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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Guide To Perfectly Fitting In A Prom Dress

Prom Night- Sweet music playing, perfume filling the air, the smile of your special someone drawing near, you check out your face in front of a mirror and to your horror find the spaghetti strap of your dress crooked or the lace of your gown torn! You can not let that special day in your life become a disaster! You got to pick the prom dress that suits you best in time for any adjustments before the big day comes.

Looking for the perfect prom dress could be a daunting task. All thanks to technology, ordering prom dresses online has become breezy. The tricky part though is finding a site where you could choose from a wide variety of dresses that suit your taste and perfectly fits you.

At dressfirst.com you could find a wide selection of gorgeous yet affordable prom dresses. Looking fabulous does not have to hurt your purse!

They offer A line/Princess Sweetheart floor length dresses as well as Mermaid prom dresses; Empire strapless ankle length dress; Sheath Sweetheart floor length Taffeta Tulle prom dresses and many more which could make you feel like a princess. Just looking at them is making me wish I could go back in time...

...and be Prom Queen.

Now before I become too ambitious let me share with you some of the tips I learned from DressFirst so you would perfectly fit in your ordered prom dress. These also come in handy for online purchases of other dresses.

You could opt for standard sizes based on a chart but it would be wise to have your dress customized.

It would be best to be measured by a professional tailor yet if you got no choice and you are to do it on your own be sure to do it properly otherwise you might not get that flawless fit!

The bust size I realized isn't one's bra size but the measure of the fullest part of the bust.

The waist is measured about an inch above the belly button and that the hips should be measured about seven inches from the waist. The hollow (hollow portion between the collar bones) to floor measurement is added around two inches to fit high heels.

The rest of the ordering part is easy when you know what goes well with your body and facial features.

 The color of the dress is a huge factor for looking and feeling great too so carefully browse the color chart available for each dress to find your magical hue.

The length of the dress  should also complement your height regardless of what type of shoe you will wear so before making your final order you might want to fit some of your old dresses to find the best choice for comparison.

I got a niece to aid in purchasing her prom dress and our goal is to avail of the free shipping offer at the site.

Join us catch the offer and look your best on prom night! Who knows, you just might be, the next Prom queen!

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