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Friday, June 8, 2012

A ride on the Spooky side- Pennsylvania

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PA Tourism for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
     Having two boys for kiddos is quite a challenge. They have mastered the art of playing sweet jokes on me. They are great actors making me laugh, and furious and joyful all the the same time with their pranks.
that's me being pampered with kisses by my kiddos, Mother's Day 2012
They'd come home from school saying "mommy! we have good news and bad news! which one do you want to hear first?" I'd always choose the good news first. One time Roel said "the good news is I scored highest in Science mommy!" "so what is the bad news?" I quipped. "Well, the bad news is, my score lacked a point to pass the exam! I love you mommy!!!" Before I could utter another word he showered me with kisses on the cheeks, non stop, believe me, non stop! as in I had to beg him to stop being tickled to the point of wanting to pee haha....
Roel with one of his spooky booklets on a road trip, photo taken by his brother Franz
     There is another thing that is driving me nuts raising my little men. They are hooked to spooky tales! During school break they'd hunt for scary movies and engage in hair raising, goose bumps forming movie marathon with their twice as thriller eager dad. They'd be running around the house at night screaming with fear at the slightest sound they hear and would shriek at the sight of their own shadows afterward. Aaahhh but I love them to the highest heavens that I can not find the heart to say no when they'd ask me to buy a horror booklet and the like haha...the hubby would wink at me and whisper in my ear "come on, say yes...that will help turn them into real men"....The hubby is better at training them into becoming real gentlemen because I must admit that I have a tendency to overprotect them. These days, my thirteen year old loves watching a paranormal files television series that seems to be feeding the skeptic in him. I'd sit beside him when I am not busy and enjoy watching his facial expressions more than the screen. He is starting to have his own intellectual opinions on certain phenomenon which I think has come from their unique dad and son video watching bonding. 
     I spend more time surfing the net and was fascinated when I found Roadtrip-a-Matic that offers 

Ghost Rides
Take a ride
on the spooky side.


  I could imagine the excitement of my little men when I'd tell them about the three days and three nights destinations of the said trip...Old Jail Museum, Historic Stone Row, Old Moravian Cemetery Walks, Brethren's house etc and that we won't even be bothered thinking of where to eat and sleep because the Fantastic Road-A-Matic will make sure we get checked into a gorgeous mansion where we could probably see the ghost of Mrs. Sayre in one of the room mirrors....awooo haha, now I think I too am hyped about ghost hunting! I'm also now drooling for a sumptuous meal at the historical Hotel Bethlehem where people have sworn to seeing vacuum cleaners moving on their own and being tapped on the shoulder when no one else is around and hearing a singing voice at night! Awoooo!!!

    Now there's more than just this kind of roadtrips that could be availed of at www.visitpa.com because they offer trip ideas for all ages and every personality! They have ready awesome itinerary. One could choose a romantic getaway, a historic trip, a scenic drive, artisan trails and what the kids would truly enjoy without the screams, Kidsylvania a family fun-filled road trip and many more. In all of these trips a photo enthusiasts like me is sure to have the greatest time taking every photo opportunity hmmm I would not let the chance to photograph a ghost pass! Visit their site for more choices on pa-roadtrips where beauty abound whole year round, and let us know which road trip suits your interest. 

     Now I can almost hear my little mens' protest when I'd declare that I won't be joining them though in between giggles because it is still a plan, oh more of dream Pennsylvania roadtrips haha...I'm sure they will be talking about this with their sweet grandma now based in America online and I'm sure their equally wacky and adventurous granny will say "to Pennsylvania the State of Independence I will take all of you!" ....Pennsylvania Here We Come! Awoooo!!!!

     Now do I believe in ghost? Well, I will when I finally see one :-) but this I believe..."There is no fear that the love of family and friends can not conquer."


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  1. I am with you Zen, indeed there is no fear that the love of family and friends cannot conquer, so let us enjoy a spooky ride :) joyful photos as always

  2. Roadtrips are fun when taking it with family, and I still have good memory of these kind of trips when my dad was alive and took us on road trips.

  3. Awesome stories Zen ! I just adored your two boys, they are incredibly cute and funny !!!

    Thanks for sharing this post Zen !!!





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