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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Times Get Tough – Downsize

There is no question that the state of the economy is extremely uncertain today. Conspiracy theorists speak about all the impending doom that will inevitably shake down the United States, holding on with every fiber it has until the country eventually crumbles to the equivalent of a third world country. According to their beliefs, the currency will be devalued to such an extent that the common family will not be able to afford staples such as bread, milk and eggs. Unless families own fertile farmland with no mortgage and can raise healthy cattle, they just won’t be able to eat. Hopefully, these alarmists are grossly over exaggerating the possibilities, but their words do make people think about survival during tough times. Luckily, self-storage units can come in very handy during apocalyptic conditions. Here are just a few examples.

Zombie Invasion
In the event that some future catastrophe creates a population of flesh-tearing, brain-eating past human walkers, storage facilities might make a good hideout. As seen on Keyport Self Storage, there are usually properties that have strong, high fences that keep unwanted guests on the outside, and the individual units could comfortably house survivors ranging from one individual to entire families. Assuming there is still electricity, the spaces could easily be kept warm or cool, depending on the season. Most units also have lighting, which would not be seen from the outside, so no attention would be drawn to the property. And with the practically air-tight, windowless environments, campers would be sure not to leave a scent for the zombies to trail. Finding food and clean water is another matter; but self-storage facilities will at least provide shelter.

Rising Prices of Rent
One of the first necessities that inflation affects is the cost of food. The second negative influence of a failing economy is the cost of home ownership and the lack of affordable rental properties. It is not uncommon for people to sell their furniture and other belongings in order to support their monthly mortgage or rent obligation. Well, one way to solve the problem is to rent space in a storage facility. Consider the possibilities before you flat out reject the idea. The units are practically as big as some studio apartments, and can be rented in parcel sizes to meet every need. They are clean, well-maintained and quiet. Think about it, your neighbors would be furniture, clothing and unwanted household objects. No rowdy late night parties or high volume music to worry about there! Compared to the average rent for a one bedroom apartment, self-storage units are less than one quarter of the going price. There are no extra utility costs since the electricity is already included in the rental property and you probably cannot expect to have cable television installed in the unit. So, spending time on education, reading and family games will overtake the internet and movies. It really all makes perfect sense when you consider the option from every angle.  The only problem is getting permission from the property owner. And asking for a key to the restroom…portable toilets can be rather inconvenient to maintain.

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 As seen in his Google homepage, Dainel helps to administrate a search engine marketing firm. He grew up in sunny Cali, and appreciates tapping into visitor posting to strengthen firms.

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