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Friday, August 30, 2013

Battling Depression Without the Meds

Battling Depression Without the Meds

Are you on Prozac? Zoloft? Paxil? Lexapro? Something else? According to the Center for Disease Control, more than one in 10 Americans over the age of 12 is on antidepressants, and most of them have not seen a mental health professional in the past year. That scary statistic proves just how easy it is for adolescents and adults to become dependent on drugs they may not really need.

While clinical depression should always be treated by trained professionals, many times problems leading to depression are simply ignored in favor of pills. If you need to make some positive changes in your life to help you gain control of your emotions, steps like these should never be overlooked.

1. Talk to a Counselor

At the very least, talk to someone. But if you can overcome the fear of asking for help from someone who has experience with depression as a disease, you might find that just opening up and being listened to makes a huge difference to your well-being. Productive counseling sessions help you bring to light things you never even knew were bothering you, and they can help you take a positive step forward in life.

2. Change Your Diet

It sounds trite, but it's been medically proven that certain kinds of foods can have negative affects on your mood. Overwhelming your body with junk food can cause chemical imbalances that manifest in other ways. And try cutting back on alcohol, too. Alcohol is a depressant that alters your neurotransmitters and increases dopamine levels - tricking you into a positive feeling while it's actually enhancing negative ones.

3. Be Creative

While statistically, naturally creative people might be more prone to mental illness and depression, creativity works wonders to treat these conditions. At, dance, drama, and music have all been used as successful therapy tools to aid patients in expressing their emotions and letting go of their inhibitions. Plus, a work of art like a painting or sculpture can often reveal hidden sides of your personality and teach you things about yourself you want to change. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with creating something tangible and unique.
4. Join a Group

You don't necessarily need a support group to combat depression, but a social group of like-minded individuals will help you constantly strive to get out of your shell. Religious or charitable groups are often great for this purpose because they allow you to both connect with new people and focus on a cause that's outside yourself and your own problems. Giving back to the community really is rewarding, and making new friends is not to be underestimated when it comes to things that vastly improve your quality of life.

5. Meditation

The physical and mental benefits of meditating are extraordinary. Meditating performs nearly the same function as vacations, only it's a daily vacation from stress, anxiety, and too much thinking. Working on your deep breathing and relaxation techniques can lower blood pressure, improve your immune system, and even prevent cancer and heart disease. But the profound effects it has on your psychological state might be the greatest part of all.

Antidepressants have the power to change lives and should always be prescribed in cases where serious depression needs serious care. But there's no reason to neglect the parts of your life that can be causing your depression, which you don't need a pill to fix. Natural cures for a negative mental state abound, and before you shrug them off, have the courage to take the time to explore your own feelings. Effective change can mean you won't be dependent on those meds forever.

About the Author:

Writer Brett Davis is an avid health blogger. Click here to read his recent articles on earning online counseling degrees http://www.topcounselingschools.org/most-affordable/masters-in-counseling-online-programs/.

Watching The World Go By: A Beauty Tool

     Friends would leave me a message saying I am looking great and I often wonder whether they are simply making me feel good or telling the truth. I look at the mirror, stare into my own eyes and find the answers. Perhaps it is because I keep my life free from negative vibes all the time that they see beauty in my smile. When I feel angry I count,my blessings, breathe in and breathe out and take the time to forgive.

     When I feel as though the world is crumbling and my dreams are falling apart I look back when I had none and my world was all grey and dark. When I feel so alone and nothing seems to be right I call on to family and friends to cheer me up, and they never fail to make me feel alright.

     And when work leaves me be, I walk...I walk and simply watch the world go by....it makes me feel complete when I thank God for the trees, the flowers and the clouds. I am alive and I am well, and I pray "Lord, let everyone be at peace".

Four Great Ways to Help You Look Younger for Longer

Everyone wants to stay young because aging means that your appearance will change and your body will begin feeling aches and pains that were never a problem before. But in order to stay looking young and beautiful, you have to work hard every day and take certain steps to ensure that your body will remain as strong and resilient as possible.
Below are four great ways to make sure you’ll always be fit and younger looking than your actual age.


Keep Your Mind Strong with Physical Exercise

When most people think about the benefits of physical exercise, they only assume that it helps the body, such as the bones and muscles, stay strong. While this is certainly true, there’s a lot more to it. Regularly working out, even if it means just taking brisk walks every day, actually boosts your brainpower and provides you with greater mental acuity. This is especially important as you age because your mind begins to weaken along with your physical body. In fact, exercising regularly can dramatically reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. So exercise to keep your body looking great and your mind sharp as well.


Take a Break Every Once in a While

Adrenaline and cortisol pump through our bodies these days more than ever, thanks to the constant stressors that we have to deal with. Stress takes a nasty toll on the physical body, as well as the mind, leading to problems like rage, insomnia, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. The cardiovascular system, which is stimulated by these stress hormones, also begins to feel the negative effects of stress, and this increases your risk of heart attack.
One of the best ways to relieve stress is to unplug from the world for a little while every day. Relax in a quiet space and meditate in order to clear the mind of all of its thoughts. This will help keep you grounded and centered and will help release a lot of the tension you’re dealing with.


Eat the Right Kind of Fat

There are two different kinds of fats: the unhealthy kind that will clog up your cardiovascular system and increase your risk of heart disease, and the kind that’s actually good for you. You’ve probably heard of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and you should be incorporating more of these into your diet by consuming plenty of seeds and nuts. These fats protect your heart and your mind, keeping these vital systems working strong, no matter how old you get.


Keep the Inside of Your Body Clean

Keeping the inner workings of your body as clean as possible is just as important as keeping your skin and hair clean. Do this by eating the right foods that are organic and rich in fiber. This will reduce the level of toxins that enter the digestive tract, as well as ensure that the body is able to properly remove all of the waste products before they begin to stagnate and cause problems. You may even choose to try an at home colon cleanse that will really clean out your colon and make you feel less tired, more energized, and slimmer too.

 About The Guest Author:
Lisa Moore is a freelance health blogger who enjoys educating others on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right and exercising regularly. This will make you feel and look younger than you are. For information on colon cleansing products that you can use at home, she highly recommends www.cleancolonicirrigation.com.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Home Among Blooms

a photo I took somewhere up North which inspires me to dream of a retirement home for me and the hubby someday...

I am dreaming of a home where I could smell the scent of pine trees and flowers everywhere. I have an idea where we could buy a lot but the problem is we do not have the budget for such a place yet. Perhaps when the hubby and I are retired and have all the time in the world. I can imagine him working on his vegetable garden all day long while I tend to my flowers. Definitely there would be roses around the house, and dogs and cats and maybe a fish pond too! Sigh for now we work, work and play and plan for the future. Who knows? our dream house may just be a blink away if we worked hard enough. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Overloaded With Debt? You Have A Choice!

     What would you do if a former schoolmate suddenly sends you a message asking for financial help? She says she is too shy but took the courage because she has to pay a huge amount of debt which she is no longer capable of paying because her business faced bankruptcy?

    A former schoolmate has been calling to us her batchmates the past weeks and we are in the process of figuring out how to help her. It would be great to have a professional like a foreclosure attorney in Plano to assist her in this tedious, delicate process of paying her creditors through court approved plan. Our hearts go out to her because she has kids who are depending on her for daily sustenance. Getting back on her feet isn't easy at all. I can not begin to imagine how rattled I'd be had I been in her position. It is truly a blessing for her to have friends ready to lend a helping hand. We appreciate her humility so much and the class is working on assisting her to find a great law firm like Lusky Law which makes sure their services  are personalized and could help business owners settle their debts in the best possible legal way. Meticulous knowledge of facts on tax and other financial matters is a must when liquidation and repayment of creditors becomes a challenge and one must only trusts those who are truly proven to be dedicated for years in this expertise like the team of foreclosure attorneys in Plano. Life could be so difficult at times yet it is a blessing to have people who care and go out of their way to reach out to those who are desperate. I pray my friend finds the best solution to her problem soon. I know she would, because she has a choice! 

Each day is a blessing. There is always hope for those who work hard and keep a grateful heart. 

The Healing Power of Nature

     Have you ever felt so blue and too tired even to eat? Back then when I had a headache or felt dizzy and nauseated I would just stay indoors and hug my pillows. I realized I was making myself more dizzy by not inhaling fresh air. When I discovered the beauty of photography I spent more time outdoors and what a beautiful world welcomed me!

     From then on jogging and brisk walking became my past times instead of just watching movies and laying in bed all day long. I began to lose weight and felt a lot better about myself. I even ditched my bad eating habits.  Nature indeed is the best healer and the good news is...it is always FREE to stare at blue skies and beautiful flowers. 

     Have a nice day embracing mother nature! 

Tips For Building an Inexpensive Fire Pit

One of the most enjoyable things to do on a summer evening is invite friends over for a barbecue and sit around the fire in the garden. Having an outdoor fire pit in your garden is relatively easy and can be achieved without investing too much money. There are all sorts of different ones to choose from, depending on the space you have available and how much money you want to spend. Here are some tips for building an inexpensive fire pit.


Check with council

The first thing you need to do is check with your local government body, or council committee. In some places there are total fire bans, all year around, so if you live in one of those places you might not be able to have a fire pit anyway. It would be a waste of time to go to the trouble of putting one in, if you aren't going to be able to use it. Checking in with the local council or government body will also let you know about any planning information that you need to think about, such as how far away it needs to be from the house.


Work Out What Sort of Fire Pit Suits Your Needs

There are a few factors to think about when deciding what sort of fire pit you would like to build in your yard. If you are renting the property then you might want to build one that you can take with you when/if you move from the property. If you feel like you really want to build a permanent one then make sure you get the owners approval about where they would be happy for you to have one. If you want to cook food on it then you might want to think about the different designs that you can make that would serve you best to achieve this.


Plan its position

The position of the fire pit is important with regard to what is around it. If you have a swimming pool nearby then you might want to have it away from that because the ash from the fire may float over into the pool which will cause you extra cleaning work. As already mentioned, it will need to be situated a safe distance away from the house so there is no chance of the house catching on fire. If your plan is for it to be a place where people can sit around it and stare into the embers then you will want to have it at the centre of a circle.


Source Reclaimed Materials

You don't need to go out and buy heaps of new materials. There are many different places that you will be able to source second hand materials and make an excellent outdoor fire out of them. A lot of people use the metal inner container of a washing machine, which not only makes an excellent fire but is also able to moved very easily. Often there are bricks and other materials available at recycling centres if you would like to make a permanent fire pit. There is a wide range of STIHL power tools available that will get all the different jobs done with cutting and preparing your materials for the fire pit.

About The Author

Mark Lathan is a construction foreman, and sports fanatic.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Weekday...from Us to You!

You did wake up on the wrong side of the bed...Smile anyway for it's a brand new day!

You were late again because of the heavy traffic...Smile anyway what matters is the day ahead!

You said hi to a co-worker...he just passed by you so swiftly as if you never exist...Smile anyway the one who's sitting next to you will flush the most beautiful smile ever to brighten your first hour!

You feel overwhelmed because of the impossible task you have on hand...Smile...relax...take a deep breath and you'll see that simple smile will make you go through this day smoothly...

Happy Monday everyone...Always remember a smile will make the world smile with you all day!
God bless and enjoy your week everyone!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Party Rental Services at your Fingertips

Believe me or not, I've never hosted a party before. Well, at least in my own place. I suck at party hosting and it's the very reason why I prefer to rent a party place and pay a party planner so that everything will be taken care of including the invitations, party banner, door gifts, decoration, table setting, party food and party games (facilitators and hosts inclusive) for my children's birthday party.

In doing so, I can rest my mind and not stress and worry too much whether I could deliver a great party for my children. All I need is to sit back, relax and revel in my child's big day whilst all my party stuff are provided. Party rentals save me from all the trouble of scratching my head for great party ideas. As other people would say, leave it to the experts if you don't feel confident about hosting a party by doing everything by yourself.

In case you are wondering, there are many party rental services available in the market nowadays. They help provide your party needs according to your preference. All you need is to find one with a good track record and incomparable years of business expertise such as Hitched Event Rentals. It will save you time, effort and money if you are smart enough to find a party rental company that suits your budget.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fashionable Friendship

 "Sometimes you meet a person and you instantly click! You're comfortable with them and you don't have to pretend to be anyone or anything" - borrowed thoughts sent by a dear TSS sister through the magic of technology.

      In this modern world where it may at times be hard to find true friends it is amazing to find people who help us lead a purposeful life....one that is shared with the less fortunate...these friends keep us beautiful from the inside and feeling great wherever we are whatever the situation we are in  we feel too blessed to be stressed.  BRACELETS are great symbols of friendship, they make our hands look lovelier and our hearts braver because of the thoughtfulness engraved in them....

  To two special people who keep sending me Blue my favorite you..  .

     Thank you for the gift of fashionable friendship...no matter how busy you are on the road or up a hill....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Great Hints And Suggestion For Bettering Your House!

Home improvement has really been an enticing choice for lots of folks. There are several adjustments people imagine the house. There are always improvements to be created on your residence. This informative post offers lots of hints and methods to create your home.

Use fans whenever you are renovating in your house during the summer season so as to become more energy efficient. Ceiling fans are wonderful at cooling down a space only because they enhance a space's circulation. For example, an addition in Alaska or a backyard spa in AZ. Do what you enjoy, but do not exceed your immediate environment needs.

Replacement Window Company: Raleigh, NCIf you're revamping your flooring consider beaming heating tiles. These tiles use electricity to generate heat to warm your electricity. Should you observe the directions it is simple to install these things. That makes it a job that you could easily and rapidly be executed.

In the event you delay before the task has begun asking for assistance, it could be to late for individuals to perpetrate. In addition, you run the possibility of running over-budget or overtime, which adds pressure.

Having fun is a fundamental section of do-it-yourself project. You can nevertheless have some fun on the way, when you need to choose the task critically. If you're not experiencing yourself you might make more mistakes. In case you mess with pipes usually switch off the primary water. This measure will ensure a flooding.

A good thing you can certainly do for any homeimprovement project is really to participate in place before commencing any project. Since you didn't intend should you wait until the job starts to make selections, you can come across a catastrophe.

Replacement Window Company: Raleigh, NC

Buy the finest materials and tools for your own home improvement job. It could cost a little more upfront, but you'll be happy you made the selection once the equipment are still operating in the end-of your own job. Tools can be exorbitant and you also do not need to change them on a normal basis. Speak to your own neighbours about drain before you landscape. A big portion of the landscape strategy will require water drainage.

One great investment is finishing your basement. When incorporating in a cellar you get additional space for your own family. You can frequently locate the substances that you want at your own local discount retailers. Finishing your basement can raise your property's resale value well over 30%. Inspiration for do it yourself job. Don't forget to buy examples of distinct colours to assist yourself develop a carpeting and color alongside you. Take some time to think that it over, thus you're prepared to start.

A protective screen through your gutters is really beneficial for saving money and save the arduous job to you of regular cleaning. The messes are reduced by these screens from leaves and detritus, preventing them from accumulating and permitting the stream of water from your roof to drain effectively. You might sometimes have to eliminate leaves from the outside of the obstacles, however there isn't going to be tons of rubble within the gutters.

Home improvements have consistently been a favorite interest because individuals are seeking to enhance their properties or to raise the real value of their dwellings, as formerly described. Homes will have items that desire repair. If you observe these suggestions, you will certainly find just the thing you should make your house a showplace.

About The Author
At America's Best Choice Windows, we off free estimates on home window installation in Raleigh and surrounding communities. Give us a call at (919) 238-1759 to learn more about our replacement window company in Raleigh and you'll understand why we're the Triangle's best choice for residential windows.


He said, " HELLO!"

She smiled...

She said, " HI!"

then their eyes crossed each other's path...

He gave her a warm hi...

this time she said hello...

and then suddenly they danced to a tune called getting to know each other...

few months after...they never realized they were singing a song called in a relationship...

they kissed, they hugged, they'd cry...they'd say their unending goodbyes...and sweet hello's...

then came the box of chocolates...and lovely flowers...

few years after...they came face to face and entered the world of marriage...

at first it was exciting...then a few storm came...they managed to argue...yet hugged afterwards...

they'd hugged...

they'd end up not talking to each other one night...the next morning they'd make up...

then they never realized they suddenly learned how to grow ... and listen to each other...

several years after...here they are face to face...dancing and singing to the tune called love and life...

No relationship is ever perfect...but with time...with understanding...love...and maturity comes a
beautiful story called YOU AND I!...

...and this story started with that five
simple lettered word...HELLO!

Popular Revlon Perfumes in South Africa

When it comes to popular perfume brands, Revlon is undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands in South Africa. These perfume products are not only made from high quality ingredients but they have a unique fragrance that is perfect for any occasion.
Revlon is a name that has been around for decades, and most people in the beauty industry are familiar with their products. They have many different beauty products to offer, and they originally became popular for their make-up items. Their products are also very affordable in comparison with some of the other international brands, making them even more popular and versatile. This brand is great for the average buyer as not everyone can afford to buy expensive brand names.

Women’s Fragrances
Revlon perfumes are available for a variety of women, as there are more than 30 different fragrances available. Some of the popular products that South African buyers enjoy include Tantalize, Charlie Gold, and Fire & Ice. The popular Pink Happiness range includes perfumed body lotion, roll-on deodorant, and body sprays. These fragrances are available from stores around the country.
A great option for buying perfumed products is to buy a complete range, or complement your perfume with a body lotion or hair care product. Revlon has a wide range of options to choose from and they also have convenient gift packs to buy for a loved one or family member. Gifts are perfect in any season and this is made even easier if you shop online and have your order delivered.

Men’s Fragrances
Men’s fragrances from Revlon also include the Fire & Ice range, as well as Radar Red, Pub, and True Blue. Revlon perfumes truly come in a wide variety of fragrances for men, and they are all equally popular with customers in South Africa. Fire & Ice Classic for men is a very popular product and it is sold in various stores around the country. Revlon’s range for men also includes body lotions, after shave products, and roll-on deodorants for convenience and added variety.
In addition to Revlon perfumes, there are other products from this brand that can be found throughout the country, including skin products, hair colour and make up ranges. Revlon is definitely renowned for their make-up products as they have been on the market for decades. Many popular faces have been responsible for this brand in recent years, proving just how popular this leading brand is.
Buying online is very easy to do, especially when you are looking for variety and affordability. With so many different choices to go for, online retailers offer you a wide range of options when it comes to buying and completing your payment. You can easily browse for your favourite scent and have your order delivered straight to your door; this is very convenient if you want to save time and money doing your shopping.

About the Author:
Fragrance Boutique is a leading provider of affordable perfume products in South Africa. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Raised Garden Beds

The Mega Garden Store located on Arrowe Brook Road, Upton, Wirral, Merseyside, is home to many products that were designed to improve your experience in your outdoor living space. The garden is your escape to peace of mind and relaxation. This Mega Garden Store contains all the things you will require to tend your garden. 

The raised bed kit simply allows for the growing of flower or vegetables above the natural ground level. “How high off the ground?” That is a personal matter and gardeners have their preferences. Some sort of earth mixture with fertilizers added to it, is placed in this rectangular shaped container resting on the ground. The height of the sides of the container is decided by the depth of the soil required for the growth of your crop.

Framed Raised Bed Kits, like those frames available from the Mega Garden Store, are made of wood; either treated or untreated lumber is used. The choice of which to use is yours. The untreated lumber will not last as long as the treated variety, but that may not be a requirement in your selection process. By using a multiple of kits to construct your raised bed you can increase the depth; that is if you need it to be greater than the 10” to 12” that comes standard in the kit. The Mega Garden Store supplies two types of raised bed kits. Either the untreated European

Whitewood or they provide the same lumber with a special treatment applied to the Whitewood. It is coated with a preservative designed to prevent the growth of fungi and extend the life of the wood that will be exposed to the elements. The preservative is a chemical called Tan lithe’. It combines a copper solution with an azoles compound, designed to extend the life of the wood and protect the vegetation within.

The crops planted in a raised garden bed, are sown closer together than if they had been planted in the ground’. As they grow, their touching leaves form a natural shade over the growing medium below and retard the growth of weeds.

Both the treated and untreated boards supplied by the Mega Garden Store, are supplied with steel end-bands at one end and sturdy corner supports, which are used to tie the units together. Raised Garden Bed Kits are made from European Whitewood and are steel banded at one end and are available in a variety of sizes.

About the Author

Written by John Owen for Mega Garden Store

Friday, August 16, 2013

Motherhood in Style

     Some moms find it hard to look at their best when motherhood faces them. I for one had a hard time getting back in shape after giving birth to my second child. I wore mostly over-sized shirts and shorts back then and took no time to fix my hair or even put on make up. When the kids grew and I had more time to pamper myself I realized motherhood must not stop us from looking good. In fact we should doll up more often for the hubby and to keep our kids believing in the power of grooming. I have my best buddies here in TSS to thank for inspiring me to dress up lately and to keep a radiant glow. I believe I shine most when I am around my kids. Motherhood is a lifetime career that has the best reward of all. Rosy cheeks that come from a heart that beats with so much love!


On Distance Education

I came across an opportunity recently to teach in a school where students are on distance learning. At first, I was kind of attracted to the idea that I would not have to go to school everyday, as I could teach my students from the comfort of our home. The requirement is only to report to school once a week for meetings and updates on the progress of the students.

Distance education or distance learning is a mode of delivering education and instruction to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. Even though students learn away from the school campus, they are still subjected to high expectations for their success. Usually, the student is supervised by the parents at home, or if the student is independent enough, study the materials by himself or herself, but still has a teacher to ask for help or to guide him with the curriculum and to walk through the standards so the students become successful and would have no difficulty in getting into college. The school actually that has an opening for a Math distance teacher is one of the very high performing schools in the country. Not all students who enroll there are from remote places, each has their valid reason why they see distance education as the best for them. It reminds me of one of my students before in Chemistry in a local college. She told me she was home schooled from elementary to high school. She was one of my best students, not only doing very well in class, but also has very good leadership skills. I was so amazed with her leadership skills that I asked her how could she have developed that when she was learning most of the time at home and did not have the opportunity to interact with other students. She replied to me that one of the best benefits of distance education for her is that she had the very good modeling of her mom, and there is a strong partnership between her, her mom and her teacher, that somehow, learning closely from them, she has imbibed so well the values that was modeled so well for her. From her, I have learned the many benefits of distance education and how she grew so very well, not only academically, but in all other aspects through the program.

Anyway, going back to the opportunity, after careful consideration, I did not apply for the job because I really enjoy the school where I am presently teaching. Though the idea of teaching students through distance learning also appeals to me, but somehow, it is very hard for me to leave my school, because it would mean one thing, I would not have a chance to see my previous students again, and how they are so doing with their growing. Ahhh, the joy of teaching, is priceless!

Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Feel Good and Look Great

These days on social networking sites, it seems everyone is so fascinated about taking photos of themselves. With so many mobile phone applications as well as free photo editing software it is so easy to look like a movie star! The technique in looking great is feeling great inside! How do we flash a smile that truly touches souls? It is not enough to wear fashionable clothes and accessories. We need to be beautiful from inside to really radiate happiness to inspire others. 

It is best also to keep a well balanced diet, exercise regularly and have enough rest and sleep. 
Life is short. Take a bunch of photos and keep smiling! 
...and if you feel great! share the smile! the ones who truly love you will not get tired looking at your face anyway :) 

Be yourself  and spread love, love love! 

What Is Personal Injury Law?

I was not aware of personal injury law before, until a friend of mine mentioned to me that she is shifting career from human resources to legal field. She said that the older she gets, the more she craves for a more meaningful job. She said she may have found her calling through personal injury law. Working for one of the big companies in Los Angeles, California, she was able to learn of the ordeals of the people who had suffered injuries from work, or from accidents, as a result of negligence of another party. She said, instead of working for the interest of company, slowly, she is converted to work for the interest of the victims, to work in a field that brings more impact to people's lives. As such, she managed to balance her time between work, and studies. Happily, she shared that soon, she will be finishing her studies and hopes to join the dynamic force among other lawyers as personal injury lawyer Los Angeles California.

Before that, I was only aware of criminal lawyers and corporate lawyers, prosecutors and defense attorneys. Thanks to my friend for opening up to me personal injury law. According to her, she wants to be a personal injury lawyer because she wants to provide legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, or other entity. She further added that personal injury lawyers' expertise is in the area of tort law. She laughed at me when I asked her, "and what is tort law?"

Anyway, my friend explained to me that a tort, is a civil wrong which unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act. Anyway, she was explaining to me the basics of tort law, and its difference from criminal law, and I was like, " I probably need more than one sitting to really be able to tell the difference." I guess I really have a lot to learn more about the legal field.

I am so happy for my friend who is now pursuing this field of law. She said that soon, she may consider working for a law firm representing injury victims so that she could get already the much needed exposure and practice before she becomes a lawyer, and she gets to really experience the meaning of the new career that is making her more excited. She is excited to experience championing victims by helping them win compensation for injuries resulting from the negligence of others.

A Dream

Staring at the morning sun seeping into the pediatric ward window gave me thoughts of God's healing grace entering the hearts of the sick children.

My ultimate dream has always been to reach heaven someday….it was never to be really rich…I guess that is why I am still here…still not rich but not that poor …sometimes I wonder if this is right? I mean being contented with enough…know what I mean?

What matters to me has always been just plain good health, a happy family, peace of mind, friends….there was a time I neglected my spiritual life…now I am gaining back my faith…faith that there is a far greater reason for being here on earth than just enjoying what human amenities have to offer…I have always been urged to aim high, to be ambitious- translated in human terms to dream to be rich and famous….own a big house…several cars….but do we really need these things? Me owning a big house and several cars….hmmmm not bad but I think I will feel bad for the rest of humanity who remain in the arms of poverty and starvation…those who no matter how they work hard have been unfairly destined to rot in the arms of destitution because we may not admit it but there really is such a thing as injustice from the moment a child is born to a poor family...where his/her chance for success as defined by the laws of earth is close to nil. It wouldn’t make me feel good at all to be dining in a fancy restaurant or sleeping in a first class hotel thinking of many people out there, literally out there in the cold each night..out on the streets every waking morning..hungry…devoid of worldy needs…asking, praying, hoping for earthly salvation yet always put aside, passed along by uncaring souls…like me, like most of us because we are simply thinking of ourselves..how we would prosper more, how we could acquire more properties, be known all over the world through breakthrough achievements, beauty and grandeur…

I can’t find it in myself to admire rich people…people with big houses etc etc….but I would bow before and applaud a person who runs a hospice..or puts poor kids to school and keeps a simple humble abode…

But then again..the more we have..the more we can share…the harder we work, the more we are blessed. If only human greed is wiped out of the face of the earth..how wonderful life would be…if things were free and everyone shares equally and takes care of what little mother nature could offer…we will all be living in a paradise now….and there will be no global economic crisis. I am afraid that if man continues with his quest for power and influence, there will come a time when even the air we breathe will be for sale in tanks and tanks of flavored gas affordable only by the upperclass...a time when even viewing the sky and the sea would require a ticket and star gazing would be a luxury.

I myself am not perfect…most of the time I am a selfish woman enslaved by modern comfort…and everyday I am struggling to leave that selfish nature and be what God has always wanted us to be…in his own image and likenes which reminds me of a story in the life of Jesus when a young man came to him asking how he would be able to go to heaven and Jesus answered…leave your belongings…carry your cross and follow me…the man became very sad because he was very rich…

This morning a patient gave me three rice cakes….the other day a patient’s mother gave me one apple…..aaaah how I wish they will be converted to four tickets to heaven….the other week a patient held my hand and said a prayer for God to bless me…I felt a cold sensation embrace my entire being and it was worth a lot more than the thirteenth month pay I received…..

I am at the very core of human service now….and I enjoy every second of it minus the exaggeration. This is the life that I chose years ago…I love it down to the smallest detail… because i know that God is all there is to search for…and perhaps all i have been looking for all these years is the scenario i am in now…in the service of my countrymen…

Lord…thank you….i couldn’t ask for more…just for other people to have this day pass with a non-aching stomach and a tomorrow to look forward to…If only everyone prayed for “everyone” perhaps in time, all our problems will be solved. .. and no one will be out there in the cold..and A GOOD ENDING FOR MANKIND can finally be told....

“Please grant me Lord thy healing grace that I may serve you well.”


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lose Weight through a Sensible Diet and Exercise Plan

Men who are interested in obtaining lean muscle mass needs to know the exact definition of lean body mass. Men need to understand the difference between lean muscle mass and body fat.

The man who needs to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass should first set a goal to calculate lean body weight. A lean body takes into consideration every part of your body, except the fat portion of the body. While getting and maintaining lean muscle is difficult it is not impossible. In fact there are a few different methods to help you be able to keep your fat off. One of the best types of weight loss methods is by simply increasing your testosterone levels. By doing so your body automatically uses fat to convert to energy instead of muscle. If you have low test levels then you can help them out by taking supplements or by talking to your doctor. There are many different ways to raise testosterone, lose weight, and increase muscle mass.

Parts of the body that contribute to a lean body is the amount of water in the body, in addition to all tendons, ligaments, weight of internal organs, bone structure and density. Every man is different, and calculations will differ.

There are differences in fat stores of every man. The body requires fat to be healthy. However, a good share of men is carrying too much fat in their bodies. If a man is 30 pounds over ideal weight range and has at least four inches of excess fat around the mid-section is obese.

The obese man has too high of a percentage of fat. Any man who carries 25 or more percentage of body fat is obese. A man needs to have a fat range of 14 to 17 percent body fat. Calculate your body fat through the following, methods and measure your body every month to view the progress of weight loss.
  1. Measure skin folds
  2. Measure the circumference of the body such as around the neck, upper arms, mid-section, upper thighs, calves, and ankles
It is difficult to build muscle and if the man does not lose weight and burn calories there will be little hope for a lean body. A man must burn more calories than consumed every day. Without a workout plan, and specific diet change it will be difficult to achieve a lean body mass. Lifestyle changes are forever healthy changes.
Realizing leaner body mass matters, will:
  • Help a man feel better
  • Have more energy
  • Look better
  • Achieve a higher level of health
  • Realize a higher testosterone level
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Decreases high blood pressure
  • Increases vitality
To achieve a lean body mass:
  • Eat a diet high in protein and low in fat
  • Amino acids in the protein help men to rebuild muscle mass
  • Consume skinless grilled or baked chicken, turkey, and fish, especially salmon
  • Whole-foods, whole wheat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads are excellent food sources
  • Avoid saturated fat causing high levels of bad cholesterol
  • Avoid sugar, fructose corn syrup (read labels)
  • Drink sixty-four or more ounces of water filtered water every day, more when exercising; add fresh lemon for a refreshing drink
  • Drink whey protein for added protein
  • Keep electrolytes (potassium, chloride and sodium) in balance through drinking G2 or Gatorade in moderation
  • If a man feels dizzy, weak and experiences some mild confusion these chemicals could be unbalanced
Increase testosterone levels through a good testosterone booster supplement. A man in mid-twenties, has declining testosterone levels. A man who is lacking testosterone experiences the following. Increasing these levels through a testosterone supplement, will reverse all of these deficits.
  • Increased loss of muscle
  • Decrease in strength
  • Decrease in endurance
  • Decreased stamina
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Increased mood swings
  • Decreased sex drive (thought by most men to be one of worse side effects of obesity)
In conclusion, lose weight and gain a leaner body with increased muscle mass for a longer and healthier life.

About the Author:

Arnold Carson delivers motivational speeches to teams, churches, and groups of all sizes. He is also the managing partner of Cordallis, an investment group on Whidbey Island.

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Family that Jogs together, Stays together

I'd love you all to meet my one and only brother. Like me he is into healthy living. We started jogging and eating balanced meals months ago and hope to meet our target weight before Christmas. We are not in a hurry and just enjoying keeping ourselves healthy. After all, change need not be drastic but a slow, permanent process.

Join us in our quest for health!

Oh I would love to thank Betchai for making me look and feel great in pink! :)

San Jose Limousine Rentals

My dear younger brother during his US business trip a few years back

A few years ago, my younger brother told me he would be spending 3 months in San Jose, California, for a job assignment. I was too excited because I would have a chance to spend several days bonding through wandering with him, something we haven't done together since I moved to US. Before his arrival, he told me I should not worry about his transportation since his company has arranged a ride for him through Airport Transportation Rental San Jose. Knowing the excellence of service and reliability of San Jose Limousine and & Town Car Service, I had peace of mind despite I was hundreds of miles away when he arrived. True enough, the first day he was in San Jose, he gave me a call telling me how everything went so smoothly for him at the airport. He did not have to wait anxiously for his ride since the car service hired by his company was on time. He further added that the driver was very friendly and made sure he felt at home, and gave him tips on which places to explore to make his stay in San Jose very pleasant and enjoyable. 

By the time I got a chance to finally visit my brother in San Jose, he was already confident which places to explore during his free time on a weekend. We eliminated San Francisco since he said that's where he and his friends explore on their own. Instead, he chose a charming little town close to San Jose to explore, which is Monterey. Here are a few more pictures of our time spent at Monterey during my younger brother's stay in San Jose.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chicken Adobo with Mushrooms

by: Chay

When I think about home, I think about memories of our family hovered around our dining table feasting on delicious warm meals my mom prepared.

Dinnertime is something each one of us looked forward to after a day at school or a day at work. It was a tradition in our family to eat dinner together that has been carried on for many years. The regular family dinners with siblings stopped when my siblings and I married and left home. On special occasions like birthdays and holidays, the tradition of gathering around our dining table for mom's "home cooked" meals intrinsically nudges places in our hearts full of familiarity but low in frequency. As the years passed, mom's table became known as Grandma's table filled with the same ambiances and love but larger with the addition of eleven grand children.

I still miss home, my mom and her home cooked meals and family time around the dinner table with my siblings. Today, I cook for my husband and children. I want them to remember me in the same way I remember my mom. I want them to think about home and my warm "home-cooked" meals. I am blessed with a husband who eats everything I cook, aside from the one time I served fried fish with the head on it (lol), well that is another story to share.

Everyday my husband and children eagerly call me while driving home to ask, " Mom... what's for dinner?" I answer by describing the food item cooking; however, what is really for dinner are growing memories of mom's home cooked meals after a day at school or a day at work with family and siblings gathered together. Traditions!

Chicken Adobo with Mushrooms

Chicken breast
Soy sauce

1. Saute garlic, onion.
2. Add sliced chicken
3. Add sliced mushrooms
4. Season with soy sauce and vinegar

nstalling a Waterproof TV Safely

nstalling a TV in the bathroom has become much more popular in the last several years.  People are now able to enjoy their private time bathing while watching television because of waterproof TV’s.  Several years ago it was impossible to enjoy this luxury because televisions were not waterproof and were therefore extremely dangerous when placed anywhere near the bathtub or any other source of water.  It basically meant that having a bathroom TV was next to impossible.  That is no longer the case and people are installing TV's in the bathroom on a regular basis. 

Having a waterproof TV in the bathroom is really no different than having a television in another room of the house.  Television sets are designed much differently now than they were only a few years ago.  Design changes such as flat screen technology and the ability to waterproof television sets has enabled virtually every person to have a television in every room of the home.  In addition, they can be integrated into the bathroom so that they complement the decor of the room rather than distract from it.  In fact, the bathroom TV has become such an important part of bathroom decor that it fits perfectly as a part of the overall decoration.

There are many companies that manufacture waterproof television sets.  Some of these companies have become leaders in the industry.  People who are interested in purchasing a waterproof TV for the bathroom can find them rather easily because these types of sets are so widely available.  For example, according to www.waterprooftv.co.uk a waterproof television set can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and can be mounted directly to the bathroom wall.  This allows the person who is purchasing the set to save space because the models that are sold are flat screen models and can be mounted in the same way that a piece of artwork would be mounted to the wall.  These waterproof television sets come with separate speakers so that the best sound can be obtained, even in the bathroom.

This is just one example of how widely available these types of television sets are.  A simple online search reveals multiple companies which specialize in manufacturing and selling waterproof television sets.  Therefore, it has become as easy to purchase a waterproof television as it is to purchase any other type of television set.  There is no reason not to have a TV in the bathroom when they can be purchased for such reasonable prices that are comparable to other types of television sets.  The fact that they can be mounted so that they are part of the decor in the room is only one more reason to consider purchasing a TV of this type.

Television sets are so popular that people tend to want them in practically every room, including the bathroom.  Because of the invention of the waterproof television set it is now possible to safely have a TV in the bathroom that looks great and functions well at the same time.

About the Guest Author:
Michael is a keen technology blogger and enjoys writing about integrated sysytems that enrich peoples living spaces.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Beauty and Grace

When I see flowers,
I think of beauty and grace...
I see women of strength and elegance
and I praise....
Women who live for a cause
and brighten the lives of many
for in life, we serve as light
to guide and serve 
and love beyond sight....

Friday, August 2, 2013

Outdoor Living Can Be As Luxurious As Indoor Living

Forget the Hard Work

Remember the days of all that hard work looking after and moving the garden furniture. The time when you had to fold away and store the furniture in the garage or garden shed. You would have to trundle it out when the sun shone, then fold it up and put it away again at the first sign of rain because if it got wet it would take weeks to dry out enough to use again. Now you can forget all that precious time wasting. Outdoor furniture these days is not only practical and no maintenance, but looks great too. The Rattan style of furniture means you no longer have to worry about where you’re going to store the furniture in the winter or what the weather will do to it, as Rattan furniture can remain outdoors all year round with no maintenance required at all.

Focal Points In the Garden

When I take a stroll round the garden I like to sit and take in the colourful borders and pots or take the time to make plans. Which new plants need to be introduced to make the views as interesting as possible, which areas need a good tidy up or just an injection of colour.
To make the most of the garden I place a teak bench at the most interesting parts, this allows me to take in the scenery and gives me time to dwell and ponder the next season’s plan of action. I also like to create a focal point in the garden, such as a large garden ornament or container, then place a bench opposite so that your eye is drawn to the ornament.

A Living Room Outdoors

I have never claimed to be the best gardener in the world, I just like to have pleasant surroundings to relax when I come home from work, grab a glass of chilled white wine, and make the most of the balmy summer evenings relaxing on the patio. It could be a social occasion or just a quite time to myself, mulling over the day’s events. To create this relaxing atmosphere is so simple. With the wealth of beautiful patio furniture you can buy now it is very easy to create a living room outdoors.
I love the contemporary corner units on which to socialize and relax. If the corner units are not your thing then two and three seater sofas also look great. If you prefer your own space, then comfortable armchairs with luxurious waterproof cushions are a great alternative. If, like me, you like to eat outdoors, then the Rattan Cube style furniture is a great space saving idea. If your taste is for the more traditional look there are beautiful teak dining sets that add a quality look to the dining area. It is now so easy to create a peaceful haven in your own garden.

About the Author:
Available if required.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Feeling Great Wearing The Colors of Our Desires

     I personally believe that we look best when we wear our favorite colors. When we feel at ease and joyful seeing the hue that makes our heart beat fast and so alive we feel rejuvenated and ready for any kind of adventure. As for me, blue it is! The color of the sky and the sea on a calm day relaxes my body and mind. There I was one summer day taking pleasure in the beauty of nature....

     How about you? What color makes your soul feel so free and happy?

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