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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Family Adventure

       We took advantage of the kids' vacation to take another trip out of town. It was actually a spur of the moment decision while the hubby and I were about to go to sleep the night before the family adventure. We really did not have a particular place to visit but needed to do early shopping for their school supplies fearing the long last minute shopping queue at the bookstores. Suddenly excited about traveling realizing we had so much time for the week because the hubby was also on a break from work we searched on line like little kids for great places to visit. The hubby kept chuckling beside me as I browsed airline sites. We were laughing at our silly idea of wanting to fly at once without planning and all. The kids were all hyped, jumping and shouting and all beside us. After an hour realizing how unrealistic the preparation was, we decided to put the out of the country plan  on hold. Inspired by Family Adventures in Nature site, where it helps families get nature back on their calendars,  we agreed to visit hot springs which are located around three hours from home via road trip.

An affordable yet great getaway is truly something that every family including mine would love to experience. That will have to wait until probably next year when  time and circumstances allow. In the meanwhile I share with you our latest family adventure....

    It was merely the second time the hubby was visiting the place so we had a thrilling drive figuring out where to really go and even passed through a tunnel.

      To my delight we got to a place where flowers of my favorite color were abundant and where we all could have fun.

     Our car's wheels took as to a mountain resort where the kids and the hubby had fun swimming while I enjoyed taking photos as always...

The three boys succeeded in convincing me to allow them to get the feel of flying like superman! Aaahhh you bet I was fearful as any mother could get watching her kids secured in a harness and riding the zip line! WAAAAAAAA my mind was actually shouting while my vocal cords uttered WEEEEEEEE for my younger son who tried it first.

And yes the kiddos enjoyed every thrilling second of it and had a grand time teasing me about my shaking hands and knees even after watching them.

We shared a sumptuous meal that eventually took all my qualms away.

Nothing beats the sweetness of traveling with family and knowing that with them home is just a kiss away.

post submitted by Zen of The Letters of November for The Salitype Society

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