

I visited a salon for the first time in many months, got me some new clothes and some bling-blings. These days I just LOVE wearing huge accessories. I wish I could have some of those fashionable wrist candies from http://www.katydid.com/  and even just one of their uniquely designed belts too! Workmates were curious about my new look the other day and I was quick to tell them "It's just that my mind is such a clutter these days so I find joy in dolling up".  

I do believe though that real beauty is found in one's heart- that is why I am spending these days contemplating on what I have to do to be of better service to my fellowmen. For now, I wait, wait and pray.

Have a great week!
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