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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uses of Bandana, Turban and Shawl

by: Sissy

Got a chance to take a pic of two Igorot women on our way to Mountain Province. They are lovely! I found out that they also have a way of making their bandana. Bandana to them is not about fashion at all. It’s part of their daily wears - protection from the weather (sunny or rainy days and even from dew!).

An accent or sometimes to cover something that shouldn’t be exposed! Hahaha

For convention attire

Helpful during travels to keep away from hair tangles and sticky feeling caused by the wind and sun

Display of diverse uses/style and be different from others

Awww soooo hot!!! Protection to avoid sunburn??? teehee :)

A shawl to cover the face in order not to be recognized at all? But i know her, she's the wife of our former CEO hahha

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For A Very Special Friend

and for keeping us all inspired to keep writing and snapping photos
all for that one great dream of helping kids attain their
You are one in a million and we are so proud to be your friend...
thank you for sharing with us the Joys of Simple Life  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Please, refrain from saying that " people can take really nice pictures because they have really nice cameras." There's nothing more i hate than hearing people says that. I don't know about you but I find that an insult to my intelligence - i may not be the smartest around the block but i ain't the dumbest either. I started photography with my compact camera, a Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 ( you can google it for a comparison with an SLR), and some of my all time favorite photos came out of that. What it lack on print quality you can find on high end cameras it makes up for content, big time. A camera, even those that of high- end ones, can only capture what you see but first YOU HAVE TO SEE! There always is a person behind the lens showing you the best in every shots. I can own the best oven in the world but that does not mean i can bake the best cake ever, if you get my gist.

Why upgrade if it works? Well, the only reason one should upgrade his gear, i think,  is because you have outgrown its use. When you think that your camera is holding you back on achieving your potential for better things, then it is the time to move on. Know your camera like the back of your hands. Every button on it has function that will make your life easier to get that shot you've been dreaming of. Learn it, master it. You may be driving a Bugatti Veyron Super Sports car and don't know your way, you might as well ride a scooter. Do not be tempted to join the bandwagon because everybody has the newest model of Nikon, Canon or Leica  (new models/camera bodies are being released sooner than you can learn the ones you just bought) . They may have outgrown the old ones or want to show off. If you cannot take a decent photos with the old ones what makes you think you can with the new one. Photography is more than aiming the lens on something and pressing the shutter. It all about composition, light, texture, shapes, colors, background and more, oh yes, a lot more!!! The post processing bit is simply a bonus in the great scheme of things.
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