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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

I cannot let the season pass by without greeting you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

from UK with love,
Eng Q

Saturday, December 22, 2012

In a Few Days

Me, Dreaming :)

In a few days
I will be in another paradise
And will soon be realizing one of my dreams
To meet, to laugh with, to share moments,
to jump in joy, to celebrate moments of togetherness
to celebrate friendship
to celebrate sisterhood,
to celebrate the joys of finding each other
working together
to keep this site running
though how hard it may be
with all our busy schedules
yet the friendship
yes the friendship
had keep this site running, flowing

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zach's car collection and Tampa Used Cars

     My nephew Zach loves his toy cars so much! And yes like his dad he loves seeing cars passing by and would stay with his dad at the garage while he fixes their car. He would sit with his dad too when searching online for car stuff and browsing for trucks, tampa used cars, Ford F150, SUVs and never gets bored.

my nephew's collection of toy cars

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bitter melon Omelette

Bitter melon Omelette with soy Sauce fried Rice and Chicken and spinach sausage
One of my favorite vegetables is bitter melon. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, and when I got here in US, I have learned more ways of preparing bitter melon from other cuisines such as Indian, Vietnamese and Chinese. However, my favorite preparation of bitter melon is still the same bitter melon omelette that my late mom used to make for us.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Staying Healthy and Blue Shield

This post brought to you by © Blue Shield of California. All opinions are 100% mine.

     Yesterday I met up with a friend and we had such a great time. The moment we saw each other we started laughing and all  my cares in the world seem to have flown. She was having a sore throat and even found it hard to breathe at times but she just kept laughing each time and kept asking me whether I was okay and I was like, "I am okay," and then we'd burst into a fit of laughter once more. Truly  a hearty laughter is the best medicine. If it doesn't work it is time to consult the experts and listen to their advice. Health is wealth and we shouldn't take sickness for granted. I just found a cool way to help one stay fit, Blue Shield of California's dynamic duo a non profit company offers easy access to alternative care like chiropractors and acupuncture as well as access to great doctors and a wide range of affordable health plans. I was thrilled to have found Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice on facebook. Dr. Jim and Bob shares funny informative videos on health topics like colds, diarrhea, burns, hiccups, heartburn, lactose intolerance and some things we might be too shy to ask help about like plantar warts and many others.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hpnotiq and Sisterhood

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hpnotiq for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

     My hubby's only sister is turning a year older next week! She's been staying with us for the past three months since the hubby is training her to follow suit in his career. I am glad she is with us because having no sister of my own and having lived with mostly boys all my life I finally have someone around I could talk to about girly stuff. She loves watching modelling shows on television and gee she got me hooked too! There was this episode where a contestant had such a hard time focusing on posing while on a photo shoot at a tower in Macau and that threw us both into a fit of laughter because like the fear stricken girl we also are afraid of heights!

     Yesterday we walked around the city window shopping for what I am obsessed with these days- earrings! I promised to treat her to a hair down music up! all girl's night out as the hubby is so strict with her and that seems to be taking away all the fun at her age. I found just the perfect site for our Friday night plan. Hpnotiq   with their Primp & Prep online site featuring hot new cocktail recipes, tips on hair-styling; nail art; choosing the right kind of shoes to go with one's outfit and so many other girly stuff I so love discussing with my sis-in-law.


The site is simply  perfect as they also have a Pandora music player, sounds that make one move and dance. Have I mentioned she is my jogging buddy for the past days and during our early morning tour around town we'd play music to keep our not too slow, not too fast pace. While inside the car with the hubby the other day and passing by a popular Friday night hang out I casually asked the hubby whether my sis-in-law and I could go there sometime and my sis-in-law was quick to say "Yes we could because I am going to be of legal age to drink!"

The hubby and I both laughed and said "You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always remember to drink responsibly." There's this drink recipe from the Hpnotiq site I really would love to try, "Midnight Kiss" whew sounds fun!



I seriously texted the hubby yesterday saying "daddy I'm drunk," he called me up at once and said in a loud tone "where are you?" I said,"just practicing!" I just love how he sounded so alarmed and concerned. The perks of being a girl. But nope I will never get really drunk because I am responsible and there is a younger woman I have to set an example for. Yet, we girls are entitled to some fun and Hpnotiq is the perfect site to make our Friday nights awesome! Can't wait! Check out the site and join the fun! 


Visit Sponsor's Site

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 Blue Bird @ Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, CA
While hiking, I saw this bird flew in on the tree, seeing its color, I know I should not miss taking a photo of it for my blue loving TSS sister, Zenserly. Because I do not usually bring my zoom lens when hiking ( too heavy to carry for hiking), I know I had to get closer to the bird to get a decent picture. I usually take a picture first from afar just in case the bird will fly away with my motion to get closer. Thankfully, this bird was very well behaved as I was inching closer. When I finally got closer to take a picture ( not that close since I have a 18-105 mm lens ), I saw his eyes staring at me intently as if angry. Silently, I told him, "please blue, don't be mad, someone out there across the globe will be very happy seeing you!" Then, imagined it may be, this blue bird softened it gaze, well maybe :) I did not get a smile from him, but am sure, those eyes smile :)

 Lovely blue! And here is another blue from the blue waters at Point Lobos.
Sea Lions at Point Lobos and Blue Ocean
Soon, I will be taking photos not only of blue, but with blue!! Life is sweet!! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dreaming of Luxury Real Estate from Miami Beach to Palm Beach

     Last night, the hubby and I slept inside a tent on our front lawn. We had a perfect view of the stars and the radiant moon and the cool breeze entered the tent's  screen lulling me to dreamland. We had a comfortable foam underneath us and the smell of newly cut green grass set a romantic mood.

     It was not long though before the hubby noticed that the net zipper had a gap and allowed few mosquitoes to enter making us uncomfortable hahaha. We took turns trying to fix the zipper and testing our patience and endurance. We surrendered in no time and allowed nature to take its course and just pulled our blanket up to our heads to do away with the insects. The thought of insects biting me though didn't bother me much but alien abduction did as I saw the moonbeams. The hubby kept asking me to go to sleep when I took out my netbook and connected to our wifi browsing for Regalia condos and dreaming of living near the ocean for a change having lived at the neck of the woods for several years. I am not sure whether the sound of the waves last night was really loud that I dreamed of swimming and running barefooted on sand or whether this imagination is just too wild at times.

     Luxury oceanfront condos at one Bal Harbour could be found with ease at the website of Seaside Properties Group at Douglas Elliman a luxury real estate company in South Florida. Their site is a great source for luxury oceanfront condos and estates I've been dreaming of. They offer quality and exceptional service and feature luxury real estate from Miami Beach to Palm Beach. Both buyers and sellers could have access to data on the most desirable places to live, work and play and could register for listing updates. Buyers could quickly narrow down  a search for the entire South Florida coast to find that perfect neighborhood and a place to call home. Sellers could take advantage of a wide reaching marketing connection. Being a photo enthusiast I am personally amazed at the wonderful shots of oceanfront real estates showcased like Luxury Oceanfront condominiums in Bal Harbour, Florida   that I could stare at the shots the whole day and get that relaxing feeling that only the blue oceans could provide.

     Tonight we will be sleeping inside our room and dreaming of the ocean. A camping by the sea sounds like a great idea. The thought that home is where the heart is makes me happy and content.

 Dreams could become reality when we work for them. 
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