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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Exploring San Antonio

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Mission San Antonio, the Alamo, picture taken by Tes
When I first saw beautiful pictures of Mission San Antonio del Valaro, the Alamo, by fellow Salitype sister and dear friend, Tes, I could not help but plan to visit this place someday. And yes, hopefully, hang out again with dear Salitype sisters for another beautiful reunion. I am always drawn to old buildings, buildings that are deep in history. Alamo is the most famous historical site in Texas, and reminiscing scenes from the historical movie "Alamo" still moves me up to now.

Hallowed Archways at Alamo, picture by Tes
I love Tes picture of the archways above. I could imagine us, TSS sisters, enjoying a walk here, inspecting the magnificent details of the building. Since we all love photo-shooting, I am sure we would all love posing (imagining ourselves as models in photoshoots with each other as photographers) in the following pictures below:
Though probably the highlight of San Antonio vacation for me would be the Alamo, but I am so much aware of the other fascinating spots in this wonderful city, such as the Riverwalk, 
Riverwalk picture taken by Chay
the Paseo de Mercado, the San Antonio Museum of Arts, and all the other Missions in San Antonio Mission trails. 
Aside from those mentioned above, being the kids at heart that we are, I am sure we would love a visit to Sea World too. :)
 Journey to Atlantis Ride by Tes
Summer Nights with Shamu @ Sea World San Antonio by Tes
Would you want to experience the exhilarating drop in the Journey to Atlantis ride in the above picture? Or party with Shamu at summer nights? I can just imagine us shouting with the huge drop! :) 
In addition to all these, am sure basketball lovers would want to have a visit to Spurs Center.
picture by Chay
 San Antonio is one of the nation's most affordable vacation destinations, now, even more affordable with SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience. If you check out the SAVE site, you will see that they partnered with San Antonio's best hotels and resorts, theme parks, animal adventures, top shops, outlet malls to give the visitors the most savings and the BEST VALUE for their summer vacation. What is good with SAVE is that the partners range from budget to luxury, so there is something really for everyone.
If we get to spend our TSS reunion there now this summer, I saw the following which would really be very good for us:
1. SAvings from $99 - $209 in riverwalk hotels such as Grand Hyatt- awesome!
2. Sea World Multiple discounts for family. 
SeaWorld Aquatica_Ray Lagoon Family.jpg
3. $3 off per person for Grand Trolley tours.
4. Discounted tours at Natural Bridge Caverns
5. free children's entrance to Alamo IMAX theater Rivercenter.
6. Some of us loves, the thrill, am sure they would enjoy the multiple discounts at Six Flags.
Now, because there would be several of us, it would mean HUGE SAVINGS! there are a lot of saving coupons visitors can find at the SAVE website, do check it out. Since more savings are in the way, you do not want to miss updates on the biggest savings you could have, so you can follow them @SAVEinSA on Twitter to get the latest deals and Limited Time Offers that surely will help out in your planning for San Antonio trip. 
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  1. another wonderland for kids and kids at heart!

  2. Beautiful places and fantastic photographs. I am greeting

  3. Great post! I was lucky enough to go to The Alamo on a trip across country many years ago when my husband was changing duty stations from the east coast to the west coast. My parents came along with us. My Dad was always a big fan of that movie you mentioned and we went via San Antonio so that he could see it (they were from England as am I originally). This brings back all those wonderful memories, thank you so much.

  4. You have photographed them so beautifully.

  5. Great post, my favorites are of the mission and the riverwalk. Beautiful shots.

  6. Such beautiful scenery! This would be a great place to meet.




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