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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Friendship takes us
to the most unimaginable places
It is a home away from home
Speaking to us in the sweetest of words
It makes life colorful
Through storms and the cold
It is a refuge in times of pain and sorrow
Someone Above must have meant for all of us to meet
To love and to cherish
and share HIS goodness...

(photo taken by Kulasa, edited by Cher)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Listening to Nature

The outdoors is our greatest playground, and our vast laboratory for learning. It teaches patience and finding happiness in the simplest things. Happiness that does not come with a price, but the reward is lasting a lifetime.

Let me share with you some of the things I have learned from our hikes that taught us in order to see more of nature, we have to welcome silence and peacefulness in our hearts.

When the sky is so blue and the water is calm....

Look out into the ocean, you have greater chances of seeing whale's fluke prints and dolphins dark  blue lines...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Women and Shoes

The author and her kids at Sentosa Flowers
Motherhood requires me to be always on the go so I always make sure to wear a comfortable flat shoes when I go out with the kids. Most comfortable shoes I have are boring and not very fashionable. Thanks to infinityshoes.com, I found a wide range of fashionable and comfortable shoes to choose from.

I can picture myself parading with the Dr Martens Shoreditch Victorian Flowers while checking out Sentosa Flowers 2013 at Sentosa Island. How fun would it be to match the floral theme, imagine me camouflaged with all the spring flowers in bloom while running after baby G in a very fashionable and comfortable shoes.

There's a cliche that goes, a woman can never have enough shoes. I beg to disagree. I am an exception from all the women who are obsessed with shoes, among other things. I can wear the same shoes everyday when I go to work and no one notices. Ok fine, maybe the other girls in my workplace do notice but I really don't care.

Having said that, I confess that I have less than 10 pairs of shoes in my closet including a stylish boots that I've worn only once during my work-cum holiday winter trip to Switzerland. I can basically wear the same shoes everyday until it gives up on me. Am I weird or what?

~ Cher of Sweet Memoirs

We All Can Talk It Out


all photos courtesy of ktl

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Peach Suite and the best of Hotel Moments...

     Life can be so stressful at times. I always look forward to days when I can be trouble free and simply relaxing in a hotel and enjoying the best Hotel supply in the bar or lobby after hours of hard work. Yesterday I had a blast chatting with an old friend from way back college years. Her Korean smile and gaiety took away all my body aches and cares.
my wacky friend Mimi, at a hotel lobby 

my friend eating green salad 
     We feasted on healthy food as she requested and had fun talking about getting our bodies back in shape as a goal this year which reminded me about what I recently learned about peach suite hotel supplies and equipment which aside from offering quality Hotel Bar Supplies, catering, restaurant, dining room, furniture, janitorial and many other essential hotel items as well as services also offers essential kitchen gear like juicers,  cutlery, and cookware we could use to achieve our goal for ultimate healthy living. For those searching for Georgia Hotel Supplies Online  peachsuite.com is a great site to find the right products for high quality hotel equipment at the best price. They also offer free shipping on quality retail purchases over $500 and ordering online and getting e-mail updates on new and on-sale items  is easy; truly a one stop for all hotel amenities and more. My friend Mimi and I have agreed to meet sometime next year again at the same hotel and challenged each other to be as fit as fit can be in the coming years. Just talking to a friend makes me feel at my best. 

saving memories in photos with my friend...can you spot me taking the photo? 
"Life can be so busy and taxing yet a dose of laughter shared by a friend gives color to it all."
May your day be blessed with the best of friendships.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comfort Food: Ginisang Monggo

Ginisang Monggo (Sauteed Mungbean) with Mixed Vegetables, Fried Egg and Chinese Sausage
A taste of home is something I can not give up, for me, it is still the best taste in the world. Thus, there is no week that I do not prepare Filipino inspired dishes. One of my favorites is sauteed mungbean soup, or ginisang monggo.
Frankly, because of my work schedule, I get home already hungry. Thus, what I do is I use the slow cooker. Before leaving home in the morning, I put in all the ingredients in the crock pot. Ingredients include: mung bean, egg plant, and opo, of course, with water to cook the beans and the veggies. I just added the spinach when I got home so that it is not overly cooked.
What is with the 2 fried eggs and Spanish sausage? Hmmm, I saw someone in Facebook sharing pictures of her Filipino breakfast, garlic rice, fried da-ing ( dried fish) and fried eggs. However, it is too cold outside to fry dried fish, I decided to cook the sausage instead which I bought for arroz valenciana but ended up in my plate tonight instead. I just imagined the sausage to be dried fish, haha!!
Hope you all have a good week!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nike..Our Kind of Comfort And Style!!

this Nike shoes available at http://www.zappos.com/Nike
NIKE! Who doesn't recognize the famous logo of this footwear. It is in existence longer than i can remember. In my younger years, it was one footwear that can be closely associates with being cool. I remembered friends eyeballing a guy wearing a pair of nike saying..." Check him out, he's wearing nike, cool!"

It has served me well on my teen years and still serving me now. Set aside the cool factor, Nike offers comfort and durability. When one has a pair of Nike, you have it for life. I have a pair with me for years which i wear everyday walking to and from work. Put on a plain T-shirt and jeans and you're ready to go anywhere, anytime. I even wore it a couple of times travelling across the Pacific. Comfort comes first when i knew i had to walk or travel a distance.

And Nike these days are not limited to sports shoes only!

Nike Windrunner from http://www.zappos.com/Nike

Nike's line of sports gears includes good quality backpacks, comfortable T-shirts, pants, shorts, swimwear, bags, eye wear, and so many more. These days, we do not have even to limit ourselves to the items we saw at the mall. We can shop at the comforts of our home for Nike shoes, clothing and other gears online at http://www.zappos.com/Nike.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Environment Directory, Loving Mother Nature

     There are times when I get frustrated when searching for information online because I can't find the exact website I am looking for. My sons too would often use the internet to complete their homework and sometimes the hubby and I would help them find the right site for the information they need. I was so relieved the other day when I realized there are actually useful, internet directories  like the Environment Directory which makes it easy for people across the globe to keep in touch and locate relevant web pages for one's needs from education, parks and recreation, arts, employment, farming and many more. I am most interested in the publications sites there because I am going to work on my thesis soon. One could also effortlessly add his website in the directory to make it easy for people to find the site on the World Wide Web.

     Getting in touch with other people who also love taking care of the environment is truly inspiring. Sharing with you shots of mother nature from my side of the world.

A walk to the western side of the farmland surrounding our house would lead one to a view of 
mountains in the nearby town. 

Yellow blooms that honeybees and butterflies alike love to kiss. It must be awesome to be a flower and watch the sky change colors all day long.

A tree in the yard of the hospital where I work. It always keeps me dreamy of having all the time in the world to sit beside a friend to share a laugh or two. 

May you have sunny, happy nature kissed days wherever you are in the world. :)


Friday, February 1, 2013

December 27, 2012: One Sweet Day

Great dreams: I have great dreams not because I am great but because of
the greatness of my God.
     December 27, 2012- a date I saved in my heart. The day I first met in person two of my Salitype Society sisters. It was a date planned for many months as Betchai came all the way from San Diego, Cher from Singapore and me, Zen from a province six hours away from Manila, our meeting place. The "one sweet day" when we could finally laugh, chat and talk in person about our lives, dreams and our baby, this blog The Salitype Society. It is not the first time though that Salitype Society sisters met up. There have been previous Manila and US meet ups and I have also met one dear salitype sister already, Ruthi but this one was special because it was Christmas Season and we were going to make not a few kids happy by visiting an orphanage.   It would have been more fun had all our Salitype sisters made it home for the season for one grand eyeball yet in another sweet day someday I know that dream will come true.
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