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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Win Fair and Honest Auctions at DealDash.com

If you happen to be a thrift shopper like me, you may find Deal Dash as a new and exciting way to shop! You will be very pleased most especially if you are good at bidding. At Deal Dash, it is easy to win, fair and honest auctions. The video that I embedded below will surely amaze you and make your jaw drop. Watch it!

Where else can you get New Kindle Touch at $0.07, Ottoman Massage Chair at $1.53, Brother Sewing Machine at $2.64, Toshiba Laptop at $1.31??? Crazy, awesome deals, right?! At Deal Dash, you can save up to 99% and the good news is, everything sold at Deal Dash comes with free shipping! What are you waiting for? Bid at DealDash.com today!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Clearance Jeans

I love jeans, especially if they are clearance jeans! It seems like everyone I know always have a pair of jeans or cannot live without jeans. Jeans are very versatile. If the weather conditions are not extreme, they can even be worn for hiking. 
Hiking in Jeans
What is good with jeans is that they can easily cross from wilderness
to city streets. 

You just change your shoes from hiking to sandals, and your bag from backpack to ladies purse, and you're all ready to walk down the city streets without people knowing you just came from hiking wilderness. Whenever I am not sure what to wear, I would wear jeans since it can look casual or dressy with very little changes. 
Dressing Up With Jeans
And jeans last a very long time. The jeans I was wearing in the above picture were already 6 years old, yet I still wear them up to now. The price was a steal from the clearance rack when I bought them several years ago! Though I am basically a jeans person, but I always wait when the price of the jeans already have been marked down. I need not buy the newest release jeans because they never run out of style! What has started as hard laborer's pants before has now become a wardrobe staple all over the world. 
Also, I have never thrown away jeans as far as I could remember since the materials seem to last a very long time. However, because of metabolic slow down, the jeans I had 8 years ago or older were already handed down to thinner recipients. Thankfully, jeans never go out of style, despite the introduction of newer designs. They now come in various fits, such as: skinny, boot cut, straight, tapered and flare. My favorite cut is flare since they seem to even out my legs and trim down my hips. Check out the clearance jeans from Aeropostale, and you may get the fit that you wanted at such heavily discounted clearance prices!

Swimming Pool Above Ground: Swimming Adventure In The Comfort of Home

     The hubby and I have long been wishing to construct a swimming pool at home. We worry about how expensive it would cost us though. Seeing how passionate our kids are about learning how to swim makes us want to really pursue our plan. The hubby has started asking around how much building a pool would cost us    and it seems that our budget won't be enough. Hearing the kids being disappointed, we searched on-line for other alternatives and found just the right solution- above ground pool installation which takes only a few days!

our son eagerly learning how to swim 
     We never thought we could have a backyard oasis at a cheaper price. Thanks to NZ Timber Pools the kiddos could now have unlimited water fun at home.

Timber Pool
Swimming pool above ground which has a sturdy construction and blends easily with the surroundings
photo source- http://www.nztimberpools.co.nz/

          What  enchants us most is that we could take it with us when we move to another place and the re-installation won't take that long plus the superb timber finish which we could opt to paint to match our garden. I honestly do not know how to swim yet so I too am hyped at the idea of having a pool at home. I bet the hubby and I will have a blast playing in the water with the kids. I could almost hear the kiddo's laughter filling the backyard!

     Timber Pools
photo source- http://www.nztimberpools.co.nz/
     When I was a kid, our dad took us to the beach on weekends during school break and oh how I enjoyed playing in the water. My parents would have a hard time taking us home because my brother and I would not leave the water. Being swayed by the waves and lulled by the splashing water has a magic that entices each child. How great it would be to have such experience at our backyard every waking morning of summer. 

     Come join us have fun swimming! :) Life is sweetest always in the comfort of that place we call HOME. 

Here, Where It All Began

I vividly remember
Back when life was a bore
and sadness filled my room
when the kids are off to school
and the hubby has gone to work
and I was left alone,
alone with my thoughts and wishes....
wishes to travel the world
and for my voice to be heard
like an answered prayer
I found you all
then came Salitype into my life
then came your friendship 
so unlike any other in the world
you filled my heart with laughter
and a joy beyond compare
here we cried, we jumped
we smiled, we cared
and showed the world
the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP and CARING
creativity that is shared
to kids in need
we hold their fragile future in our hands
and yes I will be there
I will be here,
that what we once dreamed of
will be a reality
in a child's life....
The Salitype Society's vision
our mission
in this purpose-driven 

Salitype Society, gift-giving, December 2012

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Your Rights Need To Be Protected


     There is so much to see in the world. The freedom to roam, to travel and explore is one of the best things in life. My friends and I plan to travel the world when we retire from work. It is a dream that we believe can become a reality like our dream of contributing in making the world a better place through helping kids finish their education.  Driving endlessly would be such fun. A road-trip is on our bucket list across the country. We all agree though that no matter how careful we are in life sometimes there will always come a time when we will need the aid of experts in court. Who knows because of our excitement we just might find ourselves in need of a DUI attorney who could represent us well. It is always a relief to learn that there are expert legal teams like IYER law office who have successfully argued a thousand cases and have extensive trial experience. Knowing that there are DUI Attorney in Denver  from the said law office assisting one professionally and effectively through carefully studying cases and making sure one gets a fair trial is such a relief.

     There are so many flowers waiting for my friends and I to see and capture. I am sure we will have the time of our lives for as long as we do not get in trouble and our rights are protected. Come join us as we plan!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Story of Him and Me

It's been a while...

Let me tell you about a story of HIM and ME...:-)

 I never thought that I'd be smiling as I try to recall how wonderful that special day is...

 Like every other story...

let me begin by saying...

 There was this young girl who always dreamt of the perfect wedding...

 She always dreamt about the big puffy dress...

 The perfect tailored suit...

 The sweet perfect colored nail polish...

 The Cinderella glass slipper...

 The perfect Shiny Groom shoes...and so on and so forth...

 But she was amazed for in reality what she had was more than perfect...

 She saw a Man that makes her laughter sound a lot better...

 She walked down the aisle side by side with her Prince Charming who made her smile a little sweeter...

 She exchanged vows with her Mr. Right that said, " No return no exchange!"...

 She sat beside her better half who whispered... " You look amazing today! " even though her make up almost melted away...

 ...and after everything has been said and done...

 The Story of Him and Me starts all over again...:-)

Growing A Vegetable Garden and Seeds of LOVE

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.
     The other week I bought a gardening book on easy to grow vegetables. I have always wanted to grow my own ingredients for cooking the healthy dishes for my family. The book gave me ideas what to plant in this season and searching for more information I learned of The Gro Project and got inspired to unearth the green thumb in me.

I would love to use materials around our yard which have been left unused for sometime. I love leafy vegetables which are best to turn into salad matched with healthy dressing as well as veggie vines that bear edible flowers. The fun garden projects I discovered at Miracle-Gro facebook page will help me turn my garden unique.
     I was particularly drawn to this project- The Ukelele Garden.

     Instead of a Yukelele though I think I am gonna use an old guitar and let a vegetable vine grow out of it. A bittermelon is what I have in mind. Squash stems would also look great coming out of the guitar body. I can picture the yellow blooms springing out.
     Now these are the steps for me to undertake:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tea Collection

Listen to the responses I received after saying that one of my resolutions this year is not to buy new clothes for one whole year. YES, you heard it right, no clothes shopping for a year !

"You are insane !"
"I will give you five months and you will break that new year's resolution"
"Are you on some kind of financial trouble?"
"You must be sick or hallucinating ?"

I burst in laughter with those inspiring comments. I did the same resolution one year and broke it in six months as I had to get a new outfit for an event my husband and I had to attend. Well, the truth of the matter is six months of not buying new clothes gave us a few extra savings and a chance for me to enjoy what I have in my closet.

I was online today reading news about the economy and  came across an advertisement on clothes from a store called  "TEA" .  The name is interesting and my first thought was a place that sells different kinds of tea or tea set collections.   Tea is a company that started in 2002 in San Francisco. They design distinctive fashion collections inspired with their discoveries when they travel around the world. I was drawn with their women's collection - it is free spirited, easy going, culturally connected designed to fit each ones lifestyle. Tea is also a  children's clothing store,  their stores offer  full selection of children's clothes.
I quote what they say ...  " We're Tea. We go there. Across the street. And across the globe. To see. To be. To share—especially to share. It's how we bring you the world. "

Visit Teacollections.com or experience Tea in person at one of their Tea Destination Stores. Tea is also available at specialty and department stores, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more than 300 high-end children's boutiques in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Today, I broke my new year's resolution. The new arrivals at Tea collection is simply irresistable --- my color and my style  !!!

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Beautiful Masterpiece

       He looked at me and said, " Please take care of her...she's the only wife that I've got..." with loving eyes he watched her as she closed hers...

     They held each other's hands as if they've never did it before...She may forget the date today, her birthday, my first name, where she is at the time being but in the middle of the night she'd call for his name and his name alone...She'd cry for hours waking up in the middle of the night whenever she realized that he's not there...I'd come to her aid and say, "he'll be back tomorrow", and with those words she'd stop crying, hold my hand and close her eyes hoping that the next time she opens it he'll be right there beside her holding her hand again...

     He said, " she's the only wife that I've got...and she has been for 64 years ", tearful he'd leave her room and say, " I'll be back tomorrow morning..."

       I'd pass by her room and glance at them and smile... True love is forever...Our hair may turn gray...Our youthful glow may disappear...Our hands may wrinkle...Our memory may fail us...but there's one thing that will never turn gray...never will it take our youthful smile away...it will never wrinkle...and I strongly believe it will never fail us as well...and whenever you were given that extremely special opportunity to have found it never let it go...instead hold unto it...cherish it...and nurture it...for in the end that is the only treasure that you'll ever have...

      True love is a rare and beautiful masterpiece indeed...
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