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Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Other Place like this, No other Hiking Experience like Hiking the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, often described as the greatest geological showcase of the earth, is one of the world's seven natural wonders,
which also includes the following: Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Mount Everest in Nepal, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Northern Lights, Paricutin Volcano in Mexico and Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am glad to have seen and hiked in one of these natural wonders. It is said that nowhere else is a place like Grand Canyon, nowhere else features such a dazzling variety of of colorful and artistically sculpted rock layers.

Grand Canyon has a desert climate, which makes the hike difficult especially for those not exposed to desert climate hiking. Water and protection from the elements make the difference between life and death. Also, unlike most other hikes, hiking the Grand Canyon can be deceiving, the hike starts at a high elevation (7000- 8000 ft) at a cooler temperature, gets warmer at the bottom, and facing the toughest work which is the long climb when one is already dehydrated and physically tired. Most people rescued from the Grand Canyon or had faced death was because they were deceived of the easier process of going down early of the day, not knowing their struggles climbing back up at a later day when the sun is already strong and they already have been dehydrated and physically stressed, and may not also be prepared for the sudden change in temperature because when the sun sets the temperature becomes very brutally cold, even in the summer. But when one goes there prepared and knowing his physical limit, hiking can be the ultimate fun of the trip there. The joy of hiking is within, can not be exchanged even with the most expensive material adornment. Hiking simplifies the busyness of life, lets one feel the peacefulness and getting close with the understanding of the forces of the nature, a very powerful stress reliever. Hiking draws you to hike more, explore more, understand and love nature, oneself and others more.
The feeling of being there is indescribable, hiking at the rocks, so close to the magnificient color display and sculpting only nature can make enveloped me. It was like oh-ah-ah, hiking the canyon, feeling the sun and the wind, if I could only jump without the threat of falling the thousands foot hills of the canyon. We continued our hike down the canyon, stopping from time to time to marvel at the magical rock sculpture that was formed by the cutting of the Colorado River and the erosion caused by the side streams, wind, and rain. The Colorado river has magnificiently illustrated its mindless but artistic ability to sculp stone that has become the Grand Canyon. Without the Colorado River, Grand Canyon would have not existed. Much of what is now southeastern California and southwestern Arizona is covered with material eroded from Grand Canyon.
Zigzagging Trail @ The Grand Canyon
Crossing the Bridge
Reaching the Colorado River @ The Bottom of the Canyon Gorge
Even though Grand Canyon rocks are ancient (the oldest rock within the inner gorge at the bottom of the canyon is 1.84 billion years old), but Grand Canyon carving occured only over the last 5- 6 million years.
No other hiking experience can describe like hiking the Grand Canyon. I think it is because wherever we hike, whether in the ocean's bluff or the barren mountains of the desert or the lush tropical forest with great waterfalls, each place has their unique beauty, that each time, the feeling is different, the feeling is indescribable, the experience is unique.
~post by Betchai~


  1. Definitely in my bucket list. I am definitely going there someday and takes thousand of photos. wink*

  2. You are lucky to be there.

    And you are good to have begun your first step.

  3. everything is so beautiful here wonderwoman....lost for words....no material thing could really compare to the happiness one gets from being in the wondrous natural world....keep hiking and sharing with us places like no other..love yah :-)

  4. echoing kulasa... run out of words to say!




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