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Friday, February 1, 2013

December 27, 2012: One Sweet Day

Great dreams: I have great dreams not because I am great but because of
the greatness of my God.
     December 27, 2012- a date I saved in my heart. The day I first met in person two of my Salitype Society sisters. It was a date planned for many months as Betchai came all the way from San Diego, Cher from Singapore and me, Zen from a province six hours away from Manila, our meeting place. The "one sweet day" when we could finally laugh, chat and talk in person about our lives, dreams and our baby, this blog The Salitype Society. It is not the first time though that Salitype Society sisters met up. There have been previous Manila and US meet ups and I have also met one dear salitype sister already, Ruthi but this one was special because it was Christmas Season and we were going to make not a few kids happy by visiting an orphanage.   It would have been more fun had all our Salitype sisters made it home for the season for one grand eyeball yet in another sweet day someday I know that dream will come true.

     I am sorry for the poor quality of the photos captured with my phone because I didn't bring my cam with me. Each moment I spent with Betchai and Cher though were vividly saved at a special corner of this heart.

     Around ten a.m. we were supposed to meet at a mall. I was there a tad early with a sweet cousin, Raquel who accompanied me for the trip at a Donut outlet waiting for the rest of the mall to open and waiting for a message from Betchai who apparently was already there too at a cafe where wifi was available which she had to take advantage of because it was the only way she could send me a message. When I read her message on facebook that she was at Starbucks I told her where I was and she replied she will come over at once. I was too excited to wait for her and decided to head for the cafe. And there she was...tapping on her Pink colored i-phone wearing a yellow blouse for the love of our dear sister Chay who adores yellow looking as elegant as I imagined her to be with that sweet voice and beautifully colored nails telling me I looked the same in person as I do in photos.

Betchai's beautifully colored nails 

the Donut I didn't finish eating because it was more fun to listen to Betchai's tales 

...and then there we were, together in one picture at last after years of communicating through the net in our blogs and here in our beloved The Salitype Society page where we and the rest of our Salitype sisters meet and work online to keep our purpose of supporting kids' dreams of a good education fulfilled....

Cher my twinzy who was the brainchild of our gift-giving activity during the meet up was still on her way and told us to proceed with shopping for the goodies we will give at an orphanage. And so there's Betchai, the teacher, the travel expert, the Mathematician, the friend I so adore calculating the price of the goodies 
we were buying. 

.....and then as we were falling in line to pay the goods we bought came a message from Cher that she was finally in the vicinity....gee the timing was not too great because we were at the counter by the time I saw her lovely smile....and there she was with the dimples I have loved the first time I saw her in a picture online smiling from ear to ear at seeing me and Betchai..

.I couldn't let the moment slip away without catching it with technology haha....friendship from across the miles born with a desire to make a difference, I think there is nothing like it ever and I felt so proud to have been with these two women even for just a short period of time and for having the rest of the Salitype Society sisters in my life inspiring me to keep writing and blogging for a cause. 

     After all the drama, hugs and all haha, we felt so hungry! It was already time for food and we rushed to the nearby food court for seafood and rice. 

We chose from a variety of seafood treats: tuna, squid, shrimp, salmon, crabs etc....

Betchai sweetly ordering for us....

Cher, Betchai and I finally going to dine together in person after sharing food photos  online for

"sisig" and stuffed squid

After the sumptuous lunch it was time to proceed to the orphanage to spread some love....

There we were proudly wearing our pink The Salitype Society shirts with our huge bags filled with gifts from each other proceeding to the taxi waiting area....with huge smiles though tired....

 finally reaching our destination....Hospicio De San Jose...

 where we shared the love we all gathered through your frequent visits here...there were so many smiling faces as we were toured in the place...smiles that warmed and inspired this heart...smiles I will be sharing with you in another post....

Have a meaningful, lovely day....


  1. I get tears in my eyes reading this. I miss TSS and I miss everyone.

    Thanks for sharing these photos and the event, I can really feel the fun and excitement on your first meeting. I wished I was there too ... someday... someday ...

    1. one sweet day Sissy! you were there with us in the spirit of giving.

  2. thanks so much for this post Zen, haha, did not know you even took picture of my hands and cell phone. so love the time we were together, wishing it were longer. thanks so much for all the love and the friendship. thanks to Raquel too for all the help. happy enough we did not have to dance the gangnam style at Hospicio :) miss you, here's wishing another great dream for all of us because we have a generous, loving and great God, for TSS sisters soon to get together in person.

    missed you there Chay, in spirit, you were with us, sinulat ko pa pangalan mo sa receipt, haha!!

    1. lol on the gangnam dance style, Beth! K is always too gullible. :D

  3. what a great meeting with a charity event, you girls rock! thanks for the pics and the update, warm greetings from white Holland!

  4. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, super late here, you can now call me ms late. hehehehe! love, love, love this post. made me reminisce the times spent with you and Beth with K and Rax. one sweet day! :D

  5. "ONE SWEET DAY" and finally you guys met :) Kc here just want to say so sorry for my long silence. .. I miss you ladies so much. .. happy to see you sis Doki, pretty tooth fairy and Betchai together :) and may God continue to bless you all and your kind hearts. ..

    1. Car, so good to hear from you. Miss you!! Glad you stopped by.

  6. I miss you all too sistahs!!! More power to you all and our site... I will tell you more about me later in email. .. hope I am also with you in spirit of giving anf you didn't forget to write my name! Lol! ;) here I am again trying to be funny! ;)

    1. Car, miss you too so dearly, glad you may be invisible here sometimes, but you always find your way back, you are never forgotten in our hearts, you were there :) we know you were there :)

    2. PS.....that was me, haha, betchai




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