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Saturday, July 28, 2012

When A Vacation Really Feels Like A Vacation

When does a vacation really feels like a vacation to me? Let me count the ways. 
First, when the scenery in our adventures are different from home!

What I always look forward to when taking vacation is to be somewhere different. Not that I do not love where we are, actually, home is the sweetest place to be for me. If situation continues to allow, I would love to stay as long as where we live now. Closer to the ocean, mountains and desert, all three I love. However, a vacation would feel the same to me when I would be probably still boogie boarding in the ocean because in the summer that's what I mostly do at home.
Sunset View from our Room @ Glacier National Park
Second: I feel I am really in vacation when I do not really see the sunset because the sun is covered by snow capped mountains. I love this scenery. Next to summer, my favorite season is winter because it is the season where I can enjoy both ocean and snow capped mountains in San Diego. It's a big treat for me always to enjoy so much ice and snow in the summer whenever we take vacation.
Typical Vacation Dinner
Third:  Another thing that makes me feel I am really in vacation is when I ask for rice in the restaurant, and I would always get a sweet smile from the waitress telling me that they don't serve rice! :) Though I know potatoes and corn could give me as much energy as well, but somehow, my body looks for rice. I would have to eat twice or thrice as much as I would usually do just to feel full if I do not have rice on my plate. :(

Fourth: I know I am in vacation when I wake up in the morning and I do not worry about fixing the bed! We are always so active and on the go, that fixing the bed would take so much of our precious time away from exploring the outdoors! :)
I know we are on vacation when instead of fixing the bed, we are in a hurry packing for our day hike. 
Typical Vacation Breakfast
Also, I know we are on vacation when our breakfast is heavier than our normal. We are on vacation from suffering from a minor physical discomfort from the lack of vegetables in our meal. Though there are steamed vegetables and salads, but still not enough maybe compared to our giant servings of vegetables at home. I just can't be specific here of the physical discomfort we have for the lack of fibers from green vegetable. I believe those who are used to vegetables and a high fiber diet would be able to guess what our problem is during vacation. :( 

Aside from not fixing the bed, I know I am in vacation when I also do not have to do the dishes. :) I sometimes wonder in these remote places, where do the hotels get their Hotel Supplies & Catering Supplies. I am always amazed that despite the remoteness, they are still able to provide elegant Hotel Supply and a really very friendly and helpful service. I talked to one of the staffs in the front desk, and they told me that the hotel and restaurant shopping is mostly done online, where one of the leading hotel suppliers is PeachSuite Wholesale & Restaurant Supplier
Fifth: I know we are on vacation when I hike on trails where the wildflowers are so different from San Diego. :)
In our last vacation at Glacier National Park in Montana, I was really so amazed with these bear grass lilies. It felt like heaven for me walking on trails with these exotic wildflowers swaying in the cold breeze.
And lastly, I know we are on vacation, because I get a lot of photos taken by my hubby when we hike. :) Photo below was taken using his cell phone. Only one hiker can cross this hanging footbridge at a time, so, I asked him I would go first so that of course, he could take me a picture crossing this bridge. :)
How about you, what makes vacation feel like a vacation for you?


  1. I enjoyed this post a lot, Beth! Ahhh, if only everyday could be a vacation for each of us:) I love your pix of those bear grass lilies. My first time to see such gorgeous wild flowers! I smiled when you shared No. 4 - not having to make the bed while on vacation:) that's one of my favorite parts of vacation, too! - plus not having to clean the bathroom:) as always, your photos are awe-inspiring. so breathtaking. my favorite in this post is the first one - the lone soul propelling his/her red/yellow kayak across those calm waters, with those mountains towering in the distance under huge cotton candy clouds. what a beautiful, relaxing picture of one perfect vacation! i wish you and everyone else many more wonderful vacations to come!

    1. thanks MJ, my first time also to see those bear grass lilies.Yes, I forgot to add not having to clean the bathroom and do the other household chores. hope you are having a great Sunday.

  2. Superganda ng scenery! At ang food, yum yum! Ok lang na heavy at fattening ang mga kinakain pag nagbabakasyon. Minsan lang naman yan.

    1. thanks, Anney. Yes, that is what we keep on telling ourselves too whenever we have super fattening meals when on vacation, "paminsan minsan lang naman". Our only problem is our body complains about not getting enough fiber, we usually have problem physically from the lack of veggies when on vacation. :)

  3. vacation feels like a vacation when hubby and i don't have to worry about work and just enjoy the time of our life with the kids. could hardly wait for our short getaway to HK next month! :)

    1. yehey, enjoy HK Che! excited for all of you.

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