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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Holidays In Portugal?

I passed by the above structure everyday on my way to school, but never got the chance to stop and take photos, except yesterday. Yesterday was the last day of school for teachers, so I got the chance to stop and take a photo above with my cell phone. Now, I am so ready to enjoy the summer! This is the time of the year where what you will see in my hands most of the time if I am outside is boogie board. :)
However, I do hike to warm me up before I plunge into the chilly water to cool me down. It is during hiking or walking when you will find my hands carry a cell phone to take pictures because just like in the hiking trails, there is so much to explore and feast our eyes on the shores and in the sea.
My favorite vacation is always a stay-cation. But of course, we would love to take a diving (for my hubby) and snorkeling (for me) vacation too, somewhere with warmer water than our water here. 
a cell phone shot of me in double layers swim suit
Somewhere where we need not wear wet suit or wear double layers (wet suit + rash guard) to swim, ride the waves, and enjoy swimming with the fishes underneath. While I bring myself to fantasy land searching for cheap holidays where we can go snorkeling in warmer ocean water, and also go hiking at the same time, I came across Ponta de Piedade in Portugal.
Are you looking to book holidays to Portugal? Visit cheapholidays.com. When you visit the site, check out Algarve, which is where Ponta Da Piedade is. Algarve is famous for having one of the best climate in the whole of Europe, and most famous for its spectacular Mediterranean beaches. In the South West coast of Algarve, you will be treated to a spectacular scenery of Ponta Da Piedade, which now has haunted my dreams. The place is amazingly surrounded by enormous formations of rocks that the ocean has carved over time. Algarve is also home to one of the best golf courses in Europe- the Vilamoura.
 No, the golf course in this post is not from Vilamoura, how I wish! I just want to share how the golf course also brings in that peacefulness in me, especially when it sits right next to the sea.
Now, if I can only paddle my way to Algarve, Portugal. Or maybe I can ask this seal and dolphins to guide me to to the wonderful coast of Algarve?

Meanwhile that I am still here in my home sweet home, I will just get contented with our own rugged coasts, sandy beaches, and hopefully, have a nice swim with the seals and dolphins.

Nature has the strongest power for me to rejuvenate. Riding the waves of the sea makes me forget about everything. It's like the strong and powerful waves wash away whatever stresses I am experiencing.
I guess it is for that reason that beach holidays are always popular to people. There is just something magical about the waves, and the mingling of the creatures in it. 


  1. hi beth, droppin' by quick here. my hands are tied with the kids and err, blogging happine$$. enjoy your school break! :)

  2. i wish i could go boogie boarding with you, beth!! what a wonderful summer i'm sure you will have! algarve, portugal sounds like a great place to travel to someday. thanks for telling us all about it. i would have to say my favorite pixs from this post of yours are the one of the chubby, cute speckled seal, those cluster of healthy starfishes clinging together to that rock, and the one of you with that yellow board with red boarder, waiting breathlessly for that huge wall of water to hit you and propel you forward! i can almost hear your heart thumping excitedly, can almost imagine your muscles all tensed and ready for action. i have rode the waves before and know how addictive that can get:) so i am thrilled for you. go out and ride a wave or two for me, will ya, beth?:) have a blast this summer! you deserve it!

  3. Summer is over here and I miss the sun, sand and the beach! Tag ulan na kasi sa pinas. Mahilig din ako mag snorkeling. Sana lang may lakas ako ng loob mag boogie board! Takot ako sa malalaking waves!

  4. It sounds like a very interesting Summer Holiday.

  5. Happy Summer! I would love to go boogie boarding with you! :)

  6. It would be a dream summer vacation for me! You entice me to dream now :-)

  7. Oh I am so jealous, the summer off and all of those days stretching out in front of you. Your photos are gorgeous and looks as if a stay cation is, indeed a great thing for you.

  8. oh my! there is so much to love about the beach with your photos Betchai!! the water, the waves, those wings, the sky...the cute sea creatures are all such a refreshing sight! :D

  9. I can't wait to take a vacation !!!! Awesome photos Beth !





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