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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Payday Loan Prweb

We heard this story, happens to a lot of families. My girlfriend Murline came up to me with tears in her eyes saying, "I don't know what else to do, I feel helpless". With two kids in college, mortgage due in a couple of weeks , bills to pay, and to make the matters worse her husband just lost his job. Murline and I were best friends in college and she knew I will never let her down, but I was also in the same situation she was in, maybe a little better cause my husband and I was able to save our jobs by accepting a voluntary paycut and reduced hours.

I sat down with them and go over their finances. We laid out all their bills and sort them according to due dates. We called all the creditors and tried and work out a payment arrangement and an extension on due dates. There were some companies that agreed and worked out a payment plan spreading payments over a period of time. We look into some items in their homes that we can sell to make extra money, then we planned a big garage sale that weekend.. Husband filed for unemployment which gives them enough money to buy foods and pay their utility bills. After everything was sorted and game plan worked out, we were a little short to pay the mortgage even with the payment extension plans.

We thought about payday loan prweb to get the rest of the money to pay their mortgage. Payday loans provide temporary relief on situations like what my friend Murline and her family was going through. The turnaround was quick and they didn’t have to go through long verification procedures reducing the burden they already have.

We went on the website to payday loan online and they provide all the answers to our questions. Please feel free to check out the most frequently asked questions on their site.

“A payday loan or cash advance is an unsecured, short-term cash loan to help you until your next payday. Customers choose payday advances to cover small, unexpected expenses while avoiding costly bounced-check fees and late payment penalties. At paydayloanshgh.com, apply online for a payday loan and your advance will be electronically deposited to your checking or savings account”

The next step we took was for her husband to start updating his resume’, make several phone calls to friends and relatives who might have a lead for a job. We scoured through the internet job postings, newspaper ads and placement agencies. By the end of the month, her husband had several job interviews that looked promising. We never lose hope and we kept moving forward. It was a month-and-a half later when I received a phone call from my friend Murline saying her husband received a job offer with compensation and benefit package higher than his last job. It was a great news and we were all happy. So glad things worked out for them and payday loans online really helped them.

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