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Friday, July 12, 2013

3 Ways to Prepare for Summer Vacation

It’s that time of year again! Six Flags, baseball, swimming pools, and heat; and what better way to enjoy these things than to go on vacation. I absolutely LOVE traveling and I’m sure anyone living in Texas would agree that this is the last place you’d want to be when our summers hit. Before going on vacation, there are a few very important things that should be done before hand to ensure the most enjoyable vacation experience possible. From experience I know it’s best to plan ahead so that when the time comes you won’t be “up a creek”

1. Save! Save! Save!

If youre like me and have bills, responsibilities, and arent living with your parents anymore, you know the importance of saving money. With that in mind, you also know how hard this can be. Although I do enjoy the finer things in life vacation time is where I draw the line. Things like cooking have helped me manage to cut back on expenditures and save for vacations. My wife and I often alternate between cooking meals since we both have full time jobs, which is a lot cheaper than going out to eat every night and saves a ton on gas. Also, I’m a HUGE nerd when it comes to comic books. I love reading, trading, collecting and pretty much just talking about comic books and  have everything from the Avengers to Wonder Woman. I can’t wait for the new releases on Wednesdays; but sadly when saving money self control is in order. Luckily for me I’m on a subscription list with my local comic shop Awesome Comics and they will actually hold my new comics for me and I can pick them up as I wish. It’s kind of like a layaway plan. Finding services like this are great because they allow you to do things like save money without missing out on things you enjoy.

2. Figure out where you want to go.

The Earth is a giant ball of awesome and wonderful places. The hardest decision for me while traveling has always been where to go. Unfortunately I have never been outside of the United States but I do have plans of visiting Bavaria in Germany but until that time comes, there are a lot of great places (and colder than Texas) to visit in the U.S. Seeing as though Ive been everywhere from California to Florida in the lower half of the U.S, for my next summer vacation id love to go somewhere up north like Colorado. Ive been doing a lot of research on Colorado and have come to find its actually a very popular tourist spot; so id recommend asking questions like “Is it safe? Is it within my budget? Is it cheaper to fly or drive?“ before you decide yes or no on where youre wanting to go.

3. Last minute preparations.

Theres nothing worse that going anywhere unprepared so before traveling, make sure EVERYTHING is taken care of. Most preparations depend on where youre going; like if youre going to the beach you’ll want to bring sun block  or if Six Flags is the final decision, a fanny pack may be needed. I know they look ridiculous, but its not as bad as losing your keys, glasses, wallet, phone, etc. These are all obvious things but the type of preparation im talking about are the less obvious ones like alarm systems. There was one time I remember when I was younger that we went on a family vacation and when we got home, we found out our home had been broken into. Having companies like a Pflugerville home security set up would have prevented a lot of unnecessary expenses and headaches in the long run.

About The Author: Stephen Hamilton is a writer for Smith Monitoring. He is an avid gamer, movie buff, musician, and comic collector 


  1. I agree with the post. One of the most important thing to consider and do is to secure the house and other belongings in the property before venturing out. We always make it a point that someone stays in our house while we are away. Also, saving is a big factor if you want to have a great vacation.

  2. We had our early summer getaway which I am glad we did as it is too hot down in Texas. It is a must to save, save, save!

  3. I agree! Save, save, save. Whenever we go out of the house, we make sure someone stays behind to take care of the house. Or if that can't be done, we ask someone to stay over.




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