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Monday, November 25, 2013

Kare-Kare (Stew Meat)

by: Chay

Growing up in the city with working parents, my siblings and I were assigned daily chores to help the family. When I arrived home from school my chore was cooking for the family. My mom would create a weekly menu for me to follow and shopped for the ingredients. Most of the meals were stir-fry vegetables with meat and a few soup recipes. These kinds of meals are very common in the Philippines, the country I grew up in.

Little did I know a love for cooking was growing inside.

Most of the time, I follow recipes to create dishes, but if some of the ingredients are not available, or my husband objects, I use substitutes. These improvised dishes work out as much as the real ones.

While at the store the other day I thought about making a Filipino stew meat dish called kare-kare (pronounced curry-curry). It is normally served with shrimp paste (bagoong), but shrimp paste was not available. Besides, my American husband doesn’t like the smell of shrimp paste, but that’s a whole different story (lol). Even without using the traditional shrimp paste the kare-kare tasted ssoooo good.


Oxtail or Pork



Pechay (bokchoy)



Peanut butter (3 spoons)

Kare-kare mix

1. Boil the meat in a separate pan.

2. Saute garlic, onion

3. Add the boiled meat

4. Add the string beans, eggplant, and add the bokchoy last.

5. Put the kare-kare mix

6. Add peanut butter

7. Seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper.

8. Served with bagoong (shrimp paste)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saving lives with dating sites

Those dating sites you signed up for last week could save your life.  Well, not the sites, exactly, but the person you meet and marry could be the reason you overcome disease or illness.  New research from Harvard is causing some doctors to believe that instead of tossing chemotherapy treatments at cancer patients, they should first make sure that the person’s spouse, family, and friends are all ready to provide support.

Professor David Kissane studies cancer patients from the psychiatry department of Australia’s Monash University, and his research leads him to believe that being married can be just effective as chemical anticancer treatments.  His reasoning?  Since humans are so tribal and community-driven, the most fulfilling connections can quite literally save our lives (Jaslow 2013).  It’s not just cancer that is beaten by the power of love–the likelihood of having a heart attack also decreases when a person is married, but increases if they are single or widowed.

“We don't just see our study as an affirmation of marriage,” says Dr. Paul Nguyen, the lead author of Harvard’s study.  Being married certainly has positive effects, but the constant presence of family members and friends can have nearly the same results.  It’s all about how loved and supported the patient feels, along with the practical steps that loved ones can encourage, such as going to doctor’s appointments and trying different types of treatments.

“Overall, the analysis found married cancer patients live longer than their single or widowed counterparts” (Jaslow 2013).  It may be that dating site reviews will become apart of your treatment plan for a longer life. According to the study, which was published by Dr. Nguyen and his co-author Dr. Ayal Aizer, single cancer patients were 47% more likely to have received incorrect or insufficient treatment for their disease.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making Photo Collage at Fotor.com

My World: Hiking and The Ocean

What am I up too lately? Well, same old.....taking a refuge in nature every weekend, or every chance I could get! That means hiking, boogie boarding, and snorkeling.

The very little time I am home ( little because I so love the outdoors, I prefer to enjoy nature every chance I get), I spend some time blogging. Blogging has taught me some apps online. Because I did not want to overload my posts with too many pictures, I learned how to make photo collage. I do not have any apps in my computer, so I use the photo collage maker at www.fotor.com.
screenshot of www.fotor.com, I click on "collage" to go to the collage app

When you go to fotor.com, you will see 3 choices: "open a photo" , "cards" or "collage". I choose collage. I have not used the other apps in fotor such as photo editing or making cards. As what I had mentioned before, photo editing is not my forte, since I hardly have time to sit in a computer. I always prefer to spend more of my free time out of the doors. Though it looks nice and very rewarding too, but maybe, I'll go into that deeper when I have more free time. When would that be? I do not know! Haha! Anyway, going back to collage making at fotor.com, this is how it looks like after I clicked the "collage" app.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful and Joyful

Of the many things I am thankful for in life, one thing is most special- It's the gift of beautiful friendship across the miles. One which inspires me to share my blessings to everyone in need. 

You are all such angels dear sisters and from the bottom of my heart I thank thee for inspiring me to live a purpose driven life..

With all of you forever, making dreams come true...

So proud of my TSS family!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stay Healthy and Happy in Your Fifties and Beyond

Staying healthy and happy is important at any age and that shouldn’t change just because you may have spotted a few grey hairs.  As we get older our lives are affected by change, career changes, retirement, children leaving the family home, losses and physical changes can all take their toll.
It is important to find a way of dealing with the changes positively and finding a way of remaining healthy and happy that fits with your personality. By doing so you’ll be able to manage your emotional and physical health far more effectively and ensure you live your life to the fullest, regardless of your age.

Healthy and Happy Tips
Being healthy both physically and mentally will help you to cope with life, whatever it throws at you. We have a series of tips that can keep you on top form, even when times get tough and it’s easier to lose perspective.

The Positive Outlook
Positivity breeds contentment and it is much easier to remain happy and upbeat if you focus on the things you have to be grateful for. Taking things for granted is a mistake, take the time to appreciate what you have and the experiences you’ve had. Looking on the bright side is much better for you so fight off the grumps by always looking for the sides that are worth being happy for. The silver lining will always be there and facing major challenges in life is always easier if you can reflect and learn from them.

Staying Active
Exercise is important regardless of your age and the limitations you may begin to experience. Find a form of exercise that you can achieve on a daily basis. It could be a walk around the neighbourhood, hopping on a bike, joining a dance class or lifting weights. Check with your doctor before you begin any form of exercise but once you have the all clear you’ll find you get stronger and increase your stamina so you will be able to increase the intensity of your exercise.

Exercising the Brain
Keep your brain active. Once you stop work you don’t have to resign yourself to watching television and drinking coffee with friends. Take up some new hobbies and always read, reading is excellent for the brain along with puzzles and board games. You can also benefit from technology, get online and try out some games, buy a games console too. There are plenty of games that will interest and excite you.  Don’t turn your back on technology just because you aren’t a teenager.

Eat Well
Watching what you eat is a great way of feeding your energy levels. Look for local sourced foods and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. If you eat well your energy levels will increase which will make it easier to get up and exercise and take part in all the activities that work the brain and put a smile on your face.

Face Your Problems Head On
If you do experience any problems you should face them instead of running away. Once you take positive action you’ll feel happier and reassured that the issue is being worked through. Speak to your friends, family or your doctor. You may also require additional supplements and support which you can buy today.

About The Guest Author:
The author is a retired teacher turned freelance writer. He has spent the last two years writing for various websites and blogs. He believes in healthy diets, exercise and a positive mental attitude which has helped him embrace his older age. You can read more of his articles online and in print.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just Writing

Hi sisters,

It is one of those days when I am suddenly blue. What makes me blue on a Monday? I could enumerate more than three reasons yet as always when I think of you and our friendship and the simple joys you always share about simply being alive to see the wonders of the world I feel too blessed. I breathe in and out and then I suddenly feel okay.


Wishing you all a happy day across the miles.
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