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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Thoughts on Travel, Technology and Nature

Working and studying in the “little red dot” can be very
stressful. It is one of the main reasons why most families go on a vacation
when their children are on school holidays. It is sad though that many travel
agencies take advantage of the so called peak period. If you book a vacation
last minute, cheap holiday deals are already fully-booked and the prices of flights and accomodations are sky high.

It is advisable to always book your family overseas trips in advance like I usually do. It will save you the stress of not being able to go away for a much needed break to relax and unwind.
Short getaways is the only means my family can get a break from the hustle and bustle
of city life. While families with high income normally go to Japan, Korea, Australia
and Europe for one to two weeks, my family is contented and overjoyed enough when we can go for a 3D2N beach escapade. Why? Because the hubby and I once lived a very simple life when we were young. We never experienced going out of town for a family vacation. Our school holidays back then were spent at home playing with the kids in the neighborhood.

In this iPod/iPhone/iPad age, though the children are considered very fortunate, it is sad to see them grow in a very high tech environment and the appreciation of living a simple life is lost. It is disturbing to see them enjoy playing with the most advanced gadgets inside the four corners of their respective rooms instead of playing in the parks surrounded by the vast natural world and fresh air. We parents have to make an effort to bring them out and let them experience the gifts of the beautiful world that God has created. It doesn't always have to be done out of town. Look around where you live, find a place surrounded by God's love and take your kids for a nature walk. With persistence, it is still possible to raise kids who knows how to appreciate nature and care for the mother earth. It will make a big difference in this computer age.

Guest post by CSC of Sweet Memoirs


  1. I can't wait for our summer vacation. I am definitely looking forward to it. It is definitely difficult to find inexpensive travel deals during the summer.

  2. "Our school holidays back then were spent at home playing with the kids in the neighborhood."--- same here Che, but those summer days were never less happier, we had so much fun!! my out of town vacation where with my cousins, and it was still in our province :) haha! but we so loved playing in the beach, fishing and shrimping in the ocean and river, our slide were the grassy hills, so I guess, we did not really have to spend vacation out of town then because there was so much fun staying home. home sweet home. and yes, i so believe in the power of raising kids with the awareness and appreciation for nature, as nature is such a strong force in driving the curiosity and analytical thinking of a child.

  3. You are so right. Our children don't know the names of flowers or trees. They are up on the names of rap groups and games. They exchange cheating codes for games - I think that is what they call them (lol). Information that will not benefit them in the real sense seems to be of the utmost importance to them?!!

  4. I agree with you Cher, sad on the kids of today spend a lot of time indoors playing with their gadgets! My kids were in the middle of that transition, they experienced how to play outdoors in school growing up and in the neighborhood, but shortly after that, computers, gameboy, etc were introduced and now they are both hooked into it... Sad that their future kids will only see the present... but we can introduce them to the "old" ways, so we will see how that works !

    Thanks CC for this post... thank you !


  5. I wish my kiddos learn to play outdoors more than with the computer too :(




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