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Friday, February 28, 2014

What skills are required for poker?

Contrary to popular belief, poker is not a game of  luck. The cards, or luck of the draw, comprise only part of the game. In order to win consistently at poker, every good player exhibits a certain set of skills.


In poker, the necessary mathematics skills include more than simply knowing how to count cards. Yes, any poker player should know how to add the flop and board cards as well as have the ability to calculate the cards that are left in the deck (outs). However, he also needs to understand odds and probabilities of the outs.

How do you learn how to calculate the odds of any given game and translate them into a good betting strategy? Turn to a good poker player for help or research poker tutorials online.


Individuals who can not concentrate on a task and become easily distracted will find it hard to become successful poker players. While poker requires the ability to handle multiple tasks, the key is to keep track of the other players' actions without losing sight of the big picture.

Observation Skills

Of course advanced poker players know how to control their reactions by putting on what is called a good poker face. However, an individual with good observation skills can pick up those small, uncontrollable telltale signs that show up with a good or bad hand. That is when a good memory will come in handy when you can match up those signs with winning or losing hands.

Basic Psychology

Players evaluate their opponents before the first hand is even dealt. Bluffing and manipulation skills (making the opponent think you have a better or worse hand) win the game. A good poker player evaluates what kind of hands opponents have and what the opponents think others have. Betting high with a bad hand (fast playing) and betting hesitantly (slow playing) with a good hand as to not scare off the opponents constitute relatively simple forms of this strategy.

Understanding the Concept of Risk Compared to Reward

It takes experience to balance risks with rewards. It might take a streak of losing hands before getting ahead in a particular game. A skilled poker player needs to know when he is up against players who can afford to take bigger risks. He also needs a certain amount of ruthlessness and take advantage of the situation when competing against smaller fish.


It takes a lot of self-discipline to come out ahead. For example, a good hand can easily lead to too much confidence and distract the player from paying attention to the whole game. Bet too high when someone else holds a better hand and the loss can be significant. On the other hand, playing timidly when the cards do not fall right might make for a short game.

However, even the most disciplined and skilled player can encounter better players. In that case, lack of respect for those skills can lead to foolish losses as well. As the saying goes: Know when to fold.

Good players understand that poker is about skills and know how to work all of these. While unskilled players can get lucky, advanced poker enthusiasts do not rely on luck. They simply hope no one else gets lucky.

About The Author:

Sarah writes for Allpro usually about sports and game reviews.

Hurray To Little Beth's New Adventure

Soon you will hug tiny hands and tiny feet....

Soon you'll be the happy listener to cute cries of hunger and discomfort yet also the recipient of the tiniest yet sweetest of hugs and kisses...

Soon you will become, one of the prettiest moms in all the world

Soon we will see, that beautiful miracle that came from ONE GREAT LOVE so unique and true

Soon we will witness your little family's blooming tale of sweetness

Shall I say we are overly thrilled????? and gleeful and thankful for this wonderful precious gift you have received....

Another Salitype baby is coming over!!!!!

Hurray little Beth!!!! We all love you oh so much!!!!

 Can't wait to see little= little Beth :)


Marckie Listening To Music And Relaxing In the Garden

Our dog Marckie loves hanging out in the yard. He enjoys simply sprawling on the grass carpeted lawn and staring at our blooming garden flowers. On weekends, the hubby would be playing his favorite songs for all the world to hear. He usually plays guitar accompanied songs of yesteryears which the kids honestly do not appreciate much. 

Our grasses actually need a lot of trimming and the hubby is planning to set up permanent chairs on our front yard for our guests to seat on during parties at home. I was telling him the other day that soon we will graduate from holding kiddo parties and hold teenage parties instead! He squirmed at the idea that our teenage son's friends will be dancing and playing loud music with the aid of Line 6 Amplifiers. I laughed out loud imagining him ordering a curfew and begging the kids to tone down their guitars. But know what? When no one is looking, the hubby actually dances to new beats! I bet he secretly loves new guitar hits!

As for our dog Marckie, I think he doesn't mind whether it is modern or classical music that's playing at our home sweet home. He does react though as any dog would do to strangers and rowdy noise. 

Have fun in your own homes and may you always be blessed with love and peace.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Saving Time In a Bottle Through Strumming A Guitar

I am not giving up, definitely not giving up on my dream to play the guitar. I used to be able to strum a guitar using book guides. I even actually had guitar lessons as a teenage girl. My instructor loved to let us play the song "Time In a Bottle". I just realized it is easier to learn now with technology allowing us to watch video tutorials! Even purchasing new b.c. rich bass guitars is a breeze online.

My brother used to have an electric guitar and was even part of his school's band. I am sure when his son grows a bit older he'd be interested in music too! My kids already are, and if I could have saved time in a bottle, I'd go back to that time when my brother and I were still teenagers and having a blast with dad who is now resting up in the clouds. 

Lourdes Grotto

        We had another trip to the City of Pines with the kids this summer. This time we took them to the Lourdes Grotto which is a Catholic place of worship where one could have an excellent view of Baguio City.
Devotees from all  over the world visit the place each day. We were greeted at the entrance by a brown friendly dog.

I took one deep breath at the foot of the first staircase and wished myself a lot of luck climbing the 252 steps. Already exhausted from roaming the rest of the city I knew I had little energy left.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Falles de Valencia

If there is one thing that the Spanish know well its festivals. With various celebrations on Saint’s days, Easter, Christmas and a host of other festivals, there is always something going on. Depending on if you like the peace and quiet or you love the idea of seeing some of Spain’s traditional fetes and festivals, the Fallas de Valencia festival could be the perfect thing to see while on holiday in spain.

Marking the Festival

A five day festival surrounding the celebration of Saint Joseph, ending on the 19th March. The name derives from the word falla which means ‘torch’. Every morning in the five days of the festival begins at 8am with large brass bands that march down the streets playing live music. Following that are the fallers who throw large firecrackers into the air to mark the festival days.
Every day at 2pm the clock tower will chime and the Fallera Mayor will come out onto the City Hall balcony and call out to the citizens to commence the Mascleta a series miniature firework displays that go off in each neighbourhood. The neighbourhoods will compete with each other for the honour of providing the final Mascleta on the 19th March.

Flower Offerings

During the days of the 17th and 18th March, all throughout the day offerings of flowers are made to the Holy Mary. The statue that stands in the city is soon covered in flowers, as well as its adorning pedestal, as a sign of respect.

Fireworks every Night

Every evening from the 15th to the 19th March has grand fireworks displays along the old riverbed, with each nights fireworks getting progressively grander until the crux of the festival on La Nit del Foc meaning the Night of Fire.


Traditionally during the five days of the festival, families and neighbourhoods would get together and craft and build wooden figurines that they would burn on the last day of Fallas. These crafted figures were called ninots, and were traditionally in the basic shape of men and women. Normally inspiration was taken from events that had happened during the year to create the figurines, and the burning of these ninots would represent the cleansing of the ‘irony’ and ‘sin’ of the previous year.

More recent ninots are made out of cardboard, papier macher and wax, making them easier to burn and easier to carve. Artists, painters and sculptures can take months to sculpt and paint these ninots or fallas, for them to be burnt on the 19th March. These ninots can be as tall as the surrounding buildings, and often the flames from these fallas are so hot that festival goers can still feel the intense heat from metres away. Visitors are allowed to vote for which ninot they think is the best. At the end of the festival, the ninot with the winning vote is the only ninot that is saved from the burning or ‘La Crema’.

This lively, yet eerily haunting festival is normally accompanied with traditional dress, dancing, loud live music and dishes such as paella. It is strange to think that so much effort has been put into these stunning pieces of art, only to have most of them burnt on the day, but that is what makes this festival so fascinating.

About the Author:

Esthar Wood is a travel blogger with a keen interest in Spanish customs and traditions. She has contributed this post on behalf of Panorama Properties, real estate agents of repute on the Costa del Sol

This Year's Valentine, Letting Go.....

On heart's day this year I got to share in a momentous event in my teen-age son's life.

Flowers, chocolates and love songs all became fresh beautiful things to me as I watched the boy who used to be a baby I cradeled in my arms become a man. As I watched him glide into the dance floor, a lovely girl in his arms my heart lurched both with happiness and honestly a bit of sadness. So this is how it feels to Let Go and be a mom to a man.

It feels great, sigh. To see the once year old boy making his first few steps across the living room speak in public with authority and conviction and be applauded by a crowd is this mom's ultimate crown.  I probably did a great job and it is time...to Let Go of the baby and let him be A Man....

To every mom out there who witnessed their son or daughter's prom this year.....

HAPPY LETTING GO!!! And Congratulations....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Whistling The Tune of Love At Home

 The hubby often whistles when busy around the yard. I love it when he whistles my favorite tunes, the ones he used to play for me when he was still courting me. What I love more now is that our kids have developed a love for music too! They would love to have a recorder, a whistle-like instrument to play while walking to school or back home. I'm thinking of purchasing too one of those affordable recorder neckstraps sold online so they won't drop the instrument while chasing each other.  The two of them I am so relieved can sing and play a song without getting out of tune. I thank the heavens they did not inherit my unmelodious voice!

Our yard on weekends is singing with happiness when the kids and the hubby are all home to inspire me in my gardening!

May The Song of Happiness Always Play In The Sweetness of Your Homes

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to save money with cheap garden upgrades

There's a lasting allure attached to the designing of gardens for pleasure as opposed to tilling the soil in order to raise food.  Gardening that focuses on visual entertainment rather than practical benefit has been a province of the wealthy for several millennia, and is sometimes elevated to an art form.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which was a series of landscaped terraces built in the desert around 600 BCE, were considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The Chinese still maintain the magnificent Imperial Gardens of the old dynastic rulers in the Forbidden City, which cover 12,000 square metres and contain trees that have been cultivated for hundreds of years, and Japan opens similar gardens in Tokyo and Kyoto to the public regularly.

Today's casual gardener has access to the collective gardening wisdom of the ages in creating decorative effects, and the elements most often chosen for use in pleasure gardens have remained the same:  seating carefully arranged to catch the best views, plants chosen to present attractive displays all the year through, water features, pieces of sculpture, and accessories chosen to delight the eye.

Most popular garden additions

A little labour and ingenuity, plus an eye for beauty, are all that's required to bring the following elements into your garden successfully.  The simplest way to add dramatic focus to your garden is a water feature.  Installing a water feature can be done very quickly and cheaply, as the basic components are few.  You'll need a reservoir to hold the water, a submersible pump to cycle the water from reservoir to fountainhead and back, and the fountain spigot itself, which is optional.  The pump can run on electrical current from inside your house, and you'll want to incorporate a suitable circuit breaker as a safety measure.

Patio.  While usually more costly than a water feature, a patio gives you a space in which to host gatherings.  The materials needed for a patio are rather more expensive than those for a water feature, as to do the best job you'll need a foundation layer (usually of sand or crushed concrete) plus mortar and paving stones.  Depending on the type of paving you select, you can keep your costs low (a single sheet of concrete is cheapest, followed by concrete paving blocks) or spend more on pre-cut stone blocks like slate, shale, granite, or limestone.

Planters.  Almost anything, from wine casks to breeze blocks, can be converted to a planter.  The chief requirements are the capacity to hold garden soil and an outlet for drainage, to permit water to percolate through the soil, and any container that serves those purposes will do.  You can cast a planter in regular concrete, or mix up some cement-based hypertufa to mold a planter that resembles a stone watering trough.  The easiest planters to build are made of scrap lumber like wooden pallets, because you can knock together a box of any size, dump in a few bags of soil, and start transplanting.

Grill for outdoor cooking.  You can spend several hundred pounds on a gas-powered barbecue with a posh rain cover  (do check that you are getting the best rates available if seeking additional funds for this venture) or you can dig a shallow firepit, bank it with cobbles or leftover concrete, and place a wire grill over it on which your food can cook.  It's even possible to take the wire rack from your toaster oven and set it on little stacks of bricks, for that matter, because it's really that easy to construct an outdoor grill.  You can construct quite a large grill by adapting an old metal mesh-top table.  Separate the existing leg assembly from the top, which will form the grill, and substitute some shorter supports around the sides.  The smaller table tops work best for this application, but if all you can find is a larger size you can use only that part of the top that actually fits over your firepit.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Batsuy- A White Squash Recipe

One of my favorite vegetables is white squash and one dish I learned from my grandma and continue to love to this day is Batsuy. It is a nutritious, healthy and yummy recipe.

You need to slice the white squash into little rectangular portions and prepare onions, garlic and tomatoes and atsuete (for natural coloring).

Saute pork, ground or diced or for vegetarians a meat substitute could be used, add the white squash and a little fish sauce to taste.

I prefer eating it immediately after cooking with warm rice. Let's eat!

Friday, February 7, 2014

8 Presents Your Girlfriend Will Love This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day will soon be here, so it’s probably a good idea that you start looking at gifts for your girlfriend right now. A woman without a thoughtful gift from her boyfriend on Valentine’s day is unlikely to be a happy one, so now’s the time to get thinking fellas! To give you a little bit of a hint, we’ve put together 8 presents your girlfriend is sure to love - no matter your budget or her style!


A Box of Her Favourite Things

What does your girlfriend like the most in the world? Throw it all into a pretty box or basket! You can put sweets, jewellery, Yankee candles, alcohol - anything she enjoys into her box. Fill it with things that will make her smile.

A Watch

There’s nothing like a watch to finish off an outfit. The most popular brands are probably Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, and Guess. Take a look at those ranges and see if there’s anything that your girlfriend will like. Have a look at her current collection of jewellery to get an idea of the kind of stuff she likes!

A Charm

If your girlfriend has a Pandora bracelet or another popular charm bracelet, you could buy her a meaningful charm to go on it. It’ll mean so much more if you pick it rather than her picking it herself, just make sure you know what brand her bracelet is before buying the charm.


All women love clothes, but they should be approached with caution. You need to be very confident that your girlfriend will like what you’re picking for her, and that it’s not just something you like. You should also bear in mind that if you buy her something too racy, she might get offended!

A Subscription to Her Favourite Magazine

Take a look at her magazine collection and see what kind of material she’s into. If there’s something there that’s more prominent than the others, get her a subscription for the year! Subscriptions are usually much cheaper than buying them singularly, so it’s worth it.

A Weekend Away

All girls dream of being whisked away, so book a weekend away as a Valentine’s surprise. You don’t have to spend a fortune and take her to another country (unless you want to), you could simply take her to another city where there’s great food, things to do and see, and shopping. All girls love shopping!

A Slap Up Meal

Whether this is home cooked or at her favourite restaurant, she’s sure to appreciate some slap up grub. If you’ve paid any attention to her you should know what her favourite food is - so get preparing!

A Pamper Day

You could book your girlfriend in at a spa, although this will take it’s toll on your pocket. If you want to pamper your girlfriend, you can do so for a fraction of the price by doing it yourself! Run her a bath, give her massages, cook for her, paint her nails...anything she wants!

What are you going to do for your girlfriend? Choose an option from our list and you can’t go wrong!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Of Gardening and Staying Fit

One thing I love most about living at the neck of the woods is the chance to plant  vegetables around the yard. It is an awesome feeling being able to till the land and have veggies on the dining table straight from the garden.

See our squash above? It's all grown and I believe it will still get bigger! I love coming home from work and seeing our plants healthy and colorful! 

The white flower is that of our white squash crawling on the ground and welcoming sunshine. I wish I could spend more time taking care of our vegetable plants.

Care to share with me the above healthy breakfast?- fresh bittermelon, eggplant, onions, tomatoes and pepper!

Health is wealth and what better way to stay fit than gardening and consuming fresh produce! Join us!

Monday, February 3, 2014

5 North American Holiday Destinations You Need to Visit

There are plenty of cities in North America that make it on to everyone's travel wishlist; most of us would give our right arm to see them all. The problem is, with so many cities to choose from, where do you go first? Unless you’re made of money, it’s unlikely that you’re going to visit them all at once! We’ve picked five of our favourite North American holiday destinations that should definitely be top of the list.

1. Albuquerque
Famous for several things; Breaking Bad, Balloon Fiesta and the fact that it sounds like you’re talking about cookies when you mention its name. We love Albuquerque and not just for the reasons we’ve stated above. If you want something a little bit different, and not teeming with tourists, then this is the American holiday destination for you. Situated in New Mexico, the desert climate will ensure you get the heat we all crave when on holiday, unless you visit during their snowstorms through December and January. There’s an amusement park, ice rinks and a space centre to keep even the fussiest of travellers happy.

2. Honolulu
Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii on holiday?! Honolulu is the biggest city in the state of Hawaii, and one of the best suited for tourists. There’s some rather incredible beaches, clear blue waters, sunny weather, lovely locals, delicious food… We could go on. If you’re bored of relaxing then there’s plenty of upbeat activities to take part in, such as surfing on Waikiki beaches or visiting one of the many hula shows, cabarets and theatre performances. There’s so much to say about the charm of Honolulu, but we think you should discover it for yourself.

3. Seattle
One of the largest cities in the whole of the USA, Seattle will ensure you have plenty of things to do during your holiday. Any travel guide you pick up for this city will be split into different regions, just to cover the vast amount of area that makes up Seattle. We don’t have a whole lot of time left to write about all of the things you can do here, so we’ve picked just a few favourites; visit the Space Needle, go on an underground tour, visit one of the many museums and take a ride on the monorail.

4. Nashville
Music City is the nickname of Tennessee's capital, Nashville. If you have a passion for country music, rap music, rock music; music in general, then this is the American holiday destination for you. Many famous bands have started off playing in the many pubs, bars and clubs in the Nashville area, before becoming the superstars that you see today. There are plenty of music museums here if you want to learn more about this city's rich culture. Alternatively simply head over to one of the local bars and listen to some live performances from tomorrow’s biggest bands.

5. New York City
We couldn’t conclude the list without adding in New York City now, could we? The Big Apple is the most famous city in America, with many people assuming it’s the capital (that’s Washington DC, by the way). Famous landmarks include the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and the National September 11th Memorial site. Many people avoid NYC because they think it’s too expensive, but you can get cheap hotels in New York if you look around.

These are just 5 of our favourites, although we could definitely have added a lot more to the list. Where will you be going on your next North American holiday?

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