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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Love, Work and Free 2-Night Bahamas Cruise

     It is one of those days when my mind is moving to and fro like water in the vast sea. Sick and tired and yes needing a break from the stress of working. I called up my mom this morning and told her I am not feeling well and in a flash she sends me donuts and fruit juice. How that makes me feel so blessed and happy, I can not fully describe. You must all be familiar with feelings of unhappiness and discontent everyone normally go through that could be solved by one word, a BREAK...from all the troubles of the demanding world that we live in. One of the things I love doing when blue is checking out my smiling photos and laughing at my own silliness.

a photo of me with yes, pineapples on one of my carefree days

 Now I am wanting, wishing, hoping I could go on a Bahamas Cruise! Oh yes, we could! Carribean Cruise Line offers free two night cruises that a friend of mine shared to me online. From Palm Beach, Florida two people can avail of that free two-night Bahamas cruise! It would be great to get that chance of staying inside a private cabin with awesome amenities; entertainment, food in buffets and complimentary room service and yes from four restaurants. 

         Keeping a healthy diet these days I'd go for their included coffee and tea in moderation and won't have to pay for the alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. What one has to do to avail of this great deal is to get to Florida; the value of the cruise for two persons is $599 and what one has to pay is only a total of  $118 which is $59 /person for port tax. How I'd love to schedule for that sailing time   as one has eighteen months to book. December 18-31, dry dock days and 1st to the 4th day of January are the only blackout dates.

     It sounds so good to be true yet Caribbean Cruise Line has been cited as the best Bahamas Getaway Cruise for the past three years by a leading Cruise travel magazine chief editor, Porthole Magazine. My friend, by word of mouth learned that Carribean Cruise Line has catered to so many travelers from the start though like any other big companies they do receive negative comments online. One could call 1-888-365-4424 as my friend did to confirm the details of the 2-night Bahamas Cruise. Oh and having two more companions for the trip would be great for an additional charge. I think they would have to be either one of my kids and my mom. Sigh, just the thought of a cruise such as this is taking my blues away.

I am looking forward for a free day to watch the sun go down again...anywhere in the world  for as long as I have love inside my heart....may your hearts be filled with that most wonderful feeling too...
     Carribean Cruise Line has partnered with the Salitype Society. We get a little of something for sharing this amazing deal with our readers. 


  1. I wish for you to get your much needed break Zen, and wish you luck to win in this cruise to Bahamas, I will try to join too, I need a break to Bahamas after a very good summer break :)

    please take care always Zen and feel better, wish I can send you a therapeutic and healing hug, but am sending it anyway online :)

    love you zen, and thanks always for taking care of our blogging happine$$ for a great purpose, may you always be blessed.


  2. Good luck with your entry. I want to go too! :-)




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