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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Quinceañera in Style at one of San Diego's Best

San Diego Skyline
What's the best in San Diego? For most people, it is the year round mild weather. Summer is never too hot, winter is never too cold. Year round average temperature is between 60-80F (16- 26C ), though this is true for almost all coastal cities in California. Average summer afternoon temperature is 75F (24C). The Weather Channel lists San Diego as the number one best family vacation destination, because of its year round idyllic climate and variety of destinations.
Shamu Show at Sea World San Diego

Panda at San Diego Zoo
African Elephants at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Aside from Sea World, San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, families with kids can enjoy Legoland
Us Travel + Leisure voted San Diego as America's Favorite City with the Best Weather. 
Aside from being known as having one of the best weather cities in the world,  US News Family Travel list San Diego as #3 destination for a beach vacation. Dr. Beach also awarded Coronado Beach, 15 minutes away from San Diego as America's Best Beach for 2012.
Gulls in Flight, La Jolla Shores Beach, San Diego
Paragliding Above Torrey Pines South Beach
Harbor Seal at La Jolla 
For me, aside from the glorious weather and beautiful beaches, San Diego's best is its geography. I love the ocean, the rolling hills, the canyons, the mesas, the mountains, and the desert surrounding it. It is cool in the ocean, while it is hot in the desert. If we want to escape the cold, we go  inland towards the desert, if we want to escape the heat, we go near the ocean. 
Rolling Hills and Cliffs Kissed by Ocean's Mist +at Torrey Pines
Cedar Creek Falls
Rock Formations @ Cabrillo National Monument
Because of the diverse geography, I do not have to think hard whether should I go hiking up in the mountains or in the rugged contours of the desert or should I go ride the magical ocean waves boogie boarding. There is almost everything for everyone, from hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing, and various sports such as golf, tennis, etc. Because of so many options for things to do, San Diego has been one of the top favorite vacation destinations in America! It is not uncommon to see a party bus dropping group of sightseers in Embarcadero, Balboa Park, Sea Wolrd, La Jolla, or anywhere in San Diego. I used to think before that these party buses cater to tourists only, until one time I was able to witness a party in style. 
La Jolla At Dusk
I usually spend a lot of time on top of rocky cliffs listening to the waves and watching the sky change color at sunset. On my way back up to the lighted streets from these rocky cliffs, I saw a very elegant white Chrysler 300 limousine parked on the road. Though it is not uncommon to see elegant limousines driving around the city, but at that time I was wondering if there was a wedding or was it serving a prominent public figure or celebrity. But then, I saw a Party Bus San Diego parked close to the limousine. Then, slowly, I saw boys (in teens), elegantly dressed or dressed in style getting off the bus and lined up next to the limousine. The other passengers of the bus took down the stairs to the rocky cliff. One of the boys lined up opened the car's door. Several young girls wearing purplish/bluish dress got off the limousine and paired up with the boys lined up. Each boy took out a flower hidden inside his coat and gave it to his girl partner.Then an older couple got off, giving way to a girl who was wearing a very beautiful pink colored dress. She walked with her mom and dad, and as she passed her entourage, they gave her flowers. They were singing "Find your wings."
Wings on Pink
(the color pink in quinceñera stands for purity, and the song find your wings is symbolic for the newly turned 15 year old teen to pursue her dreams as a young woman)
The girl was all smiles and looked so happy. It was not a wedding I was witnessing, but a quinceañera done in such a style at La Jolla, considered as San Diego's Jewel By the Sea, definitely one of San Diego's Best. I thought what a beautiful quinceñeara must it be. In traditional quinceañera, the celebrant's grand entrance is done after all the guests are seated. In this classy, outdoor style quinceañera, the grand entrance was done when all guests were gathered around that cliff. 
The atmosphere was very joyful. I have seen so many beach weddings in La Jolla, but it was my first time to see an outdoor quinceañera. What made it more unique was that most party I saw in La Jolla was that most of the celebration were in the grass field of the park, but in this instance, the girl wanted to be as close to where the waves splashed the rocky cliffs. Accompanied by her parents, they took the stairs down where others on top of the rocky cliff where waiting. The parents gave the celebrant a toast, the words were so sweet and lovely for their little girl who was turning into a young woman.
The presence of San Diego party bus rentals allows celebrants of any occasion to hold their party in such classy style.      


  1. wow! what a great way to celebrate a 15th birthday, Beth! your story made me dream of being a quinceanera. thanks for this wonderful post!

    1. thanks Che, me too :) though I am not into parties, but I loved the most when parents gave their girl a toast, like praying for her wellness for turning into a young woman.

  2. What an awesome shot of these??? dolphins, killer whales??. Honestly all of these are just amazing!

    1. thanks Jeanne, those are killer whales in the 2nd picture.

  3. You post the most amazing shots. Your life must be so exciting.




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