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Friday, June 8, 2012

On Butterflies and Philly Search Engine Marketing

I could not forget the first time I was able to take a butterfly shot. It was one yellow butterfly that I chased around the house. It would momentarily fly then return to where I first spotted it. I'd draw near with my old digicam trying to get a good focus, it would notice my intrusion, flap its wings..I'd utter a sigh and follow its track...the cycle went on until I figured out that some of them will turn out friendly if you are patient enough to allow them to get comfortable with your presence.
I would hold my breath and make the gentlest motion towards it, manipulate my no high tech cam and take a series of shots with it barely moving. From then on beautiful wings would come to me amazingly! or perhaps I never really noticed them not until I became the shutterbug that I have turned into when I met my salitype society sisters! To the left is one landing on my ugly feet haha, and one beside my simple celphone and another one landing perfectly on my chest!

You can say I went gaga over nature following me! This love for nature and capturing it has become so ingrained in my system that I have totally been what my kids would describe as tech evolved haha. Nature is too beautiful not to capture and share. Part of my daily routine would be grabbing my netbook the moment I open my eyes and have said a little prayer in the morning...going on line on my favorite networking sites and checking the pages of my blog and e-mail. Times have truly changed.

The power of internet can no longer be dismissed as it has become the modern man's refuge. Even advertising and selling of products seem already more effective online than on prints and television. While most of my friends are photography lovers some are into buying and selling and not a few have asked me being active online whether I knew anything about online advertising and the like wanting to boost their sales locally and even internationally. I shared to them what I recently learned about adwords pay per click, knowing that they do not have the time to spend on gaining knowledge on AdWords and doing their own online business management. Hiring a professional could save them time to focus on their business while leaving the sweat of using tried and proven effective methods of management, marketing and online advertising techniques to an adwords management company like PhillySearchEngine Marketing, a Philadelphia based Google Adwords™ company which offers affordable pricing on Adwords management and set up, optimization and campaign maintenance all leading to the increase in sales of businesses because it is ran by real, honest, hard working people.All that business owners have to do is contact them through their numbers and e-mail on their website for a free consultation. They will take time to understand your business (much like what I did in taking time to understand my butterfly friends) then design a plan that will meet your budget.They have invested time and training like other Google Advertising professionals in perfecting their craft to also aid in higher education Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Adwords management, Retargeting and more that's truly unique.

And while my business oriented buddies' happiness is maximizing the return of their investment, mine is playing with winged friends who have touched my life in so many ways.

May HAPPINESS touch yours, all the days of your life....


  1. ahhh, the joy of nature Zen, in simplicity unfolds priceless happiness that lasts a lifetime, like you, i am happiest when i am out enjoying nature. however, when i am home, i take delight in enjoying nature in my computer through the memories from images i captured or through nature sites online i love visiting or following. yes, the power of internet, or power of blogging, never in my life last night i would have thought replying to several inquiries about cost in putting ads in my blog, and cost to purchase pictures for some images they need. i am comfortable now negotiating cost of ads in my blog, but frankly, i am not comfortable selling my pictures because i do not sell pictures, but i think the blogging becomes viral that exposes our work to the outside world. i can understand why businessmen would really take the great lengths to optimize their SEO, since it is very helpful to target audience.

  2. In can't get over the thoughts of how you can make those butterflies come close to you ... beautiful shots !!!





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