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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saving lives with dating sites

Those dating sites you signed up for last week could save your life.  Well, not the sites, exactly, but the person you meet and marry could be the reason you overcome disease or illness.  New research from Harvard is causing some doctors to believe that instead of tossing chemotherapy treatments at cancer patients, they should first make sure that the person’s spouse, family, and friends are all ready to provide support.

Professor David Kissane studies cancer patients from the psychiatry department of Australia’s Monash University, and his research leads him to believe that being married can be just effective as chemical anticancer treatments.  His reasoning?  Since humans are so tribal and community-driven, the most fulfilling connections can quite literally save our lives (Jaslow 2013).  It’s not just cancer that is beaten by the power of love–the likelihood of having a heart attack also decreases when a person is married, but increases if they are single or widowed.

“We don't just see our study as an affirmation of marriage,” says Dr. Paul Nguyen, the lead author of Harvard’s study.  Being married certainly has positive effects, but the constant presence of family members and friends can have nearly the same results.  It’s all about how loved and supported the patient feels, along with the practical steps that loved ones can encourage, such as going to doctor’s appointments and trying different types of treatments.

“Overall, the analysis found married cancer patients live longer than their single or widowed counterparts” (Jaslow 2013).  It may be that dating site reviews will become apart of your treatment plan for a longer life. According to the study, which was published by Dr. Nguyen and his co-author Dr. Ayal Aizer, single cancer patients were 47% more likely to have received incorrect or insufficient treatment for their disease.

About 735,000 cancer patients, who were diagnosed with the disease between 2004 and 2008, were the subjects of the study.  The doctors looked at all sorts of factors, “adjusting the data to remove other factors that could influence survival results, like age, race, gender, income and education levels” (Jaslow 2013).  All of their research pointed to one fact: being married saves lives.  Professor Kissane would say that it’s part modern treatment and part the psychiatric support that loved ones can provide.  A solid relationship not only feels better than a chemotherapy treatment, it might do more in the long run. However, it’s not just being married that’s the benefit, but being happily married. When we are in close, supportive relationships, it improves our immune system, thereby, helping us fight illness and disease. In contrast, unhealthy and toxic relationships can do the opposite by compromising our immune system and making us more susceptible to infection. So, be sure to cultivate a warm, supportive relationship with your partner so the two of you can enjoy many years of health together.

Jaslow, R. Married cancer patients live longer than singles with the disease. Retrieved on September 26, 2013 from cbsnews.com/8301-204_162-57604370/married-cancer-patients-live-longer-than-singles-with-the-disease/

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  4. Love can heal any disease. someone has rightly said that love is the antidote of every disease in long-run, if it doesn't cure the pain, increase the dose.




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