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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peach and Blue

 Peach and blue....
can you find the hint of peach and blue in the two pictures above? They are both sweet, they are both lovely, and soon, I will be meeting them!
Can't wait!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Charged with a Criminal Offense?

     There are moments in life when our spur of the moment decisions lead us to the most complicated and terrifying situations. Being in a scenario where an officer questions us could lead us to panic and compromise ourselves. When you think you or a loved one is going to be charged with a criminal offense do not hesitate, call!

       There are lawyers like a Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer who could give you much needed guidance and advice. Law Offices of Scott A. Rubenstein comprised of esteemed lawyers who have been practicing for years and dedicated to safeguarding their clients' rights could be easily contacted for a variety of legal issues like misdemeanor and felony cases, domestic violence, sex crimes, drug offenses, property or theft crimes or what our younger family members could find themselves into- Operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI) which in the state of Ohio is considered a serious offense with harsh legal consequences when you or your loved one is convicted so a Cincinnati OVI Lawyer is a professional whose contact number is best saved on our phones.  It is such a relief to know that before charges are filed the law office could review a case, find mitigating factors for clients affecting how the case is charged advantageously.


     When we are confident that we have access to a knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced Cincinnati Attorney like Scott A. Rubenstein, we could enjoy life's simple pleasures like staring at a flower and marvelling at its exquisite color and be secure that if needed, we will have the best legal representation. Check out their site and save that vital number.

Quality Hotel Supplies and Celebrations

     A child turning one is an occasion that every mom and dad look forward to. Parenthood is a blessing that inspires one to provide the best for his kids. The joy of twelve months watching one's baby grow healthily is worth celebrating with family and friends with the best Hotel Catering Supplies. I attended a niece's first birthday celebration around a week ago at a resort-hotel where young and old alike had fun playing, singing and of course eating and enjoying the warmth that only the love of family could provide.

       The pink cake with all its girly design and cartoon character inspired theme looked too beautiful to slice for me. The pink Hotel Supplies , balloons, pink shirts that several guests and hotel staff were wearing and kiddie music all reminded me of childhood memories when a balloon escaping my grip and flying up in the air broke my heart but icing on my lips vanishes the sadness in a flash. Life seemed oh so simple then.

     The pool was so inviting for night swimming and my younger son begged me to allow him to enjoy the water but he had class the next day so I told him we will visit the place owned by a former student of mine some other time. We briefly chatted about hotel management, hotel supplies and the ins and outs of the business. PeachSuite Hotel Supply is a hotel supply store that offers practically everything necessary for  great hotel, restaurant, resort maintenance like catering, dining, disposable items, equipment, hotel furniture, janitorial items, bar supplies as well as signs, clearance items and many more which are conveniently searched for at their site where ordering is a breeze as well as shipping requests are facilitated with the best price and even discount. It is a one stop for one's hotel supply needs from linen to electronics and more committed to providing quality service to customers. 

     Don't you just love cupcakes with such enticing designs? I ate the one with my niece's name though I tried hard enough not to take a bite because it looked so pretty to destroy with my teeth. I love hotels and restaurants with great baking and kitchen goodies a product of great equipment and supply. 

     As a child I loved it when I had many gifts. As an adult I have come to realize that the best thing ever is the love of family and friends and celebrations at places that offer the best to bring out the goodness in us all. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Close Encounter with a Super Woman

As a blogger, we don't just blog. We make friends - virtual and otherwise. And one of the benefits of blogging is finding true friends.

That is why when I joined The Salitype Society, it is not surprising that when got the chance to meet in person some of the TSS Sistahs, we instantly "clicked".

I am not in a mission to go all over the world and meet all bloggers I meet online. But I do dream to meet in person some who truly inspire me. Because I had to admit that there are quite a handful who doesn't just blog or who blog just for money [wink*] but most of those bloggers who became my friends are people with big hearts and who inspired me in many ways one can never imagine. Zenserly or Zen or Kulasa as we fondly call her - is one of them.

Kulasa is a dedicated doctor by profession. A loving wife to Kulas. A very understanding mom to Francis and Roel. A sweet daughter. An awesome sister. A big-hearted humanitarian. And a true friend.

But afar from what she is as a human being and a respected person in a society, she also leads a second life. [This she doesn't know this till now or probably she knew but in denial. LOL] Zen is a photography enthusiast. An out-of-control Blogger. And a Facebook addict. [wink]. The last one being probably the undiagnosed cause of her chronic insanity and non-life threatening  facebookitis that causes sleepless nights and other symptoms too many to mention in one post. LOL

Zen and I have been friends since I joined TSS. She is the sister I wished I had who I know will cover my a$$ when I get into trouble. She is funny and there is never a dull moment when I talk to her. She is witty and smart and sweet and above all A SUPER WOMAN without the bling-blings.

Yes, I finally met the Super Woman Zen in blue suit last summer in the Philippines and had a blast catching up with all stories that we left out at facebook. It was such a wonderful experience since we didn't have to type what we need to say to each other. And most of all we chatted over a hearty meal of lechon kawali [pan-roasted pork belly],
  inihaw na manok [grilled chicken],

and pinakbet [sautéed veggies with shrimp paste]
It was a lovely meeting by the beach. Too bad it was short and brief because it was late and I had to go back to my hometown the following day. Maybe next time I visit, we will get the chance to get-together again and bond longer or surf a couple of waves. wink**

Zen... thank you very much for the friendship. Happy Birthday. I love you Super Woman.
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